Strategies for ensuring E-commerce post-purchases experience during Holiday Surge 2021


1. Build on-brand order tracking page

Rather than sending your customers to the carrier's tracking page, which is often tedious, you can create your own brand-consistent tracking page that is both beautiful and effective for brand awareness. To be more convenient, you also can add a “Track Order” button onto the notification emails and make order tracking self-service. This will reduce the number of WISMO (Where is my order) inquiries during this peak season. It takes less than 10 minutes to build a branded tracking page with Omega Order Tracking without requiring any coding knowledge. Try it now!

2. Send automated shipping notifications via email and SMS and proactively get notifications about troubled orders

Send out order confirmation notifications and shipment status emails and messages timely that align with your brand’s guidelines to keep them immersed in a complete branded experience. Customers will find it so professional and inspire them to make a purchase next time.

It also greatly reduces the number of inbound calls requesting status updates on pending shipments, allowing call center personnel to focus on assisting those customers in need. 

Some tracking applications proactively notify sellers about Failed attempts, exceptions, failed orders to proactively handle delivery issues before they affect their customers.

3. Arrange support staff to handle delivery issues timely

Arrange your customer support team to manage delivery difficulties and intervene as needed to alleviate customer anxiety and provide stress-free delivery experiences. A simple "text us if you have any questions" can go a long way on various support channels such as your website, tracking page, social media, transaction emails, and phones. 

Keep it conversational. If you offer two-way communication over SMS or email, be sure to call that out in your post-purchase messages! A simple "text us if you have any questions" can go a long way. Customers who receive replies from brands spend on average 31% more and are more likely to buy again. Don't miss an opportunity to start a conversation.”

4. Recommend products to increase sales on the branded tracking page

Sending customers to carriers tracking pages is out of date in this E-commerce industry. Let’s make the most of the space on your order tracking pages to run relevant product promotion campaigns and upsell your products, thereby increasing your revenue.

Though implementing each of these strategies may seem daunting in the long run, it can be relatively easier with the help of Order Tracking by Omega, providing the recommended product feature based on product types, product tags on your store. 

5. Obtain feedback from customers regarding their delivery experience

Gathering delivery comments is just as essential as collecting product feedback, especially during the holiday season, when it’s expected to see some unexpected events and delay in shipping orders. That will show how good your carriers’ performances are and how much you take care of the buyer's delivery experience. 

Getting these delivery satisfaction scores will have an impact on your overall customer satisfaction metrics like NPS.

6. Provide hassle-free returns and refund policy

Proving a smooth return and refund policy may appear to be a burden, but it's also a terrific way to keep consumers satisfied and set them up for their next purchase. A useful tip is to add policy and refund links to your own tracking page, offering more comprehensive and clear information when customers track their parcels. 


With the holiday shopping rush just around the corner, online merchants need to start taking it to action. Make sure you check the above suggestions for improving the post-purchase experience for your existing and potential customers. Hopefully, we all see a successful holiday season that carries us to better things in 2021 - 2022.

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