Tiktok Pixel acts as a site event management tool that can help sellers measure the effectiveness of the ad campaigns by tracking users' actions on websites. If you have a Shopify website and would like to create an ad campaign on Tiktok, you need to have a TikTok pixel, install it in your Shopify store to track events, conversions and optimize your ads. In this blog, you can check step by step how to do it. 

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Do you think discounts somehow hurt your brand? 

Well, it varies between people's perspectives. It’s no secret that discounts and promotions bring in more sales, but is it a good long term strategy or a cheap trick?

In this post, we are going to discuss 7 ways to increase revenue and not hurt your brand at the same time while promoting your sales.



Bargaining online is not a familiar term for every buyer but by giving a chance that customers can ask for a better price, sellers can raise their customer’s interest and meet the customer’s expectations in a professional way. 

Among one of four factors in marketing mix, which includes price, place, product, and promotion, it is undeniable to say that price is a considerable factor, however, showing the cheapest price is not always good to stay competitive, especially if sellers would like to serve various customer’s classifications. That’s why sellers can think about using request a quote as a main button on their store, to hide prices and allow customers to send a request for pricing.