Top 7 indicators to understand your ROI of SMS marketing

SMS marketing offers a return on investment (ROI) that is difficult to replicate with similar digital marketing tools. In the same way that a cost-benefit analysis determines if the cost is worth the benefit, ROIs determine how your marketing investments are paying off.

Why SMS marketing still works in a world full of digital marketing tools?


There is a surge in SMS marketing in 2021, and for good reason, that old method of marketing can bring your campaign higher ROAS ( up to 500%). As the number of mobile devices increases, the potential of this channel should not be underestimated.

Traditional server vs QR Code menu: Which is better?

The rise of technology has undoubtedly given rise to new ways of doing things. Digital menu is one of them. Nowadays, hospitality premises like restaurants, cafes have QR codes offered to customers so that they can order the food with ease. However, some customers actually prefer to be served by waiters/waitresses. Are digital menus any good at all? Let’s find out! 

Returns Drive - automate your return process in a few easy steps

Have you ever been tired when customers want to return products but lack a proper process? Or do you prefer to have reasonable control over all returns, particularly at year's end? If your business is facing similar situations, Omega Order Tracking is the best solution for you.

BFCM 2022: How do you compete for attention if everyone is offering great deals?

It's not difficult to realize how lively stores are getting and how busy merchants can be. They are setting up and running marketing campaigns with thousands of attractive offers for their customers as the biggest sales season of the year is approaching, Black Friday - Cyber Monday.  It's also the most anticipated time of the year by shoppers, they spend more, allowing merchants to push sales and clear inventory.

So a question is raised here, how to make your business stand out from the crowd when you cannot give your customer better discounts or promotions than your competitors? 

Let's dive into the article, you will find the answer!

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