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Synctrack supports Unlimited PayPal accounts - a comfortable way to increase the work efficiency


If you're a Shopify business owner who's having problems managing many stores at once, Synctrack will be a great tool to help you address the problem completely.


Synctrack Fast Setup - Shortening your time when installing our app


In case you want to quickly install a tool for your Shopify store, Synctrack will definitely be the first choice for you.


How do I mark a local store pick up as done to get paid by PayPal

As we know, COVID-19 has brought a huge impact not only from a health viewpoint but also on economic well-being. And it does make it difficult for a number of your loyal customers who prefer to pick up at the local store after placing online orders and for your business as well to get paid by Paypal after the event. If you are wondering how to mark a local store pick up as done to get paid by PayPal, below we’ve outlined steps for setting up to get a release paid from PayPal easily. 

woocommerce paypal tracking

Guide to Paypal for Woocommerce - how to expedite your pending payment

As a small business, it’s never easy to see your money on hold. All you want is to get the cash flowing just a tiny bit faster so your business can scale up. 21 days seem too long for an investment opportunity lost. Too often, it’s a battle you’re not gonna win. It’s a world where consumers are well protected. Paypal has to be on the buyers’ side in some way. The good news is, just polishing up 2 easily neglected factors can do wonders.


PayPal raises some fees for US merchants from August 2021

PayPal has made the latest updates on 30th June 2021 about their price changes. They claim this change will be effective for PayPal accounts of US residents on 2nd August 2021 which might influence the small or medium businesses.

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