When ordering products on an online store,  one of the biggest concerns of the customers is to know when they can receive their orders. For most online retailers, any delays or mistakes in delivery dates could have a big influence on their customer service. In order to avoid this, an effective solution is to let the customer choose the date that they want to deliver which satisfies both the customer’s experience and seller’s ability.

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Have you ever worried about putting all your payments in one Paypal account and wished to use multiple Paypal accounts in one Shopify store? Shopify does not allow you to use multiple Paypal accounts in one store, however, you still can be able to switch to different Paypal accounts, and our app has updated new features adapting to this.

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Owning a Shopify store and starting to use the Facebook chat plugin on your store, you may encounter some cases where the Messenger icon does not appear or does not work on your website. This article will show you some of the common issues and how to resolve them. 




If you have followed how to add the Facebook Customer Chat Plugin to your website and still get the error, there are some possible reasons and quick solutions for them. 


1. You haven’t connected your Facebook page with the app 

Please make sure that you are the admin of your Facebook page and connect to your Facebook page.

Check the instructions. 


2. Your Facebook page is under restrictions

When your page sets age or country restrictions, only people who meet your requirement can see the chat on the website, in this case, please check whether your page is set to be published and visible to everyone or not. If not, follow the steps to change. 



3. You haven’t whitelisted your domain website

Whitelist your domain to connect Facebook to your website, if you haven’t done this, the app could not work correctly. It can not be shown in your store or remain unclickable. Make sure that you have whitelisted your store URL, checking these steps


4. Your theme conflict or haven’t installed Facebook’s SDK 

It’s not commonly happened but some specific themes that prevent the appearance of the Facebook Chat icon, if you encounter this problem, you could simply contact the app developer or you could simply check whether your website include this with the instruction here 


5. You set up the working time for your Facebook chat 

On the setting of the app, you choose the working hours and timezone for the app, please test the app within the working hours so you can see it probably. 

6. Your customers cannot send messages to your page 

If you see the chat is blank without your settings and you cannot send the message. The reason is your Facebook page setting. Make sure you set your page published and allow people to contact you privately. 


All of these common reasons and solutions can help you out in most cases, however, if you’re still experiencing the issues, contact us here for further support. 

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You apparently know that live chat on your website makes it easier for your customers and for your business to connect with each other. You are owning an online store and are paying a big amount of money each month for a live chat platform, why don’t you think about a live chat free on your website with Facebook Messenger? All you need is just a Facebook business page account. 


Asking a reviewer to edit their review can feel like a difficult task or, or seem like you are inconveniencing the reviewer. Reaching out with a private response asking a reviewer to edit their review can be an important final step in working with reviews, so to help you get started, copied below are some templates based on successful messages our dealerships have used in the past.

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