• Tips to get and use TikTok API step by step

    Are you looking for ways to get access to and embed TikTok content into your website or app?? We’ve done some research and compiled a detailed TikTok API tutorial to give answers to the questions asked by many. Read this article to get the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

    Have you ever heard about the TikTok API?

    TikTok API is a set of application programming interfaces for the TikTok app. Developers can utilize the platform to create an interface for creators and users. It allows users to share videos with the entire TikTok community or to embed TikTok movies on a website.

    How can I obtain the TikTok API?

    TikTok offers an open API to anyone who creates an account on the developers' website with the intention of integrating TikTok into their product.

    Step 1 – Create an account

    First, go to theTikTok developers portal andregister an account.

    Click login and enter the service if you already have an account or click Sign up.

    Then fill in your email address and click Send PIN to email.

    Check your inbox for the TikTok platform's automated message. Press Next after entering the code to verify your developer account. Remember that you only have one minute to complete this task.

    The final step is to create a password for account access

    Step 2 – Accept the ‘’TikTok for developers’’ Terms of service

    The next step is to read and accept the TikTok Developer Terms and Conditions agreement that appears in the next window.

    We strongly advise you to take your time and read the text thoroughly so that you are aware of the usage guidelines and limitations.

    Step 3 – Connect a new application

    Choose Connect a new app filed in the My apps tab once you’ve logged in your account.

    Upload the icon for the app you wish to connect with TikTok and give it a name. To continue, press Start.

    Upload the icon for the app you wish to connect with TikTok and give it a name. To continue, press Start.

    Step 4 – Submit application for review

    To begin working on your integration, you must first submit an application, which will be reviewed by the TikTok team and granted access to the platform API and software development tools.

    Here’s the data you have to fill in:





    App name

    The name of your current or previous app into which you want to incorporate TikTok content.

    My Application


    There is an option to select from a dropdown menu. If nothing seems to match, you must choose the category that best fits your situation or make a note of Others.

    The most commonly used seem to include:Business, Education, Lifestyle, Shopping, etc...

    iOs or Android download URL

    It is necessary to have a link to your app on one or both platforms.



    A brief description of why you require API integration

    Display TikTok visual content

    Official website

    Link to your online project's main website.


    Bundle ID

    It is a code that uniquely identifies a program in Apple's system. It'll be at the bottom of your App Store link.


    PKG name

    This ID is used to identify an app on a device as well as on the Google Play Store.


    You must wait for the outcome after you have submitted your app for review. You will be given a Client Key to begin working on your integration after you have received permission.


    On your application page, above the App info tab, you'll find the TikTok metrics for your API-using app.



    We’re all new to Tiktok so let’s share together the documents about it.The Docs part of the TikTok developer portal contains the most important information and recommendations for utilizing the API and integrating the Open SDK solution. It's split into two sections:iOS andAndroid beginner's guides. A section onTikTok video integration is also included. Besides, we are also about to launch API feature inthe Multi TikTok Pixels app, Shopify users can follow us and take advantage of it.


  • Check these must-know guides to get ahead of your game with Tiktok [For Ecommerce 2021]

    So here is the TLDR version if you have to go: Tiktok is a new kid in town that quickly rises to stardom. Recently hit 3B downloads, making it the 5th non-game, non-Facebook app to cross the threshold. Spans over 200 countries. Audiences who're twice the age of the so-called target demographic (the kids and teens) are also jumping on the bandwagon. Think 40-year-old + men and women. Marketers are rushing to profit from it. There is a pretty eerie reason behind why Tiktok is so addictive, and why anyone (including SMEs) can gain huge traction there. Without a deep wallet. It’s inescapable now, so read on if you don’t wanna miss the deal, before the market is saturated!

    Let’s first talk about small businesses. Ecommerce to be exact. The Chinese version of the app (Douyin) already got in-app shopping experience integrated, hosting a whopping $26B worth of sales of makeup, clothing, and other goods in 2020 alone (that equals GDP of Iceland!).

    We don’t know yet what Bytedance is up to with TikTok’s e-commerce but it’s safe to assume that it’s in their vision. Last year they teamed up with Shopify. 

    Big reason to care

    Let’s see how some small biz are doing on TikTok:

    • This is a Nail shop with 800k+ followers and 40M views, out of genuine “watch me do my nails” shoots, nail tutorials or even customers’ breakup stories (trust me it got the most views)
    • This guy, a glorified trashman, nailed 40 million views for his video shooting his cleaning process, for a house whose owner smokes for 20 years. And he even got on TV. He works for a cleaning company. 
    • This shop sells water bottles, and got millions of likes just by turning the look and sound of the packing process into an ASMR video experience.

    Want more? Go to TikTok’s discover page. That’s where I found them, after all.

    Wondering why they’re so viral and got discovered? Glad you asked before you commit to the TikTok ads journey. 

    Don’t play by the rules

    It’s not just all about crazy dance and lip-sync viral. 

    Wait, isn’t it what the platform is known for?

    Yes, it is, but TikTok is also all about new, unexpected or bizarre things. New stuff is in fact a matter of life or death when it comes to TikTok ability to keep users stay. And stay for hours on end.

    Anyone, anything can go viral here in TikTok house. From the above-mentioned examples to the construction guy with great before-after project video, electrical guy who sings good songs, the cat's slow motion, to the chef who makes music videos out of chopping sound, to the bubble effect that allows users to add them to convey dogs’ thoughts.

    Remember the shiny, well touched-up photos on Instagram or the heavily edited long video on Youtube? Those are long gone on TikTok. Here you don’t have to wear suits to discuss things that matter.

    In the end, this is a VUCA world where everyone is overloaded with info and too bored with everything too conventional. No wonder why they let TikTok shift them away from the beaten path. 

    If you look hard enough, the small brands went viral without checking any of these boxes: 

    • Staffed to make shiny after-effect kinda marketing videos
    • Have a deep pocket
    • Wear suits

    But if you look harder, 2 content patterns emerge among them:

    • A potential wow factor somewhere in their products and/or content
    • Staying true to self and being light-hearted
    • Not so many filters

    TikTok champions creativity, not hierarchy. That’s good news for you

    On TikTok, no one is king forever. Your glorious past doesn’t define or guarantee your future visibility. In TikTok’s own words:

    “Neither follower count nor whether the account has had previous high-performing videos are direct factors in the recommendation system”

    Why is this then? Well, you’ll have to look at TikTok's self-stated mission to gain a bit more context. It claims its ultimate guiding star is the long to inspire creativity and bring joy. 

    “We're building a global community where you can create and share authentically, discover the world, and connect with others”. 

    It then went on to ensure that users will find content tailored only for them as individuals, on the For You Page (FYP).

    So you can at least rest assured that as long as you remain creative, or rather wild, and relevant to your target audience, TikTok will find an audience pool for you. With its so-called magic algorithm. But more on that later.

    So does that mean you just go wild and wait for the magic to push you on FYP? That could be possible but so often luck is not on your side. 

    So, we have to play a bit strategically here.

    No, we weren’t contradicting ourselves. Just like any other platform, you gotta be on the lookout for the basic ins and outs for your content to fit. You can’t just force a filtered image, or a 20-min video to a sound-on, short video platform anyway.

    Here are some secret sauce (that’s already widely known) to nail your TikTok video in case you’ve missed it

    • Keep it short, ideally 9-13s. For longer videos like 30s or 1 min, you’ll have to gain better completion percentages for them to be considered on the FYP. But you might want to stay short. The average attention span of Gen Zers is no longer than that of a jellyfish (8s) so if you are lengthy, they’ll be distracted anyway. It’s not your fault.
    • Keep your very first seconds hooked. You have to make it seducing enough for them to keep watching past the 9s threshold. Otherwise, that tells TikTok that no one is loving your content that much. 
    • Stay away from the blind spot. So first you should format your video in 9x16 vertical, and steer your important message clear from all the space that’s reserved for comment, share buttons and the likes.
    • Soundtrack matters big time. Because sound waves are easily detectable, while with image frames it is not so. This guy found that stitching your video with viral video, sound or dueting what’s already successfulalso sometimes pushes you on the FYP. 

    How does the TikTok FYP work?

    Now comes the most fun, and a bit scary part. 

    TikTok calls its algorithm magic. The FYP is tailored to that particular individual liking. If you’ve been binge-watching for a while, you’ll know the eerie feeling that it’s a bit too accurate.

    As curiosity amounts, the Wall Street Journal jumped in recently with an investigation. With dozens of automated accounts, WSJ made them watch hundreds of thousands of videos on TikTok FYP.

    The result: TikTok was able to learn and tailor content to the bots’ unexpressed interests in less than 2 hours. 

    How? Let’s look at a 24 y-o bot from Kentucky who was onboard. WSJ called it Kentucky 96. Right off the bat, TikTok served this guy a wide range of videos (to learn wide, and narrow down later). Those included religion, dances, sadness, forest, astrology, etc. 

    In video 15, the bot pretended to linger on a sad video and rewatched it twice.

    9 scrolls later, TikTok serves it another sad video, on break up. In the meantime, it is still trying to figure out whether the user likes other vibes like funny, failure, prank, etc. by instilling high-view-count videos here and there. At video 57, TikTok still serves another heartbreak, then at 60th, it's about emotional pain. The bot lingered once more. Then TikTok responds with others about love, breakups, and dating to see whether the bot's interest was in a relationship. The bot doesn’t. So at video 80, it serves one about mental health!

    So what’s the key takeaway?

    If you can imagine a tree of knowledge, Tiktok first goes from the trunk, then it gets better at understanding you to bring you to the tiniest branches. At the same time, it never forgets to nudge you with a bit of newness and excitement. This is creativity at its core, when randomness plays a huge role. All too often, businesses are so quick to get in shape, follow the structure. But the more you play safe, the more easily forgotten you are.

    It’s not just WSJ, this guy also found that for every terrifying video there’s a lovely cute video right around the corner so TikTok can learn what you like and don’t like.

    User engagement is everything

    Even the likes, comments and follows are claimed to play some role in higher visibility, it’s the amount of time a user lingers over a piece of content that matters most. Every second you hesitate or rewatch or scroll past, the app knows. This combined with the video’sdescription, hashtag, audio track is part of the secret TikTok is guarding to best retain their users’ eyeballs.

    So focus on making content that counts! On TikTok, a little surprise can make great delight. If you keep users hooked, TikTok will reward you with higher visibility.

    Once you’re there, well-prepared, got some audience, or some purchases, you’ll have to let your pixel learn about your audience, who already bought your stuff. So you can scale up. In case you might need help with adding the pixel code, hop over to this tool which offers a copy-and-paste experience. You don’t have to worry about touching your theme ever again to set up your pixel.

    It’s never easy to learn the ropes of a new platform, but if you want to start sending orders all over the world, you’ll surely want to try TikTok, test, analyze and optimize. After all, Google is getting way better at solving queries but still has to wait for users to type in keywords. TikTok doesn’t need anything and is still able to tantalize content-hungry minds. 

  • The most common errors with the Conversion API event

    As Facebook and Apple are combating the user's privacy war, all tracking events related to Pixel have been messed up. Some of the event data is probably missing and blocked from IOS devices, which counts for 26.46% of all mobile devices and 42.24% of all operating systems (1). That is a huge gap in the data analysis if advertisers want to run marketing campaigns and optimize later. So Facebook has developed the Conversion API for tracking conversion more precisely on Apple devices. It enables the servers side of your websites/e-commerce stores to send the data for tracking.

    From time to time, advertisers will see some errors related to CAPI events reported under the Diagnostics tab of your pixels. Sometimes these errors are false positives or can be ignored. Here are the most common errors, which you can encounter when using the Conversion API event.

    1. Event Not Deduplicated

    Hence, every event will be sent twice or duplicated before matching, once using the browser side-event, and once using Conversion API (or server-side event). It processes two same events but your pixel will only receive one. That process is called deduplication.

    In order to keep your events reporting accurate, Facebook is deduplicating server events when a browser event is sent. Deduplication means that when both browser and server events are received, the browser event is processed, and the server event is dropped.
    This can cause by missing key parameters so events from the server side will not be processed smoothly.
    We recommend checking the server side with technical support.

    Better deduplication for your events with Two Owls by Omega!

    2. Missing user parameters

    For Page View, ViewContent, AddtoCart, and InitCheckout events, the pixel is tracking all visitors
    If the customers do not have information (email, phone...) pixel cannot send customer information to Facebook, so there is a warning, it is no problem. If the customer logs in, the app still sends all the information to Facebook.
    This is normal. Only clients who are tracked by CAPI have this warning, so no problem. All Pixel apps including Shopify are doing the same

    So you can safely ignore those warning notifications.

    3. Server Sending Invalid Match Key Parameters for Event

    Your server is sending an invalid fbp, ip_address, and user_agent parameters value for your event. This may be because there was an error in the parameter value you set up. This may cause issues with the attribution and delivery optimization of ad campaigns that are using those events.


    The root cause is your server sending missing or invalid data. It’s probably caused by bots triggering the pixel, where the script can’t correctly identify fbp, ip_address, and user_agent values.
    Moreover, before customers add their information, it is hard to detect and get their data, so some fields will be missing.
    It’s marginal with beginning events such as page view, view content, and add to cart, and you can ignore them.

    But be careful if it has a warning at the purchase event because that will affect your ads report later.

     4. Same Event ID Received for Many Event Instances

    When deduplicating events, Facebook uses two important signals: the event name and the Event ID. When a pair of server and browser events have identical names and IDs, the browser-side event is kept.  Every event ID is unique that is used to identify deduplicated events received from your pixel and the Conversions API so they’re not counted twice. To ensure Facebook is accurately counting your events, each unique event instance needs its own unique event ID.

    However, if you’re experiencing the same event ID for many instances of your events, it means your event ID is duplicated with other buyers.
    This error may cause issues with the measurement of your events and the attribution of your ad campaigns. When the buyers click your ads link and make two purchases simultaneously, Facebook will automatically create identical ID events. Or even two buyers click the add to cart a product or checkout at the same moment.

    This can be indeed related to the cache issue of buyers’ browsers. Test your events and make sure each browser/server event has a unique Event ID. Then you must restrict the pixel to your verified domain only, not from other traffic sources. Once you do these, you can ignore the warning.

    Another solution is our Facebook Multi Pixel, we can configure the unique ID for each event thanks to generating algorithms. So no more same-event IDs can be created for the same action.

    5. New Domains Sending Data

    Your pixel recently started sending events from these domains.
    It might not be an error, just a warning about the source of your events.

    As you can see, some domains are used by Shopify to preview your product, and that also triggers the view content or pageview event.

    The solution is to create an Allow List with domains that can use the pixel.

    • Go to Events Manager, and choose your pixel which has the warning.
    • Choose Settings tab
    • Find the Traffic Permissions
    • Click Edit button

    • Enter your domain into the pop-up window

    • Click Next

    •  Finally, confirm your domain have added

    •  As you can see, you have set up successfully the domain into allow list.

    Conclusion: In a short time, advertisers who use CAPI can experience a lot of errors and warnings at the diagnosis from Pixel. So you don't need to panic. Just sort out the error type and try to contact technical support. 

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