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7 Innovative Ways QR Codes Excel in Business

7 Innovative Ways QR Codes Excel in Business

Elevate Your Business: QR Codes Redefined! Discover 7 game-changing uses, create instantly with our free generator. Dive in now and lead the digital wave!

The digitalization wave has made us rely more on smartphones for everyday tasks like shopping, ordering, payments, and accessing information. As a result, businesses are finding creative ways to engage customers on these devices. This is where QR Codes come in, helping you reach customers where they spend a lot of time - on their phones.

This trend started in 2020, with QR Code usage doubling to 25% due to the pandemic's convenience and safety benefits. This trend has persisted beyond the pandemic as digitalization continues. According to eMarketer, scans are projected to increase from 83.4 million in 2022 to 99.5 million in 2025. Clearly, QR Codes are assuming a bigger and more important role in our dynamic digital world. 

Explore the article below for the top 7 ways businesses use QR Codes to inspire your strategies. Also, benefit from our free QR Code generator – a tool that lets you create QR Codes in seconds, at no cost.

Dive in and start reading now!

1. Connect with your website or social media sites

Social media and websites play a crucial role in any business. They help introduce your company and provide essential information. QR Codes act like convenient shortcuts, effortlessly connecting potential customers to your online presence. By scanning these codes with their mobile devices, users can instantly access your content without the hassle of typing in web addresses.

Qr codes used for connecting with your website or social media sites

Strategically placing QR Codes opens up more engagement opportunities. Whether they're on menus, packaging, business cards, or posters, these codes encourage potential customers to scan and discover more. As businesses search for innovative ways to connect with customers, the captivating and easy-to-use nature of QR Codes becomes a smart choice for boosting customer interaction and getting the word out about your business.

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2. Provide more information about your products and services

QR Codes offer a straightforward way for customers to quickly access more details about your products and services. No need for them to ask or search through. You'll often find QR Codes on product packaging, websites, or menus. Scanning one can lead customers to videos, pages with product info, reviews, usage guides, and promos like discounts or giveaways.

This quick & straightforward access to information provides excellent customer service while making info-sharing easier. Instead of hunting for tips online or visiting your service center, customers get quick insights as they open their purchases. This saves time for both sides, going beyond expectations. These insights help customers make informed purchase decisions and make the most out of your products.

Qr codes used for providing more information about your products and services

Additionally, QR Codes enable you to track how often they're scanned and which products or services attract the most interest. This data aids in optimizing your products and services for an enhanced experience.

DingDoong's easy & free QR Code Generator

3. Gather feedback from customers

People value online reviews, but when the process isn't easy, they tend to skip it. That's where QR Codes come in. With their user-friendly appeal, QR Codes are commonly used to collect customer feedback. Users can just scan them with their smartphones, instantly accessing the review form on platforms like Google Forms. This eliminates the need for searching or manual typing.

Qr codes used for gathering feedback from customers

4. Provide an easy method for customers to pay for goods or services

QR Codes aren't just for info – they're transforming payments too. Forget cash; now it's credit cards, bank transfers, and smartphones ruling the scene. By 2025, around 30% of smartphone users might be using QR Codes for payments.

When the QR Code is scanned, users are directed to a payment page where they can input their preferred payment details or employ mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay or Google Pay to finalize the transaction. 

Speed and convenience take the lead. Not only does this mean a smoother customer journey, but it also translates into higher conversion rates. QR Codes are changing the payment game, and they're doing it with style.

Qr codes used for making a payment

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5. Provide a contactless ordering process

Numerous restaurants are harnessing the power of QR Codes in a smart and efficient manner, revolutionizing how they manage menus and orders. Instead of using physical menus and the traditional process of ordering with staff assistance, they've introduced QR Code menus.

Customers can effortlessly scan the QR Code with their phone cameras to access the menu and place their own orders. The kitchen receives the order promptly, and once the food is ready, it's brought to the customers. Real-time updates enable customers to easily track their orders.

This smart contactless table-ordering solution with QR Code is reshaping the restaurant industry. It offers a safer, more convenient, and faster way to order. This innovative approach enhances the customer experience, streamlines the restaurant's workflow, and drives increased revenue.

Qr codes used for providing a contactless ordering process

6. Tell customers where your business is located

QR Codes offer an excellent solution for embedding or storing your location. With a simple scan, customers can easily locate your store on Google Maps. From there, they can effortlessly share it with friends or leave a store review within seconds.

Qr codes used for telling your customers where your business is located

7. Help customers connect with your WiFi effortlessly

QR Codes empower customers to effortlessly access your WiFi network. With just a swift scan, your customers gain instant entry to your WiFi, without the hassle of asking for or typing in passwords manually.

Qr codes used for helping customers connect with your WiFi effortlessly

The bottom line

In conclusion, the widespread adoption of QR Codes has ushered in a new era of convenience and efficiency for businesses across various sectors. From seamless website access to frictionless payments, from interactive menus to instant Wi-Fi connectivity, QR Codes have undoubtedly transformed the way businesses engage with their audience.

There are many other ways where QR Codes can have a great impact. However, we believe that the top 7 mentioned above are the most immediate, beneficial, and simple use cases that you can easily apply to your business and witness their effects.

To facilitate easy implementation, we are excited to introduce a free QR Code generator tool powered by DingDoong. This tool helps you create your own QR Codes within seconds and without any charges. Supercharge your brand - harness QR Codes today!DingDoong's free QR Code Generator


How to set up a delivery date picker for your Shopify online store without any coding?

How to set up a Delivery Date Picker for your Shopify online store without any coding?

70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. And one of the top reasons for this is the lack of delivery date options. In fact, according to a survey by MetaPack, 55% of online shoppers would abandon their cart if delivery options don't meet their expectations. As an e-commerce merchant, you can't afford to ignore the importance of providing a seamless delivery experience for your customers. That's where a delivery date picker comes in. By adding this simple tool to your Shopify store, you can allow customers to choose the date and time that suits them best, resulting in fewer abandoned carts and increased customer satisfaction

And the best part? You don't need to be a coding expert to set it up. In this blog post, we'll show you how to add a delivery date picker to your Shopify store without any coding.

Why does a delivery date picker matter for Shopify stores?

Personalize customers' shopping experience

Offer your customers a personalized shopping experience by installing a date picker widget on your store. Shipping is a crucial factor in customer satisfaction and retention. Amazon and other big e-commerce brands are racing to provide flexible delivery options that customers are willing to pay extra for. With a date picker, you can offer the same level of flexibility to your customers by letting them choose the delivery date and time that suits them best.

Imagine how convenient it would be for your customers to plan the perfect gift for their loved ones on special occasions like birthdays, Valentine's Day, or Christmas. They can also ensure that they are available to receive their orders at their doorstep at a specific time, especially if it's a valuable or confidential item. A more personalized and convenient shopping experience will keep your customers coming back and build brand loyalty. In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, improving your shipping options is a crucial way to stand out and build customer trust.



Improve conversion rates and drive sales

By offering a date picker, merchants can address one of the top concerns of customers: delivery times. When customers have to wait for answers about when they can receive their order, they may become hesitant to make a purchase and even abandon their cart. By providing a clear and flexible delivery option with a date picker, merchants can build trust with their customers, and increase their confidence and motivation to make a purchase, ultimately leading to improved conversion rates and increased sales.

Improve operational efficiency

Control delivery schedules and optimize delivery routes

 A date picker can significantly improve your operational efficiency by enabling you to control your delivery schedules and optimize your delivery routes. You can easily stay on top of your upcoming orders and better plan your resources, prepare your supply chain and inventory, and schedule deliveries to ensure timely delivery. This simple tool can help you plan and optimize your delivery routes, ultimately leading to cost savings in terms of fuel and staff.

Improve transparency & communication 

 By using a delivery date picker on your storefront, you can provide your customers with greater transparency and communication regarding your business's availability to handle orders and the types of products that are available on a given day. This can lead to a more positive customer experience, as it helps customers make quicker decisions and builds trust in your business. Additionally, the use of a date picker can help to reduce the workload for your customer service teams by eliminating the need for customers to contact them for delivery-related inquiries.

>>> Making the Holidays Hassle-Free: The Importance of Delivery Date 

Case studies 

Here are some specific case studies of businesses that have successfully implemented a date picker:

Baked by Melissa: This popular bakery uses a date picker on its website to allow customers to choose the date they want their cupcakes delivered. By implementing the date picker, Baked by Melissa has seen a significant decrease in customer service inquiries and an increase in customer satisfaction.


The Bouqs Co.: The Bouqs Co. implemented a delivery date picker and saw a 15% increase in conversions and a 10% reduction in cart abandonment.



Fng: gift delivery in Singapore implemented a delivery date picker and saw a 25% reduction in customer support inquiries related to delivery schedule.



Bloom & Wild: Bloom & Wild, a UK-based flower delivery service, implemented a date picker on their website to allow customers to choose the date they wanted their flowers to be delivered. This change led to a 13% increase in their conversion rates, as customers appreciated the ability to schedule their flower deliveries around important dates and events.




How to set up a date picker with DingDoong

DingDoong is a user-friendly app that can be found on the Shopify app store. It enables merchants to easily install a date picker widget on their Shopify online store without requiring any coding skills. The setup process is straightforward and can be completed by following these simple steps:

  1. Install the app from the Shopify app store
  2. Turn on the app in the app embed section, if you are using Shopify online store theme 2.0.
  3. Decide the time zone for the date picker and where on the page you would like to place it.
  4. Customize the appearance of your date picker by selecting the color, format, and style.
  5. Define the availability of the calendar days by enabling or disabling them.
  6. Determine which products you want to show the date picker for.
  7. Save your settings and go to your storefront to test the date picker. It is highly recommended to make a test order to ensure that it looks and works as intended.



You can check out some of DingDoong's demo stores to see how it works in action (password: 123)

Demo 1: Migodapizza

Demo 2: Floraflower

Demo 3: Brocellebakery

Demo 4: Sweetygifbox

>>> Reaching out to us for any of your questions via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What makes DingDoong the ideal choice for you?

DingDoong is a highly recommended app that offers various delivery options to your customers, including local delivery and store pickup (buy online, pickup in-store). This omnichannel approach provides your customers with the flexibility to choose how they want to receive their orders at their convenience. This feature is particularly useful for local businesses or brick-and-mortar stores.

Additionally, DingDoong sets itself apart by offering the exclusive ability to personalize your date picker's appearance. While the app comes with pre-designed options that match your chosen theme, such as dawn or fresh, you also have the flexibility to create a custom look that suits seasonal or event-specific themes like Halloween or Valentine's Day with custom CSS. You can also contact our technical support team, who are always ready to help with any queries or issues you may encounter.


Furthermore, DingDoong offers a range of additional features to create an ultimate and complete solution for your Shopify store, such as:

1. Delivery Validation

With the Delivery Validation feature of DingDoong, you have the ability to define the service areas where you want to ship orders. You can specify valid zip codes and addresses that are allowed to proceed to the checkout page while restricting invalid ones. This helps to streamline the ordering process for your customers.

2. Order Limit

DingDoong also provides the Order Limit feature, which allows you to set a maximum limit on deliveries per day or time slots. This feature is particularly helpful in managing your capacity and ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction, especially during peak hours or busy occasions like Christmas or Black Friday. For instance, suppose you can only deliver 20 orders on May 24th. In that case, the 21st customer will not be able to select May 24th as a delivery date, and the day will be automatically disabled in the calendar.

3. Shipping Rates

With DingDoong, you have the flexibility to set varying flat shipping rates for your orders based on factors such as zip codes, weight, value, working days, and delivery options. This allows you to create a customized and efficient shipping strategy that meets the needs of both your business and customers.

4. Group Order

DingDoong stands out among its competitors by offering the unique Group Order feature, which eliminates the hassle of shopping with friends and helps boost sales while expanding the customer base.



Especially, you can start using our app for free and upgrade to a paid plan once you reach more than 20 orders. We also provide free support via live chat, phone, and one-on-one meetings to ensure that you have everything you need to make the most out of our app. Get started free now!

What're you waiting for?

In conclusion, setting up a delivery date picker for your Shopify online store doesn't have to be a daunting task. With the help of DingDoong, you can easily add this essential feature to your store without any coding knowledge. By providing your customers with a seamless and flexible delivery experience, you can boost your sales and build customer loyalty. So, what are you waiting for? Try out DingDoong today and take your online store to the next level!

BFCM 2024: How do you compete for attention if everyone is offering great deals?

It's not difficult to realize how lively stores are getting and how busy merchants can be. They are setting up and running marketing campaigns with thousands of attractive offers for their customers as the biggest sales season of the year is approaching, Black Friday - Cyber Monday.  It's also the most anticipated time of the year by shoppers, they spend more, allowing merchants to push sales and clear inventory.

So a question is raised here, how to make your business stand out from the crowd when you cannot give your customer better discounts or promotions than your competitors? 

Let's dive into the article, you will find the answer!

Let's imagine all stores compete for the biggest discount to attract customers. Unexpectedly, they are losing their brand value and harming their revenue as a result. Therefore, it’d better set a new standard for your business competition now.

Say hello to Group Order function!

Designed to be the easiest to set up, most user-friendly, and straightforward on the Shopify app store, Group Order function is expected to be an effective strategy to help you beat your competition and win the market.

So what's group order and how amazingly it helps you fly past your competitor? 

Please keep your attention till the end of the article to get a clear vision.

What's group order?

Group Order can be defined in many different ways, but it can be easy to understand it in some main points:


Group Order offered by DingDoong is a function that you add directly to your online store or website without signing up for a third-party platform, enabling your customers to create or join a group order and shop together with their friends. 

Customers' flow

The flow is so user-friendly, just some steps to follow, buyers are now good to enjoy an exceptional group ordering experience: 

  1. Create a group order: A group order is created with a custom name. A link or QR code will be generated to invite people. The one who created the group orders is the owner of the cart and the other members invited are invitees
  2. Sending invitations to friends: The link is sent to the people whom the owner wishes to invite. Their friends enter their names and start shopping
  3. Add items to the shared cart: Both owner and invitees are free to add their favorites to the cart. The name, the orders and the amount each person spends are transparent before all people
  4. Review the cart: Everyone finishes their shopping and finalizes their decisions. The group’s owner reviews the cart, decides which one they’re willing to pay for, and edits the final cart. He is the only person who has control of all the invitees’ orders
  5. Payment: The owner of the group pays for everything in the cart, either theirs or their friends'. Their friends pay the owner their due personally. 
  6. Shipment: The cart is shipped to the owner’s chosen address and the owner is responsible for delivering each separate order to each invitee.


Use Cases

Group Order can be used for different purposes: group shopping, oversea shopping, or food delivery

It’s where people turn to group order for a better shopping experience, save delivery fee and purchase cost, meet promotional requirements and connect more with friends.

What’s group order used for and What motivates people to join a group order? Click here to discover!

How amazingly does Group Order help you beat your competition?

Help you build a smart promotion strategy without a negative impact on your revenue

The difference

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, price strategy may be a good way to win your customers, but not a good business strategy to beat your competitor and have sustainable development, therefore consider Group Order as a worthwhile alternative. It doesn't mean group order can't help you use promotions to attract your customers. But on the contrary, Group Order still uses this discounts and promos strategy but does so in a more effective and sustainable way that doesn't cause a negative impact on your revenue, but boosts your sales.

So what’s the difference?

The essence of the problem is that you don’t set up the same discount and apply it to all people who are meant to have different price sensitivity. While the amount of discount is good enough to motivate some people to buy but to some others, the discount may be not appealing enough and they can’t buy more than what’s necessary to meet the minimum promotional requirements. But if you choose to offer a discount that may satisfy all customers, you are putting your business in high danger of a shortfall in revenue or profit. Group Order, basically, you are creating discounts not applied for a single customer, but used for a group of people. The more people get involved in a cart, the less each person has to pay for it. Therefore, the products become more affordable and accessible to everyone. Just need to collect many individual orders in a cart, people may get what they want at the best price while you can get more potential customers and increase the average order value.

Group Order makes discounts & promos much more appealing to customers



Check our specific example below to get a clear vision:

Suppose that your competitor offers a discount of 30% for customers who spend at least 50$. While some people try to buy more than what they need to meet the promotional requirement, others don't hesitate to abandon the cart. Additionally, the discount given may be less attractive and motivating to customers who spend more than 50$ because it remains the same and doesn't enable people to make any more savings. 

With Group Order, you can create a discount strategy that is more appealing to your customers. Instead of providing a fixed discount, you can offer flexible promos & discounts based on the amount people spend or the number of items they add to the cart such as 40$ off for a minimum order of 150$, 80$ off for a minimum order of 200$ or 40$ off for the cart having at least 5 items, 80$ off for the cart having at least 8 items.

It appears that the discount strategy can be applied to any kind of buying behavior, not just Group Order. However, Group Order makes it more practical, achievable and motivating because not all customers can reach the cart limit of 50$ when ordering alone, whereas it's incredibly simple for a group order to have at least 5 items added or the total cart value over 150$. People can't buy more than what they need, but they can get more people involved in a cart to be eligible for promotions.

Get back to the above example with a more specific number. Suppose there are five people joining a group order, they will get 40$ off if they spend at least $150. Therefore, the minimum each person has to spend is just 30$, which is much more achievable than 50$ if they own a personal cart. In addition, when people order together, the actual price each one has to pay after applying the discount is also lower. It's 22$ for a collective order (50$ off for the minimum cart value - 150$, then the total price is divided among 5 people) and 35$ for an individual order (30% off for a minimum cart value-50$). Certainly, Group Order helps buyers to lower their purchasing cost, which is considered one of the best motivations that drive people to do group ordering.

No negative impact on revenue or profit margin

If you examine the above-mentioned example in more detail, it becomes obvious that you can make your discounts more appealing to your customers without harming your revenue or profit margin

Your competitors offer a discount of 30% for an order with min value of $50. Suppose there are three consumers and each one spends $50, they will get 150$ in revenue and lose 45$ for the discount. Whereas, you offer group order experience with the smart discount strategy, 40$ off for an order with min value of 150$. Suppose there are 5 people involved in a cart and their total spending is 150$, you will get the same amount of revenue, while just losing 40$ for a discount.

Group order also helps you increase your AOV and total revenue, and save your marketing cost, operation and logistics fees such as shipping, and packaging (handling a bulk order may be easier than handling many individual orders). With group order, you are expanding your customer base and earning more for a single transaction.

>>>How amazingly can Group Order help you increase your Average Order Value (AOV)?

Win the market and skyrocket your sales now with the unique Group Order function and the smart promotional strategy. Get the app, you’ll be ahead of the game!

Bring an exceptional shopping experience to your customers



As mentioned above, Group Order is a new standard for your business competition. Why can it be? It's not only in smart promotional strategy that you can create but also in an exceptional shopping experience that you can bring to your customers.

Some outstanding benefits buyers may get when they do group ordering with their friends:

  1. Have a better online shopping experience
  2. Saving on shipping fees and purchase costs
  3. Connect more with their family, friends, and colleagues
  4. Have a more personalized experience with the store owner, not via a third party 

Look into this blog to discover more!

No marketing strategy is more effective than customer experience, so putting your focus on customer experience is a way to build your brand and foster sustainable development. Click here to enable this function for your online store!

Bring a golden opportunity for selling internationally



Cross- Border e-Commerce is skyrocketing

According to a new report from Juniper Research, consumers are becoming more comfortable placing orders from e-commerce stores located beyond their borders and retailers are reaching across borders to satisfy that demand. The U.K.-based research firm predicts the value of global cross-border e-commerce will reach $2.1 trillion in 2023—the first time cross-border e-commerce has exceeded $2 trillion. That’s 13 percent higher than the $1.9 trillion this year and will account for 38 percent of all e-commerce sales in 2023.

Of course, you also don't want to lose out the competition, You would like to attract more potential customers and bring your branding to a higher level. Group Order will bring you closer to your dream.

Because one of the most motivates people using group order is saving on their shipping fees. As you know, international shipping is incredibly expensive. If you are just trying to sell to a single customer may lose many potential customers because they are likely to leave their carts for costly shipping. And selling for a group of people sounds more practical and appealing because it's where many people are involved and share the Shipping fee. The more people join a cart, the cheaper shipping fee they have to pay.

>>> Why aren't you riding the cross-border shopping wave just yet?

Give yourself a break and focus more on other parts of your business operation



It's considered as an extra benefit you may earn from enabling Group Order function for your store besides winning the market and beating your competition

As you know, seasonal sales are a chance for you to draw more sales, but it means that you have to handle so many orders in a short time, if you can't handle and deliver them to your customers on time, you may bring your customer bad experience, hence they will refuse to be back even you give a deeper discount for the next time.

Therefore, Group Order is born to help you save on time and staff resources and manage customer expectations.

You still serve the same number of customers and have the same items sold, but instead of spending a great amount of time and staff resources on handling hundreds of individual orders, grabbing them, and delivering them to different areas. Now you just prepare for a bulk order and deliver it to one address where the owner will be responsible for distributing the individual orders to each of their members. It helps you a lot in saving a lot of time and human resources. Do less but earn more, it's a marvelous benefit that you'll own if you start Group Order on your store. Free yourself from manual tasks, you can put more time and energy to focus on other parts of your business such as making development plans or caring more about your customers.

Some things to say



The clocking is ticking but never late to get the app and set it up!

You can utilize both traditional marketing strategies which use pricing and super deals to attract customers and Group Order function which may help you more, not only revenue but also exceptional customer experience, customer base expansion, and cross-border e-commerce selling opportunity. Group Order is expected to help you beat your competition, build a sustainable business and bring your branding to a higher level.

Be creative, be different, and you will get what others don't!

Don't let this golden chance go through your fingers. Grab it and break your sales record now!

Exceptional online shopping experience with Group Order! Why haven't you tried it yet?

Suppose that while surfing the internet, you stumble onto a very attractive jumpsuit whose design is not sold anyplace in your country. The shipping fee for an international order is incredibly expensive—nearly as much as the outfit. Will you abandon the cart or continue shopping and pay for the costly shipping?

Group Order is here, an unbeatable solution that may help you do group ordering with ease, save your money, and improve your online shopping experience

There're tons of other situations in which Group order may help. Let's dive into the article, you'll grab:

  • What's Group Order and What's Group Order used for?
  • Great benefits of joining a group order
  • Group Order trend-Discover the trend before it’s trending


Situation 1:

You must have been in charge of making a purchase for a group of people, like ordering groceries for the family, office supplies for coworkers, or some items for a Facebook group of pals. It’s recognized that ordering for a large number of people is not a simple task. Start by hunting down people to ask what they want, remembering all of the selections, controlling the number of orders and the money spent, asking the business owner for a quote to get a better bargain, and then dealing with the burden of distributing orders or dividing the whole bill. But sometimes, your selection doesn’t make people happy. You’ve forgotten toilet paper for your colleague, Tom, or haven’t left a note for the store that your friend, Mary, is allergic to nuts.

Situation 2:

while surfing the internet, you’ve stumbled onto a very attractive jumpsuit whose design is not sold anyplace in your country. The shipping fee for an international order is incredibly expensive—nearly as much as the outfit. Will you abandon the cart or continue shopping and pay for the costly shipping?


You are getting ready with your buddies for a night party. Everyone's gathering around a tiny screen and you can't see anything to choose from. Your friend Mary, who is in charge of ordering for the whole group, has forgotten to remove the pickles from your hamburger. What's worse, the order delivered is unpackaged and individually labeled, so people have to rummage through the shared food to find their favorite one. It's supposed to be an enjoyable communal meal, but the unpleasant ordering experience seems to have ruined it all.

What would you do in such situations? Group Order is truly an unbeatable solution that may help you manage the challenges of buying in group, save your money, and improve your online shopping experience

And there're tons of other situations in which Group order may help. For its ease and cheaper price via volume, buying in bulk, buying in group, or placing collective orders is constantly in high demand. However, e-commerce consumers are lacking a tool to do so in an easy & smooth way. Most merchants hardly recognize this demand as a trend in consumer behavior and turn it into the name “Group Order". That's the reason why they are unaware of enabling this function for their store and consumers still struggle with their online shopping. 

Let's dive into the article, you'll grab:

  • What's Group Order and What's Group Order used for?
  • Great benefits of joining a group order
  • Group Order trend - Discover the trend before it’s trending

What's Group Order used for?



Before exploring what group order is commonly used for, let's first start with its definition.

Group Order can be defined in many different ways, but it's summed up into four main points:

  • A group order is a buying activity where a group of people joins a shared order link that they can use to place orders together
  • Each person adds their own orders to a shared online cart from their own device at the same time
  • They also get delivered together to the same location at the same time. Orders are individually packaged and labeled for easy distribution
  • The owner pays for the full cart and splits the payment among the invitees later

So, What’s group order used for?

Group Order is flexible and useful in a variety of situations, as was described before in this blog and at the beginning of the article. However, it may be categorized into three main parts:

Group Shopping 

People who share a living, working, or digital space (a niche or hobby group, a forum, or a social group) frequently engage in this type of purchasing. They use Group Order for buying office supplies, family groceries, or niche items. 

Let's see some examples:

Example 1: 

Mia works for a firm and she is in charge of doing everyone's shopping, including groceries and office supplies. 

Anna is a housekeeper, she must prepare groceries & household items each week for her whole family.

Mia and Anna are both responsible for buying for a group of people. They must keep in mind everyone’s preferences and distribute to their members exactly what they want at the best price. They’ve turned into Group Order for easier online shopping, letting people pick what they want on their own devices. Now all Mia and Anna do is to give themselves a break, take a sip of coffee, wait for people to finish their shopping, apply a discount code and make a payment. They easily distribute separated orders to each member easier than ever because the bulk order is individually packed and labeled. Splitting the payment among members is so simple as well due to the transparency of all order details with the name and amount each one has to pay. 

Example 2:

For a group of people living in small cities, goods are not easily available to them because of high logistics costs and intermediaries which drive up the prices of goods. Additionally, many of them are not very tech-savvy and are not used to ordering online. Therefore, they are prone to the shopping community group to get better product access and a better deal for the large order.

Example 3:

Hanna is a big fan of making paper flowers, she is buying materials and supplies for her project. She discovers that if her order value is above 80$ she will get free shipping and if it is above 100$, she will get a discount of 30$ off each product. Therefore she turned to her local group and find people with the same hobby to order together. Amazingly, she not only got free delivery but also only paid $35 for her separate order. It is much more cost-saving than $50 for the goods and $10 for shipping if she makes a purchase alone.

To sum up, the stories of Mia, Anna, Hanna, or a group of people in small cities are typical situations that each of us may come across at some point in our life.  We may earn some prominent benefits by joining a group order:

  • Making online shopping easier and goods easy to access
  • Make sure people get exactly what they want
  • Help people save on delivery fees and purchase cost



Oversea shopping

It’s shopping behavior that is especially popular in developing countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, and even in developed countries as well, such as Korea.

Let's see the example:

Grace is a fan of Kpop. She desires to have an album of BlackPink. It would be so ridiculous if she orders it on her own because overseas shipping costs are higher than the cost of the album itself. Therefore, she found a Black Pink fan group on Facebook and met Tom, an order collector who frequently put individual orders into a bulk order to help people like Grace save her shipping cost. He is responsible for making orders and payments for all members of the group. When the order is delivered, he distributes it to each member and gets his money back. As a result, Grace cut down on her shipping costs. She was meant to pay a $24 shipping fee for a product worth 30$, but bulk ordering helps her lower her shipping cost to $3 (as the shipping fee was split among 8 buyers).

It's easy to understand that The sole purpose of a collective order for overseas goods is to save on shipping costs. International shipments are expensive, so people put a big order together to make the shipping fee worthwhile. This fee is split among people so it becomes cheaper.



Food ordering

Group eating is a common practice in the workplace, at a party, or at a family or friend reunion.

Let's see the example: 

Mary and her friends are holding a pizza party for Christmas. Each one of them has a different taste for pizza, Tonny wants to have pizza with lots of tomatoes on the top while Hanna is allergic to tomatoes and she'd better get a pizza with a full topping of beef. Thomas is a cheese lover and he wants a pizza with a double cheese base. Remembering all people's choices and noting down each of their preferences is really frustrating. Therefore, Mary turns to group order function, creates an order link, and shares it with her friends. Now they copy the link and are free to order what they want on their own devices, add their favorites to a shared cart, and can leave any specific demand for the store owner. Got it easy, just 5 minutes, people all finish their shopping and are happy with their choice. Moreover, they get a discount of 30% of the total cart value for a bulk order. Now they just sit down, take a sip of coffee and wait for their order delivery. Enjoy their Christmas party easier than ever.

It's understandable that holding a party for a group of people is not an easy task and may cause annoyance, especially when the food choice of the host and members' tastes do not match. Therefore, Group order is born as a bridge to fill the gap between e-commerce customer pain points and their desire for a hassle-free shopping experience. Group ordering simplifies how people organize team meals by letting teammates select their own dishes made to their specific tastes. The orders are individually grabbed and labeled with the order name. That saves the host's time and ensures the satisfaction of everyone. It also helps to save on delivery fees by combining many meals into a single delivery and reduces meal costs by utilizing online store discounts.


What are the benefits of joining a group order

As seen in the example above, it is easy to summarize some significant benefits of joining a group order in four main points:


People enjoy a hassle-free online shopping experience

Holding a party or placing an order online with family, a whole company, or a large number of people may cause some trouble in some way. Group Order is a simple way to celebrate a perfect party without any frustration. It's so convenient & time-saving for both the host and the invitees

As normal, the host always hunts down people to ask for their choices, remembers all the choices, gets the order, distributes a box of order without any labels for each individual, and figures out how much people cost for their order. And sometimes he makes mistakes and people aren't satisfied. The party which is expected to have much fun ends up being disappointed because people can't get exactly what they want.

Group order is a solution for a better online shopping experience with a team.

The host can give himself a break, take a sip of coffee and wait for people to finish their orders because now all invitees are free to pick up what they want via their own mobile. They can also leave notes or request special customizations for their orders (a photo book with their own photos, layout, typo, color or wording, a pizza with their dietary preferences: top with a lot of tomatoes and mushroom and base without cheese)

There won't be any more images of a crowd of people huddling over a little screen or rummaging through delivered orders to find their order anymore. Orders are also individually packaged and labeled for easy distribution

Group order also makes it possible for those who are not experienced with online shopping to access their desired goods. All they need to do is join a group order where the owner will do the difficult work of buying, paying, and shipping for them. All they need to do is to add their favorites to the shared cart and wait for the order to arrive.

People save on their shipping fees and purchase costs 

People can lower their delivery fees and purchase costs by conducting collective orders. It costs less than buying the item separately because people only pay one delivery fee instead of multiple fees for each individual order.

Moreover, people can get discounts or promos offered by store owners when they meet the minimum spending required such as getting a 30% discount on the total cart value for order value above 100$ or getting 25% off for each item if the cart has at least 5 different items. And of course, people are rarely eligible for these promotional offers if they order alone and for personal use, but with group order, these discounts & promos become more practical and achievable. Therefore, discounts or promos are considered as an additional reduced cost when people make purchases in bulk.

People connect more with their family, friends, and colleagues

People had to suffer a long time of terrible physical distance throughout the Covid 19 epidemic, so they desire community and connection with family, friends, and colleagues more than ever. Group buying is an effective way to bring people closer together

Especially, Group Order is considered to be one of the best ways to connect people who live far from each other as it creates a common space where people with their buddies can share the same hobby and go shopping together. It helps to foster human connection and meet the minimum promotional requirement, that's the reason why people choose Group Order for a better shopping experience.

Additionally, it is good now to chat with each other directly in the storefront without any login, instead of switching between several channels to engage with their friends. A single click brings people together and makes online buying more convenient than ever.

Perhaps many think that allowing each member to freely add their items to the shared cart may make hosts care less and hardly understand the interest of each one than hunting down members to ask for what they want and leave a note for a restaurant on their own. It’s significant when you are in charge of the company’s supplies or a housewife of a family, caring for each person's interest is what you are paying great attention to. But maybe something in Group Order you are looking over. After everyone finishes their shopping, all orders are shown and transparent before all members with names, notes, or the amount of money they spend. Therefore, not only the host but also other members of a team get to know what their buddies choose for their orders, and what they are interested in.

Needless to say, Group Order is truly a bridge to build a connection among members of a team.

Get in touch directly with the store owner, not via the third party

With Group Order function offered by DingDoong, store owners run this function directly in their store without signing up with a third party and that's what customers will love. 

According to Thomas Insights, while third-party apps’ business more than doubled during the pandemic, more than half of consumers in the U.S. order directly from restaurants. Some motivations behind this are: Justice (They believe third-party apps’ practices to be predatory to both delivery drivers and restaurants, and so they choose to order directly from restaurants); Economics (Savvy shoppers are going straight to the restaurants for their food delivery in order to save some costs as orders placed through third parties are significantly higher) and Personalization (People are prone to use service directly from the restaurant for a more personalized experience. Upwards of 70% of customers of casual dining and quick-service restaurants (QSR) are willing to give their email addresses in return for personalized offers).


Group Order is on the way to becoming a trend

Group Order is still in its early stages and continues to evolve, there is great potential for the market because consumers chase better cost, shopping experience, and time efficiency.



According to the report on the top hot trend in e-commerce in 2021, Community Group Buying is reported as the hottest trend in China's E-commerce. China, with the largest population in the world and the second-largest developed economy, it's known for having the highest e-commerce penetration rate in the world. Therefore, we expect Group Order will be the hottest trend in the years to come, spread its effect to Europe and America, and set a new standard for e-commerce and the future of online shopping

People have changed the way they shop. Have you changed the way you sell?

Discover trend before it’s trending!

Just contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for getting more information on Group Order or getting the app installed directly here

Easy to start but the efficiency is enormous, get the app now and set a new standard for your business competition today!

Unbeatable Average Order Value (AOV) growth strategy you've never heard of

 What metrics do you track to grow your business?

One of the most crucial metrics to assess the health of your business is Average Order Value (AOV). You may already be aware of a variety of strategies to increase AOV, such as Upsells, Cross-sells, Product bundling, or Free shipping with min order value. However, there is another method—Group Order—to amazingly improve AOV that you might not have tried. Big Sale season Black Friday Cyber Monday(BFCM) is coming, read the article below to discover how amazingly Group Order function can maximize and level up your average order value.

 Go through the article and you'll grab:

  1. What's Average Order Value (AOV) and how to calculate it
  2. How Group Order helps you increase your AOV
  3. How to enable Group Order function for your online store

Check it out and make more money now!

What's Average Order Value (AOV) and How to calculate it?

What metrics do you monitor to assess your business health? Which one do you optimize first?

Stop thinking your business is doing well because of high website traffic and conversion rate. Instead, consider your order value and the amount that customers are spending to determine whether you can earn more. Increasing revenue or optimizing return on ad spent is typically one of the first things business owners aim to improve. However, growing value for each order, have you tried it out?

Obviously, no measure of central tendency is best, but using only one is certainly the worst. Therefore, monitoring and optimizing all of them is the best way to maintain the health of your business and boost revenue.

Let's get to know what's average order value is and how to calculate it.

According to Shopify, average order value is the metric that tells you the average amount customers are spending at one time on your online store.




To calculate, follow the formula:

AOV = Total Revenue / Total number of orders

The numbers are reported and calculated in the same period of time

Let's say you own a clothing store with total revenue of $1200 in October. The 1200$ came from 100 orders, your average order value was $12

Some following sale strategies people often use to increase AOV: 

  • Upsells

  •  Cross-sells

  •  Product bundling

  •  Free shipping with min order value

Group Order: A new approach will be beyond your expectation

There's no denying that some traditional sales tactics and methods may significantly raise AOV, but there's another approach that can be just as successful, if not more so: Group Order.

The methods stated above basically squeeze more value out of a single customer, and don't really assist to attract more potential consumers or grow your client base. Therefore, the most effective way to increase AOV is to employ both an extensive and intensive approach, using group orders to drive more potential customers and get more people involved in one cart, then using traditional sales strategies to nudge individual customers to pay more. Although many people order in the same cart they are still treated as a single customer. They pick orders individually on their own device and they are free to add their favorites to the shared cart.

Keep your attention till the next part, you'll find out what's group order and how group order helps you increase your AOV!

How Group Order helps you increase your AOV?

Group Order's definition

Find out what Group Order is first before seeing how marvelously it may help you increase your AOV.

  • A group order is a buying activity where a group of people join a shared order link that they can use to place orders together

  • Each person adds their own orders to a shared online cart from their own device at the same time

  • They also get delivered together to the same location at the same time. Orders are individually packaged and labeled for easy distribution

  •  The owner pays for the full cart and splits the payment among the invitees later

How Group Order helps you increase your AOV?

In essence, group order allows you to include more individual orders in a cart. There is no need to spend a lot of money on marketing to attract more clients and individual sales when you can make more in a single transaction by accepting bulk orders instead. 

Rather than trying to persuade customers to buy as many products as possible, Group Order is a radical and sustainable solution that grows AOV by improving customer experience and giving them numerous benefits (such as saving on delivery fees and purchase costs). It has even more significance if you are annoying your customers by using irreverent upsell or cross-sell products as a part of your sales tactics

>>> So, what drives buyers to place a group order with their friends? Discover here

There are a lot of additional advantages that you might get when enabling this function for your online store:

  • Increase customer experience

  • Get more customer base

  • Level up your total revenue

  • Set a new standard for business competition

  • Reduce marketing costs

  • Reduce delivery costs and staff resources

  • Process orders faster

Therefore, Group Order is considered a new e-commerce standard, the future of online shopping

How to enable Group Order function for your online store

Merchant's flow


Group Order is designed to be the easiest to set up, most user-friendly, and straightforward on the Shopify app store.

No code required, custom CSS included, and fully integrated, you are easy to start Group Order with five steps:

1. Get the app installed here

2. Enable this function

Group Order comes free with all stores having DingDoong installed. All you need to do is go to DingDoong app on Shopify admin, go to the tab Group Order, enable this function and you're ready!

        3. Decide the position & tailor the Group Order widget

You are free to decide the look & feel of the widget in terms of position, color, style, format, icon & wording to visually fit better to your store.

        4. Choose your promotion

Group Order can be used to meet promotional requirements, this is what entices online shoppers to place group orders with their friends the most.

You should thus build a discount strategy to generate revenue while your customers are still satisfied. Go here if you are new to all discount settings for your Shopify store

Although DingDoong does not directly aid you in creating discounts, it fully integrates with all discount apps.

If you run into a problem when enabling this feature for your store, get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can be confident that our developers are always available to make sure you have a hassle-free experience.

       5. Go to the storefront and look it over

You are at the final step of your settings. Remember to double-check your settings both in the app and the storefront (widget's look & feel, discounts & promos) before your customers begin their Group order experience.

Customer's flow

Your customers get a friendly experience with simple steps:

          1. Create a group order

A group order is created with a custom name, either at the beginning of shopping when a store is chosen or at check out. A link will be created to invite people. The one who created the group order is the owner of the cart. 

         2. Send invitations to friends

The link is sent to the people whom the owner wishes to invite. Their friends enter their names and start shopping.

         3. Add items to the cart

Both the owner and their friends can add items to the cart. The owner can see who’s adding what and at what price.

        4. Review the cart

Everyone finishes their shopping and finalizes their decisions. The group’s owner reviews the cart, decides which one they’re willing to pay for, and edits the final cart. He is the only person who has control of all the invitees’ orders

        5. Pick delivery date & time (optional)

The host consults his invitees to make the final decision on their preferred delivery date and time.

       6. Payment

The owner of the group pays for everything in the cart, either theirs or their friends'. Their friends pay the owner their due personally. 

       7. Shipment

The cart is shipped to the owner’s chosen address.

>>> Get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a docs tutorial, both for you and for your customers to make the most of this feature. 

What are you waiting for?

There is no need to sign up with a third party and split the commission with them, you completely control the whole purchase process, from fulfillment to shipping and payment. It is incredibly effective and simple to get started.

Group Order is fully free during BFCM. Click here to get the app installed, or email us to ask for a 1-on-1 trial with our technical support!

So, What are you waiting for? Get the app to level up your sales now!What's Average Order Value (AOV) and How to calculate it?

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