Shopify Apps by Omega


Returns Drive helps create a branded & self-serve returns portal. Automates returns and improves customers’ post-purchase experience to increase loyalty and revenue.


SMS Marketing Platform built for eCommerce -bring you more loyal customers with less work & low buck.

DingDoong: Delivery + Pickup

DingDoong: Delivery + Pickup is used to set the estimated delivery dates for your products.


This app lets you use multiple Facebook pixels on your store and assists you in monitoring, measuring, and optimizing the website


The app allows buyers to add products to quotes and then submit a quote form. Hide product price and ATC button

Order Tagger by Omega

Add tags to your orders/customers by the condition you set. Remove unused tags - Backdate labels for old orders

SyncTrack - Add tracking auto: Paypal’s #1 recommended best practice to reduce the likelihood of having a reserve applied to your account


This app allows you to offer buy discounts based on the quantity purchased and you can limit the minimum or maximum quantity of a product

Facebook Events by Omega

Showcase your Facebook events on your store - Events calendar. Auto-update Facebook Events with customized layouts


Omega - Multi Pinterest Pixels is an easy-to-use app that will let you use Pinterest pixels/tags on your store

Facebook Reviews by Omega

Facebook Reviews app helps you to show your FB page reviews on the store

Product Videos by Omega

Product Videos is an easy and powerful way to add videos to your store. You can embed your video on the product page and description.

EU Cookies Notification

Adapt your site to the European Union eCommerce Regulations and present a notification for your visitors about your Privacy Policy.

Let shoppers check shipping dates, COD policy & availability right on the product page: Shipping time message, order deadline & shipping policy.


An awesome app to display your latest tweets from Twitter

Track visitor actions with multiple Tiktok pixels 


Displays recent orders on your store for prospective customers

The app will Create and Synchronize product feed to Google and Facebook

Google Reviews by Omega

Google Reviews is an easy and fast way to integrate Google business reviews right into your Store.


Install Google Tag Manager code on your website with one click

CTA buttons

Simply add sticky CTA Buttons like Phone, SMS, Whatsapp, Cart


One-stop order tracker, embedded tracking page on your store

Region Restrictions

Fraud IP Blocker: Block or redirect by IP, region, country - VPN & Bot Block.

Facebook Chat Pingme

All-in-one live chat app: Facebook Messenger, Instagram. Your customers can connect with you in real time using a live chat button on your website.