• Strategies for ensuring E-commerce post-purchases experience during Holiday Surge 2021

    It’s never too early to prepare for the holiday season as an E-commerce business and this 2021 holiday surge especially is primed to be one of the busiest seasons ever. Shoppers are on the go, they are more discerning. They have longer wishlists and they have more places to shop. So it makes it even more competitive for online merchants. Getting customers to shop would not be a problem for retailers during the holiday time but how to nurture one-time buyers from this period, increase their lifetime values and get them to be advocates for stores should be focused on. 

    Here are a few tips to help you proactively manage your store’s post-purchase flow over the holiday season to build stronger bonds with your existing and new customers.

  • 5 Tips To Optimize Your Branded Shipping Notification Emails


    Shipping notification emails seem to not always get enough attention it deserves from marketers but they are the only emails you can almost certainly ensure each of your clients will read. By adding a few fundamental components and a little creativity, these emails, however, may help develop client loyalty, better the post-purchase experience, and generate a unique voice for your store.

    See how these 5 tips can help you take your shipping notification email to the next level and get the most open rates:

    Tip 1: Include a descriptive subject line

    "Your order has been shipped!" seems to be the most common subject email but it’s not the best. Intelligently adding dynamic fields to make everything more precise should be what you are looking for. Write something like:

    Hey, [Customer Name]! Your order # [Order number #] from [Store Name] has shipped!

    This provides the consumer with all of the information they require. It raises the chances that a consumer would read the email to track their package rather than dismissing it as spam. It also puts identifying information like the order number in the spotlight.

    Tip 2:Highlight your store’s logo

    Although including your store's logo and banner, as well as font colors, maybe an irrelevant detail, it significantly elevates your brand's image in customers’ minds. High-quality shipment notification with the store's highlighted logo can add the finishing touch to a positive customer experience, especially when the order is delivered as estimated.

    Tip 3: Hyperlink to the “Track” button linked to your branded tracking page

    Having a tracking number is sufficient, but copying and pasting it into a carrier's website can be tedious for your customers and lose your brand awareness. The majority of people view shipping confirmation emails on their phones so hyperlinking the tracking number to the “Track Order” button that redirects to your branded tracking page will provide convenience and benefit your brand image. Click here to create your own tracking page.

    Tip 4: Order Item Detail

    Make your customers more excited about their recent purchase by including an image of what they just purchased in the shipping confirmation email. 

    Usually, customers remember what they buy, but a snapshot of the item(s) makes it easier for them to retrieve information about their order. Plus, they can effortlessly pull up the email and show their friends what they purchased. That also highlights your brand further.

    Make sure to include order ID, item(s)/variant(s) like (size,color,quantity,etc), Address and billing information.


    Tip 5: Support resources

    Having trouble accessing support when something goes wrong can be extremely frustrating for a customer. To avoid it,  customer service should be conveniently located under the heading "We're Here to Help," so there's no question about where your customer should go if they wish to speak to someone. For example:

    Please reach out to us if you’re worried about receiving your order in time. You can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    The main purpose of shipment confirmation emails is just to pique a customer's interest in their recent purchase while also offering them the resources they need to track their order. However, by using the appropriate blend of detailed information and the brand’s image, your shipment status email might even be a key touchpoint in your customer retention strategy.

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  • How to do order tracking on Shopify effectively?

    85% of consumers say they’ll buy from a retailer again if they can easily track their purchases throughout the process.  And close to 70% of consumers said the ability to track orders was one of their top three considerations when buying online.This article is for Shopify store owners who spend their time engaging with clients and assisting them with order tracking. It aims to explain all of the "Hows and Whats" to improve your business shipping process.

    What is Order Tracking in E-commerce?

    Order tracking allows you to manage all of your online shipments and notify the order status to your customers at any point in time. It includes features like shipment tracking, estimated delivery dates, and frequent updates on the order status. 

    Why is online order tracking so important for a Shopify eCommerce business?

    1. Increase customer satisfaction

    The lack of tracking data generates a sense of uncertainty and prompts more concerns than need be.

    When customers can easily access real-time order status information, it creates trust and improves customer retention, all of which are important for any business.

    2. Reduce costs: Saving time and money 

    Having your inbox flooded with emails from customers might cost a lot in the long term. The huge number of thatwhere is my order question would cost your time a lot.The good news is that there are far fewer questions with eCommerce order tracking. Order tracking automates the process without adding to your workload, reducing the workload on your customer service personnel without sacrificing quality.

    3. Streamline the fulfillment process

    Once the box is packed and in the hands of the carriers, your duty isn't done. You have better control over the order fulfillment process, and you can swiftly handle any difficulties that arise. Important tracking information can be missed without a system, resulting in a backlog of emails from disgruntled customers.

    Top 3 ultimate tips to do order tracking for a Shopify eCommerce business to boost sales

    1. Focus on Branded Shipping Experience

    Branding is an important part of growing businesses. 

    One of the best functions has been the branded emails for shipping/tracking. The consistency of the branded emails during the shipping process takes the customer from the website to fulfillment in a seamless way. 

    Send Order Confirmation & Tracking Details with brand attention

    When clients place an online order with you, they should receive an automated email confirming that their order has been received. They should also be notified about the status of their order. Both are vital for informing your clients, but the branded shipping experience is more important. 

    A branded email is simply an improved email that is intended to increase client retention and sales. Your company logo, information, social networking, and personal or team photo(s) are all examples of email branding. 

    Optimize your branded tracking page

    Branded tracking pages may give your eCommerce a sense of scale and professionalism, regardless of how big or small it is. By adding the following elements to your branded order-tracking page, you could increase your conversion. Online retailers have been able to boost their conversions up to 20 percent by adding company logo, order status, marketing creatives to boost brand identities.

    2. Utilize order tracking app for Cost-Saving Opportunities

    Merchants can optimize their customer experience, forget about tracking issues by adding simple order tracking application to their Shopify store in only one click. Customers can use these apps to check the status of their orders in real-time by simply entering the tracking number that comes with each purchase. It’s fast, it’s convenient, and it’s effortless — isn’t it exactly what we wan

    There are a lot of order-tracking apps on Shopify which could help you to boost the conversion rate such as Omega - Order tracking,Trackr,Order Lookup,Tracking Genie. Omega - Order tracking is a must-try tool for small and medium Shopify shops because it offers a free plan. 

    Aside from the obvious benefit of providing real-time tracking information to your customers, Omega - Order tracking app has a few more capabilities worth highlighting. When a shipping status update occurs, automatic alerts are delivered to their consumers. This means they'll always have all the information they need to wait patiently for their order, decrease customer support efforts, and order issue anxiety. 

    Omega - Order tracking is particularly wonderful to support hiding unwanted locations from shipment history. By hiding blacklist locations, sellers can display only the feasible shipping options for their buyers and improve the shop experience.

    But, in practice, what are the advantages of having all of these capabilities on your online store? Let's take a look at some of the advantages of Omega - Order tracking to understand why it's so valuable for any e-commerce business. 

    #1 Access to real-time and comprehensive shipment analytics and Net Promoter Score/ customer review reports 

    Shopify store owners can gain valuable insights from comprehensive shipment analytics including courier analytics, tracking page analytics, and Net Promoter Score plus review reports.You may choose the next steps to build your relationship with your consumers based on your NPS survey findings and customer feedback analytics.

    #2 Freely customize your branded tracking page

    Increase brand awareness by designing the tracking page by yourself. Your customer can see all the tracking details as well as the details of what is included in the shipment. It’s also an opportunity for your customers to visit your social media links, go to your store for more shopping.

    #3 Enhance brand loyalty with Product recommendation

    Optimize the product discovery process by showing more product recommendations on your tracking page. The ease of use and being given more (and relevant) choices enhance the user experience.

    #4 Quickly increase store reviews 

    Proactively ask customers for reviews and additional comments on the tracking page. Boost your conversion rate by more purchases from high-rating reviews

    3. Offer personalized suggestions and highlight the product reviews on the tracking page to upsell or cross-sell

    The majority of today’s consumers are more likely to engage with brands that personalize their experience. 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations (source).

    Reviews are crucial for your business, though. From the consumer’s perspective, they love to find out the perfect product – and95% of customers are influenced by online reviews. Consumers don’t trust advertisements, but they do trust reviews. 


    There are 3 things for eCommerce businesses to optimize the order tracking process: branded shipping experience, order tracking app, and product recommendations or customer reviews on the tracking page.

    For small and medium companies, Omega - order tracking app is recommended because the price of this app is very reasonable and the important thing is it offers a Free plan which you could try to understand how the order tracking process works.

    For those who want to know more about another app of Omega such as Synctrack - add tracking info, which can helps you add tracking numbers automatically, you can click here to read more interesting information!

  • 5 common reasons why customers cannot track their orders on your branded tracking page

    Are you running a branded order tracking page in your store but sometimes get stuck with “not found order”. This blog deserves to have your quick stare. Check out 5 common reasons why your customers cannot track their order on your embedded tracking page and what you should do to resolve it on your end.


    1. Order not fulfilled

     Many shoppers and merchants, when they see this, conclude that the tracking page doesn't work, but this is not the case.The first primary condition to track a parcel shipping status is that orders must befulfilled. None of the tracking systems can track status if an order is unfulfilled and without a tracking number assigned from its courier. 

    Simply go to your Store Admin => Orders tab => Unfulfilled orders => Mark as fulfilled. Find more details inthis section of the official Shopify Help Center to learn more about orders fulfillment.

    Latest update:Order Tracking by Omega will automatically sync all orders that are placed under these two statuses “Ordered => Order Packed” instead of “order not found”. Online buyers will be well informed that their item is in process. This feature effectively helps to reduce customer anxiety. But once the order is switched to “fulfilled” mode, the app will update the shipping details correctly according to the courier data.

    2. Incorrect shipment data 

     Irregularly, you might run into trouble witherroneous data processed by fulfillment partners. The most common case is they return data to your store admin with the correct tracking number but wrong courier name or vice versa. Many tracking tools are worse off with this error and fail to track. In case you notice there is any conflict in tracking information of your clients’ orders, please quickly contact your fulfillment partners/apps to request them to fix the glitch. 

    Latest update:Omega Order Tracking automatically detects the correct carrier based on the tracking code. The advanced feature will be released soon that will somehow resolve the glitch from the fulfillment side. 

    3. Courier not supported

     The app only can track delivery shipments from supported carriers.Order Tracking by Omega currently supports over 180 carriers across the world,  including numerous of the most common in the United States, Canada, and China, such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canadian Post, and China Post.Check out our list here: 


    If you don't see a carrier on the list that's crucial to you, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll try to connect it!

    4. Orders without shipment service

     This case might be rare but just in case you have order without using the services of any courier but still want to let our customer track status professionally, you can follow these steps to manually add shipping updates:

    • Go to “Orders” tab on Shopify Store admin =>  Select order without shipment => Mark as fulfilled => Add tracking => Insert Tracking Number => Select “Other” at Shipping carrier” section
    • Open Order Tracking app => Shipment tab => Select Order => Edit Status => Add Tracking History => Update Tracking

    5. Delayed shipping update

    Occasionally, you might encounter delays in tracking due to some technical issues from courier partners or app providers. Please contact our DeveloperTeam via live chat in the right corner for further support or email us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    We hope we have answered your top questions about not finding shipping tracking.However, if you are still experiencing the issues, contact us for further support.

  • Why branded tracking page is a must for E-commerce business?


    Customer experience is one of the timely topics in the world of E-commerce. Though easy to overlook, shipping-related features undoubtedly dominate most online buyer’s concerns. There is no surprise that customers browse the tracking page an average of 2.6x per order. It’s time to take the aspect into action by building a branded tracking page to offer your customers an easy-to-access tracking tool for their orders and benefits more for your eCommerce business.

    Continue reading to see why branded tracking pages are a fundamental tool of increasing a strong post-purchase consumer experience and what elements you should add to the page to drive customer retention and loyalty for your store.

  • How transparent shipping information can save abandoned shopping carts?

    There are so many ways to be transparent about shipping information such as estimated fees or estimated delivery date calculator tools to help customers be aware of how much they have to pay for shipping service and when they can expect to receive their order. Among them, displaying an estimated shipping date is one exquisite and optimal way to maximize traffic and revenue by saving a large number of customers who have abandoned carts.  Moreover, displaying the estimated shipping date eliminates the "shock" effect of potential clients only seeing the shipping time at the end of the buying process, allowing you to be entirely honest.

  • Why transparent order tracking can drive customer loyalty to an E-commerce business?


    Statistics show that 86% of online shoppers will decline to return to a brand after just one poor shipping experience. What a huge loss to E-tailers in this competitive E-Commerce world! Is your Shopify store suffering from the same pain? Among various strategies to boost customer retention, providing visible and transparent order tracking ultimately stands out as a defining factor that online store owners should highly focus on. Without investing in an effective order tracking tool, you will run a risk of losing your first-time customer who will turn into a “competitor’s God”.

  • Be proactive in delivery with order tracking system: Shop owners’ viewpoint

    the most important factor to the shopping experience

    What is order tracking and why the order tracking system can help online shops more proactive in the delivery? 

    73.6% of surveyed customers consider delivery as the most important factor to the overall shopping experience (1). This is why shop owners should invest more in delivery experience to their customers, so the business can get higher retention rates in the fierce eCommerce market nowadays. One of the crucial factors that can improve your delivery management is the order tracking quality.

  • What if your customers are obsessed with order tracking?

    Customer obsession with order tracking

    This article will discuss how the order tracking system will be an optimized factor to solve the obsession of customerswhen they track their packages.

    Long wait for your package? Don’t know where your shipping package goes through. Be fear of scams when the delivery has been delayed for a while without explanation. Many customers have the same distaste for unknown arrivals of packages, especially when they order online goods. 
    Nowadays, the fast pace of delivery makes it possible to receive the order the next morning. This even made customers more impatient than they used to be. They will actively track the package status from their sellers every moment. It is a vicious circle that leads to a syndrome called pre-parcel anxiety.

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