Guide to Paypal for Woocommerce - how to expedite your pending payment


As a small business, it’s never easy to see your money on hold. All you want is to get the cash flowing just a tiny bit faster so your business can scale up. 21 days seem too long for an investment opportunity lost. Too often, it’s a battle you’re not gonna win. It’s a world where consumers are well protected. Paypal has to be on the buyers’ side in some way. The good news is, just polishing up 2 easily neglected factors can do wonders.

Be proactive and upfront with your customers

It’s their money. They want it well-spent. The more you care about the same thing your customers do, the less they’re gonna be angry with your business. That means:

  • Provide clear shipping and return policy. Make that fun and easy to read. Or at least easy to find. You know a 10-pager won’t work. That only scares the customers away while you remain mysterious about your offers and liability.

  • Let your customers have a say. And a way to say it fast. Right the moment they feel something odd is happening. Be it your help center, your chat widget, or phone number, make the guideline simple. You also might want to instruct your customers on how to file a case in the PayPal Resolution Center. Even if no one wants that, being transparent means more trust.

  • Be sincere when it’s your fault: Sometimes, shipment won’t be delivered as expected, for countless reasons. You'll want to let your customers know asap in a systematic way. Check the Customer Service Messaging feature of Paypal. 

Make Paypal happy

  • Resolve disputes before they even get the chance to escalate into claims: Customers are protected, but they’re not always right, or patient enough. Fly to settle the disputes as soon as you see them, provide evidence or reassurance so your customers can stretch their cool just a bit longer. Don’t wait until day 20 until it’s turned into a claim. That’s bad by any means.

  • Submit tracking information: it’s straightforward, confirmed delivery means getting sooner money. (Read below to find out how to add tracking information, the slow and the fast way)

  • Touch up your Paypal business account: There are millions of reasons why your account doesn’t get the highest level of trust. Think about it: your transaction record is weak, orders are few and far between, complaints and chargebacks are all too often. These, again, all boils down to how you run your business where you put customers front and center. Do that decently from day 1 and then all other matters such as unusual surges and your risk profile will be taken care of easier.

How to add tracking information 

Be it tangible or intangible items, you can always provide Paypal with a way to release your fund sooner.

The slow way

Here’s how:

  • Go to your Activity
  • Find the transaction you wish to update the order tracking, then click Get your money. 
  • Select Product to add the tracking directly, if you’re selling tangible items
  • For intangible items, just confirm order status. 
  • Then click Submit. 

The fast way

You know manually updating tracking info is a daunting task. And you’re just not staffed enough to do it all by yourself.

Synctrack-Add Tracking Info can help. Auto submits tracking info to Paypal, once the order is fulfilled and added tracking info. Multiple shipping carriers are supported. 

Looking back, it’s all about making a seamless buying experience for your customers. No Paypal wants to hold your money if you check all the good-performance boxes. It’s never easy to pay huge attention to every single detail of your small business because you’re already too busy. Cut the vicious cycle by letting a tool assist you, while you focus on restructuring your business plan and better your investment.
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