How Does Workflow Automation Help With Order and Inventory Management?

Order management is a catch-all phrase for a vital element of the online store operation. It is the process by which customers’ orders get tracked and progressed from the beginning to the end. It is a business process that overlaps project management, customer service, and many other areas. From order placement to post-sale, many business processes can be automated.

Common Challenges that eCommerce Automation is able to Address

As an online seller, you would probably come across a few challenges you don’t want to deal with. Below are some of the scenarios that automation can address

Undeniable Benefits of Workflow Automation for Shopify Retailers

Automation helps your customers, and it saves you and your team time and money. Here are a few key benefits of automation for your Shopify store:

Why Do Online Merchants Need To Prioritize ECommerce Automation?

eCommerce automation involves combining the right eCommerce software with the right processes and the right people to streamline and automate the order lifecycle. This reduces the complexity and redundancy of many tasks that an eCommerce retailer typically faces from the time a customer places her order until the time it is delivered to them.


Google Ads or Facebook Ads: Which is better for Ecommerce?

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are still among the top advertising platforms in online advertising. Getting attention from the right customers to your store is one of the greatest challenges, it is always a big question to choose between Facebook Ads and Google Ads, especially for beginners. Which one better? Let's look at the core differences between them to clarify its functions and decide between the two. 

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