SMS Marketing: More Customers, Less Budget

Marketing expenses could be expensive, but it is not always the case! There are a lot of low costing marketing tactics that are worth attempting. Affordable and powerful - SMS Marketing is here to expand your customer base without breaking the bank.

What is SMS Marketing? 

Not as old as the ancient pigeon post! This is a way to communicate with your customers through the “short message service” that could be sent directly to their mobile devices. It is a type of opt-in marketing where you can send all the promotions that can boost your sale.

Text Your Way to Success: How SMS save your money

  • Low cost per message: Sending an SMS Message is much cheaper than other marketing channels like direct mail or TV ads. This cost can vary depending on the provider, but in general, it costs less than candy.

CPI Comparison Among Different Marketing Methods

  • No printing costs: Spend less on ink, paper and design.
  • Higher open rates: SMS marketing messages are opened and read 98% of the time, which is 20% higher than the corresponding rate for emails

Comparing SMS Marketing and Email Marketing: Open and Response Rates Compared

  • High response rate: 45% is the percentage of the average SMS response rate, which is much higher compared to email.

SMS Marketing Boasts Higher Response Rates Compared to Other Marketing Methods

  • Low opt-out rates: For SMS Marketing, the opt-out rate is 2.3 - 3.2%, while this number for email is 1.6% - 10.5%. This can help you trim costs in acquiring new customers. 
  • Greater ROI: With less expensive to run and higher conversion rate than other methods, SMS marketing can bring you higher return on investment.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Provide your customers with timely and relevant offers and promotions. This can make them less likely to complain. Then, customer service costs can be reduced. 

Here are several among many plus points explaining why SMS Marketing should be the buddy of your business. However, even the strongest castle has a weak spot. You might question privacy or spamming problems.  In fact, with the support of SMS marketing applications, these concerns can be solved with ease. 

Getting Started with SMS Marketing

1. Pick an SMS marketing platform

No business owners have time to read every single SMS that they want to send. Therefore, the available SMS marketing applications aid you to make the process automatic. 

Several platforms that are cost-effective and user-friendly that you can choose are SMSGem, SMS Bump, EZ Texting, and Automizedly SMS Marketing. 

While considering the most suitable platform, the following characteristics should be the main focus: Cost-per message, SMS Template, Application features, Compliance and Customer Support.

Comparing Messaging Costs Across Different Platforms

2. Build a list of opt-in subscribers

Be mindful of the recipient’s explicit consent cause as the business owner we would not want to be involved in any of legal issues around your consumers’ privacy. Contemplate the best attractive and beneficial rewards to motivate your buyers without affecting your business flow.

3. Setting up your campaign

To achieve the best results for SMS marketing, customize the text message templates. You simply need to filter them and select a short yet attractive one that appeals to all your customers. This customization may require your input to tailor the SMS to your specific target audience segmentation.

4. SMS Timing

Now you have the most effective SMS prepared, but your customers are too busy or distracted as they do not even give a glance to your message. Here are some tips to plan the perfect timing for your SMS Marketing campaign:

  • Understand your target audience: knowing their habits, lifestyle and demographics.
  • Time zones: send the messages at the most convenient time for your customers.
  • Avoid hectic periods: Rush hour, holidays, or lunchtime would not be the best time for the message to be delivered as it tends to be ignored.
  • Test and measure: Constantly test your SMS campaign and refine the approach based on the outcome. 

Timing Your Text Messages: Helpful Tips


So called SMS Marketing is a powerful but underestimated tool for every business to boost their performance. For this reason, why not give it a shot and notice the significant development SMS Marketing brings? 

SMSGem has everything you need to get the job done. Download today and start enjoying the benefits of fast, efficient messaging! If you have any concerns, we are here for you.

SMS GEM - Best SMS Marketing Shopify Platform

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