For any sellers who join dropshipping to start their online business, getting Paypal limit is a difficult situation because it will strongly affect the cash flow in their business. 

When your account is limited, Paypal will send you an email or you can see the notification when you access your Paypal account. 

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Along with the increase of Paypal users, the problems of users’ transactions also grow. Rather than reporting the issue to the bank or credit card issuer, Paypal encourages their users to solve the problems via PayPal Resolution Center, and a lot of users do that way. Normally, there can be 2 cases raised: disputes and claims 


According to a research conducted by PriValEdge, companies that apply good discount rules can see a 5% increase in volumes and 60% increase in profit. With the help of Quantity Price Breaks  e-sellers use time-limited discount on products to trigger motivation and human's sense of urgency, if clients don’t purchase at the discounted price, they might miss out on saving money if they hesitate and buy it later.



Paypal is increasing their number of users every year, it is a way for the users to pay, receive money online and for businesses, it works as a payment gateway to accept payment from the customers around the world. Knowing which type of Paypal account you should choose before opening an account is crucial to take advantage of its benefits. 

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