Revealing top Shopify success apps of Black Friday winners

Revealing top Shopify success apps of Black Friday winners (Part 2)

In the previous part, we gave a shout-out to the savvy retailers who really know how to handle the Black Friday rush. But what if you're feeling a bit more adventurous? What if you're curious about trying something totally new and surprising? Well, my friend, you're in luck because this blog is just what you need. Get ready to hear some fascinating stories about people who have taken a completely different approach to Black Friday. Let's dive in and learn! 

Bucking the Trend: Working Year-Round, Relaxing on Black Friday

As a store owner, what are we likely to do when it comes to Black Friday? Reduce the cost to the minimum. But what did these stores do? They increased the prices! Weird, right? With the purpose of protecting the environment, they enter the “anti-sale” team. While it sounds like they are throwing away the chances to boost revenue, it actually has certain benefits. Besides learning their creative strategies, you'll also find out about the tools these top Shopify stores use to work smarter all around the year. 

Apparel & Accessories:

1. Hiut Denim:

Hiut Denim, the brand that proves a small Welsh town can make a big impact in the world of denim. With a stellar reputation among store owners, Hiut Denim is known for their stylish, durable jeans that are as comfortable as they are cool. Thus, Hiut Denim employs an intelligent and valuable email marketing strategy that is worth studying.

Klaviyo: Email & SMS Marketing: Basic but not bland!

Klaviyo is a marketing sidekick for Hiut Denim. It specializes in personalized Email and SMS Marketing, assisting businesses in building customer connections and driving brand success. However, Email Marketing seems to be the preference of any business owners. 

Why blend emails and SMS?  With 73% of sales are made on mobile devices, it is crucial to take care of all the marketing channels that create the most satisfied experience for the customers.

With SMS Marketing, a channel that holds the power of 98% open rates and 45% response rate, it makes sure that no one misses out on Hiut Denim bewitching Black Friday offers. And yours, too! Find out more information about the benefits of SMS Marketing during Black Friday season here.

Klaviyo SMS Marketing Email Marketing

Alternative choices: SMSGem, Omnisend, Privy, SMSBump

Klaviyo alternative applications

3.2. Allbirds: 

Allbirds, founded in 2014, is a trendy eco-friendly shoe brand known for its comfy Wool Runner. They use sustainable materials like merino wool and eucalyptus fibers, and their packaging is mostly recycled. Maybe for that reason, they also go against the Black Friday sale to prevent climate change. How to go from a small start-up to a billion dollar sneaker brand? Analysis is your secret weapon.

Lucky Orange: Squeezing Success Through Smart Analysis!

Lucky Orange is the ultimate website optimization app that unlocks the secrets of user behavior. With visual analytics, Lucky Orange unveils what customers truly desire – purchases, cart additions, and checkout secrets. Heatmaps reveal the enchanted spots, while Conversion Funnels uncover where the path stumbles. Identify areas for improvement, optimize your site's performance, and ensure a seamless shopping experience that keeps customers glued to their screens.

When it comes to rocking your campaigns, analysis is an absolute must-have. Those graphs give you a quick peek into shopper visits, offer valuable insights, and help you understand customer behavior. Plus, those numbers become a goldmine for future comparison and improvement. So, let's treat them like the precious resource they are and make our upcoming years even more fabulous!

Pros and cons of Lucky Orange

Alternative choices: Retter, Hotjar 

Lucky Orange Alternative Applications

Make the success yours… starting today!

In the wild world of Black Friday success, these top Shopify stores have cracked the code with their secret weapon apps. From personalized marketing sorcery to fraud-fighting ninjas and loyalty program wizards, they've got it all!

But hey, hold your shopping carts! Want to unlock the mysteries behind other product categories too? Stay updated with our blog and get ready for a wild ride of exclusive insights, jaw-dropping tips, and mind-blowing app recommendations. Don't be left in the dark while others conquer Black Friday like retail superheroes. 

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