How our new "Store pickup" feature will benefit your shop

What are the advantages of implementing store pickup?

Save your customers time and money

According to a 2013 study by Forrester Group commissioned by Accenture, 47 percent of customers surveyed said they used store pickup to avoid shipping fees, 25 percent so they could get their products sooner and 10 percent indicated that they found it more convenient than waiting for a delivery.

Shoppers can get orders faster by reserving a product and picking up the same day at their favored store, avoid costly shipping and delivery fees that cause hesitation at checkout, and gain access to an easier, more convenient physical location in which to manage returns and seek expertise

Increase impulse buy opportunities

Once store, Customers Will Likely Spend More Money
By implementing a Buy-Online-Pickup-store strategy, you get your customers into your shop. Once there, it becomes much easier to persuade them to purchase additional products, through strategically-placed products for example.

Fewer Returns

When it comes to e-commerce, processing returns can be very expensive for the retailer ( shipping back to the distribution center, repackaging, etc), resulting in a loss of revenue.

Customers who place their orders and pick them up from your shop have the ability to inspect their products straight away. This allows them to make swaps for other products if necessary, which decreases the return rate and can save you a substantial amount of money.

Compare Prices Online and Still Get Purchases Immediately

Yes, it's not much quicker than just buying in-store, but pickup still has its benefits. It combines the conveniences of online shopping — browsing and price-comparing at your leisure — with the instant gratification of having an item in possession almost immediately.

Shoppers do not have to sacrifice the opportunity to purchase an item at the best price available, as they'll have the chance to price check against other merchants and take advantage of online-only promotions. Plus, as we mentioned, store pickup can be a money saver in and of itself if the desired item isn't eligible for free shipping.

Store pickup is especially useful for reserving products that have a high risk of selling out: "[Customers] are able to guarantee that they get the item and not have to leave it to chance while shopping in the store," says Collum.

When customers go to the store to pick up their order, they may be tempted to look around and browse for more products. Or they may have forgotten to add one of your products to their cart. Now that they are in your shop, it’s the perfect opportunity for upsells.

Simply by dropping into the store, there is a 58% chance that a shopper will see, find, or realize that they need another item. Shop owners offering store pickup to their customers showed an average increase in sales of 23%

Lower your shipping costs

Shipping orders from your shop to your customers’ front door can be expensive with labor and packaging costs quickly adding up. You can cut these costs by having your customers pick up their orders directly in your boutique.    

Offer a real service experience

Getting shoppers to complete a store pickup means you have one more chance to provide an exceptional customer experience. Make the most of it!    

Boost customer loyalty

By providing a great shopping experience and showing flexibility, you will stand out and boost loyalty among your client base. In-store pickup makes it easy for your customers to buy (stress-free) online and get their product immediately by picking it up themselves in your shop. Improving their shopping journey can be a great loyalty winning strategy 

Still, need one more reason to add a "store pickup" app to your shopping store? 

Then do you know that over 40% of shoppers use buy online- pick up in-store during the holidays? 

The holiday season is the busiest time of the year. That’s why it’s no surprise that shoppers are taking advantage of buying online- pick up in-store to get their holiday shopping done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Comfortably shop from their home and avoid crowded shops and then instant reward by picking it up. Definitely, something to try with the Store pickup feature of Delivery date by Omega during that time!


Enable the feature in your Delivery date settings

You can easily give it a try with the Store pickup feature in the Omega delivery date app

In your back office, from the Store pickup layout, you will be able to configure the conditions of this feature. Orders picked up in-store can be identified in your order history, thanks to the Additional details. 

For all the talk of digital transformation in recent years, prior to the pandemic, many retailers continued to rely heavily on physical stores. Is your business ready to make the change? We can help. To discuss more setting store pickup, reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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