• TikTok Events API - a complete install guide for Shopify stores [2022]


    This article explains why not carefully choosing your TikTok pixel installation & event setup option could be a costly decision.

  • Yet another thing to convince you to grab TikTok as an inevitable part of your Marketing mix, now.

    So you’ve heard you don’t need a DSLR camera to succeed on TikTok? Also been wowed by someamazing stats and the algorithm? Been binge-watching it for quite some time? But still, not motivated enough to try it out for your small business? Then this post is for you. 

  • Bidding Tiktok ads - Game changer in your ads optimization

    Bidding is an important part of the overall ad creation process. There are various types of bidding methods available that depend on your overall strategy and objectives.

    This article provides you with a basic overview of each method, giving you the knowledge to start your bidding on TikTok Ads.

  • Do you even need Tik Tok ads to go viral as a small business?

    Even the most niche can find their tribe on Tiktok”. Tiktok is where people seek the new, the fun, the unexpected. At least46% of the audience said so. Characterized by their open-minded nature, the community is already showing lots of love for small biz. #SmallBusinessLove hashtag alone has 160 M views. The broader #Smallbusiness got a whopping 34B views. Then you have a magic algorithm that promises to find an audience pool for your content. All sounds like a sweet deal. Do you even need Tik Tok ads after all?

  • Tips to get and use TikTok API step by step

    Are you looking for ways to get access to and embed TikTok content into your website or app?? We’ve done some research and compiled a detailed TikTok API tutorial to give answers to the questions asked by many. Read this article to get the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

  • Is Tiktok event API or Tiktok Pixel suitable for your business?

    Asians said that:Master yourself, master the enemy. Today in the new era of e-commerce is no exception, especially for businesses. To maximize sales, they realized they needed to understand their customers more than ever. Like Facebook, TikTok has developed pixels and APIs to help businesses better understand user behavior. So which one is suitable for your business? Let’s read the article below to better understand the benefits of each and what we must consider.

  • Check these must-know guides to get ahead of your game with Tiktok [For Ecommerce 2021]

    So here is the TLDR version if you have to go: Tiktok is a new kid in town that quickly rises to stardom. Recently hit 3B downloads, making it the 5th non-game, non-Facebook app to cross the threshold. Spans over 200 countries. Audiences who're twice the age of the so-called target demographic (the kids and teens) are also jumping on the bandwagon. Think 40-year-old + men and women. Marketers are rushing to profit from it. There is a pretty eerie reason behind why Tiktok is so addictive, and why anyone (including SMEs) can gain huge traction there. Without a deep wallet. It’s inescapable now, so read on if you don’t wanna miss the deal, before the market is saturated!

  • Factors Influence the TikTok Ads Cost

    TikTok ads start at $10 per CPM. It seems to be pretty high compared with other platforms. Reports from AdAge in late 2019 point that advertisers on TikTok can spend between $50,000 to $120,000 depending on thead format andads objectives delivered to customers.

    There are two main factors that impact the cost of your TikTok ads from the beginning of the advertising journey. So be careful to make your decision on ads optimization.

  • Are TikTok ads better than Facebook ads?


    The recent launch of TikTok and its impressive increase has exploded the Internet market. Then, when the TikTok ads platform appears, it raises a question: are TikTok ads better than Facebook ads? Or are TikTok ads a worthy competitor to Facebook Ads? Let’s go through a comparison between the two and give yourself an answer. 

  • How to run an ad campaign successfully on TikTok


    TikTok has become a hot social marketing trend, will you update this trend to start growing your website and increasing sales? In this article, you could know whether your business is suitable to run ads on TikTok, know how to create an ad on TikTok, and some tips to optimize your ads. 

  • Complete guide to create events and measure the conversion of Tiktok Pixel


    Tiktok has updated its pixel to the newest version 2.0 to optimize uses and help merchants to track the most common events. After having a pixel installed on your website, it is crucial for pixel to start learning by creating events and defining the tracking rules. The more your pixel can learn, the better results you can get to optimize your ads afterwards. 

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