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TikTok Instant Page - Everything you need to know in 10 mins

Put aside all the bad raps about instant gratification this world’s revolving around, with this new TikTok ad product, we might never have to wait for anything after all.

Yet another thing to convince you to grab TikTok as an inevitable part of your Marketing mix, now.

So you’ve heard you don’t need a DSLR camera to succeed on TikTok? Also been wowed by some amazing stats and the algorithm? Been binge-watching it for quite some time? But still, not motivated enough to try it out for your small business? Then this post is for you. 

Do you even need Tik Tok ads to go viral as a small business?

Even the most niche can find their tribe on Tiktok”. Tiktok is where people seek the new, the fun, the unexpected. At least 46% of the audience said so. Characterized by their open-minded nature, the community is already showing lots of love for small biz. #SmallBusinessLove hashtag alone has 160 M views. The broader #Smallbusiness got a whopping 34B views. Then you have a magic algorithm that promises to find an audience pool for your content. All sounds like a sweet deal. Do you even need Tik Tok ads after all?

Tips to get and use TikTok API step by step

Are you looking for ways to get access to and embed TikTok content into your website or app?? We’ve done some research and compiled a detailed TikTok API tutorial to give answers to the questions asked by many. Read this article to get the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Is Tiktok event API or Tiktok Pixel suitable for your business?

Asians said that: Master yourself, master the enemy. Today in the new era of e-commerce is no exception, especially for businesses. To maximize sales, they realized they needed to understand their customers more than ever. Like Facebook, TikTok has developed pixels and APIs to help businesses better understand user behavior. So which one is suitable for your business? Let’s read the article below to better understand the benefits of each and what we must consider.

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