SMS Marketing Platforms Pricing: Finding Your Best Plan

Hey there! Want to know a cool way to reach out to your customers? Well, SMS marketing is the way to go! With SMS marketing, you can increase engagement, build loyalty, and boost sales all at once! But wait, are you still not sure about the pricing? Don't worry, we got you! Let's dive deep into the pricing model together and find the best option for you. 

But wait, are you still not sure about the pricing? Don't worry, we got you! Let's dive deep into the pricing model together and find the best option for you. It's like a treasure hunt, but instead of gold, we'll discover the perfect SMS marketing plan that fits your budget!

Understanding SMS Marketing Platform Pricing Models

1. Monthly subscription

James has been overweight for years so he decided to change it! He signed up for a gym membership within a month. Then, he can use any machine he wants, join in fun activities like dancing and yoga classes, and much more! 

What is monthly subscription pricing model?
The same story goes for SMS Marketing Platforms, by paying a fixed fee each month, businesses can send a set number of texts to their customers, promoting their products and services. By paying one-time, you could get a set of many features that the Platform offers. 

  • Pros: Predictable costs, easier to budget for marketing expenses each month.
  • Cons: Not suitable for seasonal promotions.

2. Pay-as-you-go pricing

What is Pay-as-you-go pricing plan?

So, the man decided to change his membership from full access to only using the treadmill.

Why pay for a fancy gym membership when you only use the treadmill? With the pay-as-you-go pricing model, you'll only pay for the “workouts” you actually do. Similar to how James only pays for the treadmill he uses, you are only charged for the messages you send. A perfect solution for businesses that don't send a ton of SMS messages each month! Only buying the SMS credits as needed and sending messages whenever they want.

Make your SMS marketing budget more controllable, say hello to pay-as-you-go pricing!

  • Pros: Flexible and cost-effective for sending occasional messages
  • Cons: More expensive per message than other pricing models if messaging volume is high.

3. Credit-based

Looks like James finally saw the light after a month of exercise confusion. His bank account is burning more than his muscles. So, he ditched his expensive gym membership and opted for treadmill credits.

Rather than paying a fixed monthly fee, you buy a certain number of credits that you can use to send text messages. The more credits you buy, the more messages you can send. It's a flexible option for businesses with fluctuating messaging needs or those who want to try SMS marketing without committing to a larger plan. Just make sure you use your credits before they expire, since not all SMS Marketing platforms let the credits roll over.

What is Credit-based pricing model?

  • Pros: Purchase a specific number of SMS credits upfront at a discounted rate.
  • Cons: Unused credits may expire, leading to wasted resources. 

4. Tiered pricing

Think of our tiered pricing as different levels of gym memberships. Just like how gyms offer different packages based on the number of classes you want to take or the equipment you want to use, we offer different pricing tiers based on how many texts you need to send. Each tier comes with its own set of credits, so you can choose the one that fits your texting needs and budget. 

Monthly Message Limits and Pricing Tiers

So, whether you're a light texter or a heavy one, there is always a tier that works for you. It's time to flex those texting muscles!

  • Pros: Suitable for businesses with high volume messaging needs
  • Cons: Less affordable for smaller businesses.

Upgrade Your SMS Marketing: Best Platforms to Take You to the Top!

Ready to level up your business with texting? Check out these awesome SMS marketing Platforms on Shopify's Platform store: SMSBump, SMSGem, Texty, Postscript SMS Marketing, and more. Each Platform has different pricing plans, so you can find one that fits your budget. Experiment with different strategies and track your results to get the most out of SMS marketing. And don't forget to take advantage of the free trials offered by these platforms before committing to a paid plan. Give it a shot and see how much your business can grow!

Best SMS Marketing E-commerce Platforms

How to Pick the Perfect SMS Pricing Plan

Remember James? Just like the gym of marketing, SMS Marketing can whip your business into shape! But like finding the right workout routine, choosing the perfect pricing plan can be a sweat-inducing challenge. Several factors to be considered:

  • Messaging volume: Consider the number of messages when choosing an SMS pricing plan. High volume? Try a credit or tiered plan. Low volume? Pay-as-you-go might be a better bet.
  • Budget: Want to estimate your marketing budget? Monthly subscriptions and tiered pricing are definitely more predictable.
  • Messaging needs: Are your messages as consistent as your morning coffee or as unpredictable as the weather? If you're a creature of habit, go for a monthly or tiered plan. Otherwise, go with credit or pay-as-you-go plans.
  • Features: What features do you need? Look for a platform that provides the features you require, like segmentation, automation, and integrations, to accomplish your marketing objectives.
  • Trial period: Most SMS marketing platforms offer a free trial period. Take advantage of this to test out the platform and see if it's the right fit for your business before subscribing to a paid plan.

Factors to consider for choosing a pricing plan

Keep your messaging volume, budget, and needs in mind, and make sure to test out those free trials like a gym newbie trying out all the machines. With the right plan and strategy, your business will be fit and toned in no time!

Have a successful SMS Marketing campaign

Here comes everything you need to know for choosing the right SMS Marketing plan for your business. 

James has already settled down with the most fitting plan to change his appearance, how about you? Just like how a gym membership helps you stay in shape, let’s use the power of SMS marketing to keep your customers engaged and informed. 

Sign up for SMSGem today and start reaching out to your customers in a fun and engaging way! It's the perfect way to boost engagement, loyalty, and sales, and with pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for what you use. Don't wait - get started with SMSGem today and watch your business soar!

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SMS Marketing: More Customers, Less Budget

Marketing expenses could be expensive, but it is not always the case! There are a lot of low costing marketing tactics that are worth attempting. Affordable and powerful - SMS Marketing is here to expand your customer base without breaking the bank.

What is SMS Marketing? 

Not as old as the ancient pigeon post! This is a way to communicate with your customers through the “short message service” that could be sent directly to their mobile devices. It is a type of opt-in marketing where you can send all the promotions that can boost your sale.

Text Your Way to Success: How SMS save your money

  • Low cost per message: Sending an SMS Message is much cheaper than other marketing channels like direct mail or TV ads. This cost can vary depending on the provider, but in general, it costs less than candy.

CPI Comparison Among Different Marketing Methods

  • No printing costs: Spend less on ink, paper and design.
  • Higher open rates: SMS marketing messages are opened and read 98% of the time, which is 20% higher than the corresponding rate for emails

Comparing SMS Marketing and Email Marketing: Open and Response Rates Compared

  • High response rate: 45% is the percentage of the average SMS response rate, which is much higher compared to email.

SMS Marketing Boasts Higher Response Rates Compared to Other Marketing Methods

  • Low opt-out rates: For SMS Marketing, the opt-out rate is 2.3 - 3.2%, while this number for email is 1.6% - 10.5%. This can help you trim costs in acquiring new customers. 
  • Greater ROI: With less expensive to run and higher conversion rate than other methods, SMS marketing can bring you higher return on investment.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: Provide your customers with timely and relevant offers and promotions. This can make them less likely to complain. Then, customer service costs can be reduced. 

Here are several among many plus points explaining why SMS Marketing should be the buddy of your business. However, even the strongest castle has a weak spot. You might question privacy or spamming problems.  In fact, with the support of SMS marketing applications, these concerns can be solved with ease. 

Getting Started with SMS Marketing

1. Pick an SMS marketing platform

No business owners have time to read every single SMS that they want to send. Therefore, the available SMS marketing applications aid you to make the process automatic. 

Several platforms that are cost-effective and user-friendly that you can choose are SMSGem, SMS Bump, EZ Texting, and Automizedly SMS Marketing. 

While considering the most suitable platform, the following characteristics should be the main focus: Cost-per message, SMS Template, Application features, Compliance and Customer Support.

Comparing Messaging Costs Across Different Platforms

2. Build a list of opt-in subscribers

Be mindful of the recipient’s explicit consent cause as the business owner we would not want to be involved in any of legal issues around your consumers’ privacy. Contemplate the best attractive and beneficial rewards to motivate your buyers without affecting your business flow.

3. Setting up your campaign

To achieve the best results for SMS marketing, customize the text message templates. You simply need to filter them and select a short yet attractive one that appeals to all your customers. This customization may require your input to tailor the SMS to your specific target audience segmentation.

4. SMS Timing

Now you have the most effective SMS prepared, but your customers are too busy or distracted as they do not even give a glance to your message. Here are some tips to plan the perfect timing for your SMS Marketing campaign:

  • Understand your target audience: knowing their habits, lifestyle and demographics.
  • Time zones: send the messages at the most convenient time for your customers.
  • Avoid hectic periods: Rush hour, holidays, or lunchtime would not be the best time for the message to be delivered as it tends to be ignored.
  • Test and measure: Constantly test your SMS campaign and refine the approach based on the outcome. 

Timing Your Text Messages: Helpful Tips


So called SMS Marketing is a powerful but underestimated tool for every business to boost their performance. For this reason, why not give it a shot and notice the significant development SMS Marketing brings? 

SMSGem has everything you need to get the job done. Download today and start enjoying the benefits of fast, efficient messaging! If you have any concerns, we are here for you.

SMS GEM - Best SMS Marketing Shopify Platform

Quote to cash: How to push your cycles faster

Every business, big or small, relies on a consistent and reliable sales cycle to generate revenue. However, the sales process can often be complex and time-consuming, leading to lost opportunities and delayed revenue. This is where the "Quote to Cash" (QTC) process comes in, providing a streamlined solution to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process.

What is Quote to Cash?

A quotation process starts right at the moment when your prospective buyer shows interest in your offerings and asks for a quote. A sales quotation process can be simple or complex, depending on the depth of your offerings and the type of organization. 

The Quote to Cash (QTC) process is a workflow that encompasses all the activities required for a business to generate revenue, from the initial quote to the final payment. The process involves several stages, including quoting, contract management, ordering, invoicing, and payment collection. By integrating all these stages into one streamlined process, QTC helps businesses accelerate their sales cycles and improve their cash flow.

How Quote to Cash improves sales cycles

The QTC process offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to improve their sales cycles. Here are some of the ways that QTC can push your sales team into faster sales cycles:

Streamlined workflow

By integrating all stages of the sales process, QTC creates a unified workflow that simplifies the entire process from start to finish. This means that sales teams can quickly move from quoting to closing deals, leading to faster sales cycles and improved revenue generation.

Improve accuracy

The QTC process reduces errors and ensures that all information is accurate and up-to-date, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving the overall efficiency of the sales process. This accuracy also increases the likelihood of closing deals, as customers are more likely to trust businesses with a reliable and accurate sales process.

Increase visibility

The QTC process offers increased visibility into the sales process, allowing sales teams to track deals, monitor progress, and identify areas that need improvement. This visibility helps businesses make informed decisions and adjust their sales strategy accordingly, leading to improved sales cycles and increased revenue.

Enhance customer experience

By streamlining the sales process and improving accuracy, QTC also enhances the customer experience. Customers appreciate businesses that offer efficient and accurate sales processes, and this can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Implementing Quote to Cash

To implement QTC effectively, businesses need to consider the following steps:

Evaluate the current sales process

The first step in implementing QTC is to evaluate the current sales process and identify areas that need improvement. This evaluation should consider factors such as the length of the sales cycle, the accuracy of the information, and customer feedback.

Choose the right QTC solution

Businesses need to select a QTC solution that meets their specific needs and integrates with their existing systems (ERP or CRM). QTC solutions vary in terms of complexity, features, and cost, so businesses should carefully evaluate their options before making a decision.

You need to collect quotes from your online website with accurate information so your sales team can handle it seamlessly.

Train sales teams

To ensure successful implementation, businesses should provide training to sales teams on how to use the QTC solution effectively. This training should cover all aspects of the QTC process and include best practices for optimizing the sales cycle.

Note: You can invite up to 10 members for handling your quotation requests together.

Monitor and improve

Once QTC is implemented, businesses should monitor its effectiveness and continuously improve the process. This may involve making adjustments to the sales strategy, updating the QTC solution, or providing additional training to sales teams.


The Quote to Cash process offers a powerful solution for businesses looking to streamline their sales cycle and generate revenue more efficiently. By integrating all stages of the sales process, improving accuracy, increasing visibility, and enhancing the customer experience, QTC can push your sales team into faster sales cycles and improve your bottom line. To implement QTC effectively, businesses need to evaluate their current sales process, choose the right QTC solution, train their sales teams, and continuously monitor and improve the process.

Top 5 marketing ideas for Easter Eggs to boost your sales

During the Easter holiday season, the eCommerce industry earns a significant profit as 81% of Americans celebrate the occasion and spend a total of $24 billion in 2023, and spend an average of $192.01, the highest figure on record. By applying Easter marketing strategies, you can reach your target audience and boost your sales. To enhance customer engagement and improve conversion rates, we have put all marketing tips together into a collection of our top ideas and best practices to assist you with your Easter marketing campaigns.

Plan virtual eggs hunt

You can engage your customers and encourage them to spend while they have fun by holding an online Easter egg hunt.

You can plan an egg hunt within your store, placing exclusive codes so customers can discover them in your storefront and access your online campaign. Another idea would be to hide the codes on your website. When customers find the eggs by clicking on them, the cookies can recognize them and offer them a discount.

Hold a photo contest

People love photo contests with fantastic spring colors. Use the opportunity to launch a photo contest as your marketing campaign strategy.

Invite users to submit their best Easter photos, including prizes or free bundles for the winners. Some of the Easter photo challenges may include:

  • Easter egg photos
  • Easter bunny photos
  • Easter basket photos
  • Outdoor photos

Create an occasional email/SMS

You can create an Easter countdown or gamified pop-ups to help increase conversions through the Easter promotions. Design your pop-up in decorative spring colors to draw attention to the Easter season. You can also use Easter email pop-ups to update your customers on your company’s progress and new products.
It is best to start your campaigns on time and we also have summer marketing ideas for you, along with some suggestions for your next Father’s Day campaign.

Convert your customer with the highest ROI text

Launch interactive games

88% of global business leaders view customer engagement as significantly impacting their company’s bottom line. And what better way to engage your customers than creating interactive games that reward the winners? Apart from that, gamified marketing also:

  • Connects marketing and fun to create a brand image that stands out
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Assists in data collection
  • You can create a successful Easter marketing campaign with the right gamification platform on Shopify

Prize wheels

A wheel of fortune is an effective gamification option to engage a target audience on your website. By spinning the wheel, you can offer customers a chance to win a discount, gift, or a unique code.

Memory game

For the Easter campaign, you used the Memory Game to educate and test the audience’s knowledge. Visitors entered their contact information and matched cards with the best option. The Memory Game is a fun and challenging game format that gives you an interactive opportunity to highlight your brand, educate your audience, and gather permissions.

Egg battles

You can design a mini-game, so your customers can share challenge Easter eggs with their friends. It also can be a viral campaign for your brand.

Create a limited easter bundle

Create limited edition Easter bundles and encourage your customers to start a new season with a brand-new collection of your products.


Whether you run an established business or are just starting out, Easter is an excellent opportunity to boost sales and engage with customers. The above Easter marketing ideas will increase creativity and boost your Easter marketing strategy. Identify the best channels to incorporate your Easter promotion ideas and use interactive games to make your brand stand out and attract more customers.

Try a traditional method to reach your customers like SMS

The Next Frontier: IT Innovations Redefining Online Casino Entertainment

IT Innovations Redefining Online Casino Entertainment

In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, the infusion of Information Technology (IT) innovations has become a pivotal force, significantly reshaping the dynamics of the casino experience. As we delve into the intersection of technology and gaming, this article explores the profound impact of IT innovations on modern online casino entertainment, ushering in a new era of immersive and interactive gaming.

Exploring the Role of IT Innovations in Modern Casino Entertainment

The traditional online casino scene is undergoing a radical transformation thanks to the pervasive influence of IT innovations. From enhanced security measures to personalized gaming experiences, IT is playing a multifaceted role in redefining how players engage with casino entertainment. The integration of advanced software solutions and digital platforms has not only streamlined operations but has also opened up new avenues for creativity and engagement.

At the heart of the casino revolution lies the transformative power of IT innovations. Virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and sophisticated data analytics are among the forefront technologies reshaping the gaming landscape. These innovations are not merely augmenting the existing experience but are laying the foundation for a more dynamic, responsive, and engaging form of casino entertainment.

The quest for an unparalleled gaming experience has led casinos to leverage IT innovations to craft immersive and captivating scenarios. From realistic graphics and interactive gameplay to dynamic storytelling, IT innovations are elevating online casino gaming experiences to new heights. Players can now expect a seamless blend of technology and entertainment that transcends the traditional boundaries of the casino floor.

Integrating Cutting-Edge IT Innovations into the Online Casino Experience

The integration of cutting-edge IT innovations goes beyond flashy graphics and novel concepts. It's about creating an ecosystem where technology seamlessly integrates into the online casino experience, enhancing every aspect, from game design to payment methods. The result is a more efficient, secure, and enjoyable experience for players.

The future of interactive casino entertainment is intricately tied to the continuous evolution of IT innovations. The emergence of interactive elements, such as gamified challenges, social features, and personalized recommendations, is creating an environment where players actively participate and contribute to the unfolding narrative of their gaming experience.

Innovation in IT solutions is at the forefront of redefining online casino entertainment. When you visit here Canadian online casinos you can play the best online casino games for real money and derive much more enjoyment whether you do it casually or regularly. From dynamic real-time analytics that shape in-game events to adaptive algorithms that tailor experiences based on individual preferences, IT solutions are breathing new life into traditional casino offerings, creating a landscape that is as dynamic as the players themselves. 

Navigating the Impact of IT Innovations on Casino Gaming Experiences

As players navigate the diverse landscape of online casino gaming experiences, the impact of IT innovations becomes increasingly apparent. The ability to access games from anywhere, coupled with personalized experiences and seamless transactions, is setting a new standard for convenience and accessibility in the world of casino entertainment.

Embracing technological advancements is not just a choice for online casinos; it's a necessity. The role of IT innovations in casino entertainment extends beyond providing a novel experience; it's about staying relevant in an ever-changing digital landscape. Online casinos that embrace these advancements position themselves at the forefront of the industry, ready to cater to the evolving demands of tech-savvy players.

Enhancing Player Engagement Through Advanced IT Innovations

Player engagement lies at the core of a thriving casino environment, and advanced IT innovations are becoming instrumental in achieving this goal. From personalized rewards and tailored promotions to immersive storytelling that captivates players' attention, IT innovations are enhancing player engagement in ways that were once unimaginable.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) stand out as two pillars reshaping IT-driven online casino entertainment. AI algorithms are creating intelligent and responsive gaming experiences, while VR technologies transport players to immersive worlds where the line between the digital and physical blurs. The potential of AI and VR in IT-driven casino entertainment is vast and continually expanding.


As we conclude our exploration into the next frontier of IT innovations redefining online casino entertainment, it's evident that technology is not just a tool for enhancement but a driving force shaping the industry's future. From immersive experiences to secure transactions, IT innovations are ensuring that the online casino landscape remains vibrant, dynamic, and in tune with the ever-changing expectations of players.

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