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Sync Shopify tracking numbers with Paypal

Sync Shopify tracking numbers with Paypal is an important job for every dropshipping seller who is on the Shopify Ecommerce platform, for all orders, you need to fulfill and add tracking info to both Shopify and Paypal. 


How customers track a package with a tracking number on Paypal

A tracking number is a piece of tracking information requested by Paypal so that the customers can track an order after they bought a product and made payment via the Paypal payment gateway. 

Paypal payments pro

Paypal Payments Pro: a problem solving for big businesses

Paypal Payments Pro or Paypal Pro is the perfect option for any businesses who want to accept credit and debit cards, PayPal, and PayPal Credit, but need to customize the checkout page to create a better experience for customers. For dropshippers, the ultimate desire is to have a stable, secure, and sustainable payment gateway and Paypal Pro can help them to accomplish this target. 


Tips to avoid Paypal limitations and reserves

Paypal account limitations or reserve is always a pain for all sellers. The one and the only solution is building trust with Paypal, however, many sellers still struggle to figure out how. This post will show you the core things you should notice to build a high trust for your Paypal account. 


How to remove limit on your Paypal account

For any sellers who join dropshipping to start their online business, getting a Paypal limit is a difficult situation because it will strongly affect the cash flow in their business. 

When your account is limited, Paypal will send you an email or you can see the notification when you access your Paypal account. 

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