• Guide to Paypal for Woocommerce - how to expedite your pending payment

    woocommerce paypal tracking

    As a small business, it’s never easy to see your money on hold. All you want is to get the cash flowing just a tiny bit faster so your business can scale up. 21 days seem too long for an investment opportunity lost. Too often, it’s a battle you’re not gonna win. It’s a world where consumers are well protected. Paypal has to be on the buyers’ side in some way. The good news is, just polishing up 2 easily neglected factors can do wonders.

  • PayPal raises some fees for US merchants from August 2021


    PayPal has made the latest updates on 30th June 2021 about their price changes. They claim this change will be effective for PayPal accounts of US residents on 2nd August 2021 which might influence the small or medium businesses.

  • Rotate your Paypal accounts: why it is not an ideal solution


    The problem of sellers using the Paypal payment gateway is that when their account receives a large number of payments, especially in high sales season, it tends to be held or limited because Paypal will see it as a sign of fraud. Then, they think about a solution to add multiple Paypal accounts to a store to spread the payments and Paypal will not accumulate money to limit. However, this is not an ideal solution, and here’s why. 

  • Can tracking numbers on WooCommerce be synced to Paypal?


    After working with Shopify merchants who use our app to upload tracking numbers to Paypal, we have received a lot of their questions asking for the availability of a plugin to use for WooCommerce websites with the same functionality and suggest that we should create one on WordPress. 

    And now, we can inform the merchant that the answer is yes. We have created Omega PayPal Tracking for Woo plugin on WordPress for WooCommerce users to add tracking numbers of orders to Paypal automatically. Look at what it looks like, how it can help you and install it.

  • How customers track a package with a tracking number on Paypal


    A tracking number is a piece of tracking information requested by Paypal so that the customers can track an order after they bought a product and made payment via the Paypal payment gateway. 

  • Paypal tracking information: a savior from disputes


    Paypal Tracking Information is aPaypal Seller Protection, it will help sellers win in most cases of disputes. Paypal requires sellers to update the tracking info on the system and to let the customers check their shipments online.  

  • Top 5 benefits of using Synctrack - Add Tracking Auto app


    Synctrack is developed for any sellers around the world who use Paypal payment on Shopify. It is required to add tracking information if you are doing business with Paypal payment gateway. While you are working manually to input tracking numbers to Paypal, other sellers are using an application to help them, let what our app can support with your Paypal account optimize your business. 

  • Be confident to do business: How Synctrack - Add Tracking Auto app helps you


    The top concern when you open a store on Shopify is to increase sales and then receive the money well. Paypal is increasing its reputation every year because of its security along with its convenience and many businesses prefer to use Paypal as their priority payment gateway.

  • How to create a new user for your Paypal merchant account


    If you want Synctrack - Add Tracking Auto to work perfectly, you need to insert a Client ID & Secret into the application to verify and proceed with adding tracking information to PayPal. It’s not a complicated but rather a crucial step.

  • Syntrack Add Tracking Auto – #1 seller best practice for Paypal


    Today we will introduce you to #1 recommended best practice to reduce the likelihood of having a Paypal reserve applied to your account – Synctrack Add Tracking Auto

    More details 

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