Recap of Google shopping policies and get over account suspended

Violating Google shopping policies and data quality are the main reasons for some products or a Google Merchant Center account are subject to disapproval. However, for a majority of cases, breaking Google shopping policies is more severe and results directly in your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account being suspended. Understanding clearly Google’s policies will only give you benefits in any cases doing business on Google. 

The importance of local delivery service to generate more sales

The COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the way we live as well as how we shop. One breakout trend is increased support for small and local businesses, with more than half of consumers specifically seeking out local, independently-owned businesses. Nearly a third of buyers say they’ve bought something online and had it delivered locally during the first three months of the pandemic. Local delivery is a great way to connect with nearby customers, drive sales, and provide a great customer experience.


Are TikTok ads better than Facebook ads?

The recent launch of TikTok and its impressive increase has exploded the Internet market. Then, when the TikTok ads platform appears, it raises a question: are TikTok ads better than Facebook ads? Or are TikTok ads a worthy competitor to Facebook Ads? Let’s go through a comparison between the two and give yourself an answer. 


Until April 2020, Tiktok has gained 2 billion downloads and rank at number 7 of the largest social media networks in the world along with their ads platform just launched in 2018. It is undeniable to say that TikTok ads will create a great opportunity for marketers to expand their brand and somehow change the digital advertising market, along with Facebook and other ads platforms. According to Apptrace, 2020 This app is available in 141 out of the 195 countries in the world and supports 75 languages. It was downloaded 693 million times in 2019 and 850 million times in 2020. It contributed to the rapid increase in users of this platform.

Typical differences between TikTok ads and Facebook ads 

TikTok and Facebook are different in many different ways. Understanding the difference between them will help you utilize your ads. 

  • Demographics 

Just recently emerged, TikTok’s user base is younger than Facebook’s and more important, TikTok is a mobile platform in which marketers will need a very different way to approach and convert their customers. Most audience in Tiktok is Gen Z and Millennials with the high brand awareness. So it is easy to build the impression to 

  • Data testing 

While Facebook uses dynamic creative optimization based on graphical components that are defined manually at the setup of a display campaign and the dynamic information is filled in real-time for each shopper before the creative is served, TikTok uses automated creative optimization instead, its algorithm recognizes the best-performing ad creative, creates multiple ads and lets you restructure your ad campaign accordingly. 

  • Geotargeting 

While TikTok targets the audience at the country/state level, and in limited countries, Facebook will target customers more specifically (country, region, or city) and worldwide. 

  • Bidding structure

TikTok sets up manual bids with 4 popular bidding methods while Facebook can use automatic bids 

  • Ads comments 

TikTok allows you to turn off comments on your ads while Facebook can not, so you can direct your customer to your online store quickly instead of replying to the comment on ad post.

  • Ads sound  

On TikTok, it is required to add sound on your ads, while Facebook does not require you to add sound. 

Consider about pros betweenTikTok ads and Facebook ads


Are TikTok ads better than Facebook ads?

TikTok ads will be better than Facebook ads if you are trying to reach younger audiences. Many advertisers used to think that, due to the young demographics, the audiences are unlikely to buy things from there. However, this opinion seems to be not right anymore. These young audiences will become their customers at a certain time as many big brands are using TikTok as a powerful tool. 

However, with a small budget, it’s really hard to win on TikTok.  It can be easy to start with, but you need to invest your money to find out the most effective option to advertise your products. 

If you are a small business with financial constraints, Facebook ads are better than TikTok ads at first. When your business grows older, you can use both, try creative things for your business with TikTok. 


How to run an ad campaign successfully on TikTok

TikTok has become a hot social marketing trend, will you update this trend to start growing your website and increasing sales? In this article, you could know whether your business is suitable to run ads on TikTok, know how to create an ad on TikTok, and some tips to optimize your ads. 


Which types of business should use TikTok ads

TikTok has started bringing ads to its platform in 2019, even though it’s quite new, a lot of big names have used TikTok ads as a marketing tool because it fits their needs. Before advertising on TikTok, you should consider the following factors to make sure it is right for you: 

  • Target audience: TikTok is for everyone, however, the users who dominate are Gen Z or millennial generation and 41% of them are from 16-24. They are mostly divided into 2 groups. One would like to show up, follow and catch up with new trends very quickly, the other only use TikTok as an entertainment activity. 
  • Products: Tiktok is the place to create very effective trends, you can take advantage of this element if your business tends to sell hot or trending items. Cosmetics, accessories, handmade goods, and fashion are also suitable to use TikTok ads. 
  • Cost: The minimum budget at the campaign level is $50 (for both daily budget and total budgets)  and at the ad group level is $20 (daily budget). However, the actual average cost of TikTok brand ads are expensive for small businesses: 

             - Brand takeover (5 million impressions guaranteed) – $50,000 per day

             - In-feed native videos (minimum 600 impressions prepaid) – At least $6,000 and then $10 per impression

             - Hashtag challenge – $150,000 per week

             - Influencer post (with 2.5 million+ followers) – $600-$1,000 per post

What you should have before running TikTok ads

  • Tiktok Ads account

Before running ads, you need to have an account for your business first. 

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your business information. 

Step 3: Describe your business, enter billing information, add balance to your account. 

Then you can go straight to the platform to create an ad campaign. 

  • Advertising videos 

TikTok will have a kit for you to create a video from your existing images with free background music and templates. If you create a video by yourself, make sure it is in .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .avi or .gif format and up to 500 MB. 

  • Landing page/ website 

Once you advertise on TikTok, your customers will click on and go to your landing page or your website to check. A website with business information including email, contact number, address, and so on will have a higher chance of ads approval. 

  • TikTok pixel 

It is crucial to have one or multiple TikTok pixels to run your ads, a smart pixel can help you to avoid wasting your money and target the right audience. 

>>> Check out: How to set up TikTok Pixel 

How to run TikTok ads

Step 1: From the TikTok Ads dashboard, click on “Campaign” and choose “Create” 

Step 2: Select Advertising Objectives, name your campaign, and set up a budget for your campaign. 

Tips: To get the ad approved faster, choose No Limit for your budget

Step 3: Create an ad group for the campaign 

  • Name ad group 
  • Choose ad details: it will vary based on the different campaign objectives you select at the beginning 
  • Choose placement type to show your ad 
  • Select to target your audiences by customizing, demographics, interest and behavior, and device 
  • Set up a budget & schedule your ads 
  • Enter your bidding and optimization: remember the higher you bid, the larger number of audiences will see your ads. 

Step 4: Create an ad 

Name your ad and choose a format for your ad. TikTok lets you create ad content by video or images. Make sure that your content satisfies TikTok’s requirements. 


Enter name, details, call to action, and your page URL, add your profile and choose a way to track your ad performance, finally, submit your ads for review. 

Don't forget the tracking pixel setup for your ads. The pixel will help your ads optimize to your target audience.

 How to make your ads as much effective as possible

  • Your content: 
    • Make vertical videos to provide the audience with a full-screen immersive experience.
    • Keep the length of the video to less than 20 seconds to catch eyeballs.
    • Best to have 3 creatives in an ad group and keep adding fresh creatives every week.
  • Your bid budget: 
    • Bid 20%–30% higher than your expected CPA (cost per acquisition) to ensure the campaign attracts sufficient volume. This initial volume lets TikTok’s algorithms quickly determine and target the audiences with the highest conversion rates.
    • AVOID applying multiple targeting dimensions in the same ad group so you don't excessively narrow the audience

TikTok is growing dramatically in the world, it’s still new for you to play around, discover its potential and launch successful campaigns. Ready to get started? 

Create your ad account now and start advertising your products. 


Rotate your Paypal accounts: why it is not an ideal solution

The problem of sellers using the Paypal payment gateway is that when their account receives a large number of payments, especially in high sales season, it tends to be held or limited because Paypal will see it as a sign of fraud. Then, they think about a solution to add multiple Paypal accounts to a store to spread the payments and Paypal will not accumulate money to limit. However, this is not an ideal solution, and here’s why. 

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