Synctrack Fast Setup - Shortening your time when installing our app

 It is understandable that using the fast setting-up app can help you minimize all the trouble you may get when installing. If you want to get the assistance of Synctrack, you may feel truly convenient since our app can save your time and be installed in the fastest way. 

Instruction on how to get a fast setup with Synctrack

For those who want to know more about how to install Synctrack onto your system, all the useful information given will help you install it in three easy steps. 


Step 1: At the beginning of the process, you need to search “Synctrack” in the search bar on Shopify before installing the app to your store. Then, you click “Settings” and click “Connect with PayPal”. 

In case you want to read more information about the setup process, please click here so as to follow the steps carefully.

Step 2: Regardless of whatever package you choose, Synctrack can help you to sync old orders within 60 days. Based on the number of both old and new orders, you can set up a suitable package in order to sync in an economical way.

The reason why you should sync old orders is to save time. Instead of entering your code manually, Synctrack can help you sync 1000 times faster since it can automatically sync 1000 orders in one minute. 

Step 3: Wait to win. The process is finished with the accomplishment of installation. Synctrack system will help you to synchronize the appropriate amount of tracking numbers to Stripe and Paypal. 

Explain some common questions about setting up our app 

When installing Synctrack, you may know that there are some questions people always ask about the app. By reading our information, you may know more about the answers, giving rise to using Synctrack. 

Can I set up Synctrack and use the free package before using other paid packages? 

Definitely yes. You can use our app Synctrack even though you do not have a large number of orders. There are many people using the app with the trial version so as to sync less than 30 orders per month, falling in love with the process and accepting to use of other packages which Synctrack offers. Instead of filling the code of each order manually, now you can totally feel free with the fast setup of Synctrack and maximize your orders. 

How to set up Paypal accounts to avoid the spike on one primary account?

On some special occasions such as Black Fridays or festival seasons, customers purchase more, resulting in an increase in money paid to businesses. Therefore, if you want a fast setup with Synctrack and also want to reduce the spike on one account, you need to add other secondary accounts before actually using it. 


Synctrack is the fastest way to decrease the time spent on adding tracking information to your Paypal account. Hopefully, you will find our article helpful. If you have any questions, please ask us whenever you need.

Do not forget to reach our new video about installing this app, you will remember all the steps! 

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