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Quote to cash: How to push your cycles faster

Every business, big or small, relies on a consistent and reliable sales cycle to generate revenue. However, the sales process can often be complex and time-consuming, leading to lost opportunities and delayed revenue. This is where the "Quote to Cash" (QTC) process comes in, providing a streamlined solution to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process.

How to avoid your quote notification falling into the Spam mailbox

Email spam filters can be unpredictable. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don’t. A simple trick to prevent Quote notification emails from landing in your spam folder is to add your own email address/staff email address to your Contacts. But sometimes that’s not enough, especially when your inbox is constantly flooded with new email alerts.


What is B2B business? B2B is a familiar industry term used in business and is growing strongly with e-commerce. Today let’s discover the definition of B2B and what marketing trends of B2B business models in 2022.

3 Benefits of Hiding Price for B2B & B2C Business You Should Know

Are you considering using Hide Price for your business? Is it good for your business or does it have side effects? 
Let’s take a brief about Hide Price and understand the true benefits Hide Price can do to your business. 


Why you choose request a quote plugin as the main button for your Shopify store

Bargaining online is not a familiar term for every buyer but by giving a chance that customers can ask for a better price, sellers can raise their customer’s interest and meet the customer’s expectations in a professional way. 

Among one of four factors in marketing mix, which includes price, place, product, and promotion, it is undeniable to say that price is a considerable factor, however, showing the cheapest price is not always good to stay competitive, especially if sellers would like to serve various customer’s classifications. That’s why sellers can think about using request a quote as a main button on their store, to hide prices and allow customers to send a request for pricing. 

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