• How to start a Print on Demand Business to sell Jewelry on Shopify

    You might have heard of print-on-demand T-shirts, print-on-demand books, or print-on-demand mugs, but do you know that jewelry can also be a profitable
    print-on-demand product?If you want to sell this lucrative niche but don’t know where to start, this article is for you.

  • From Zero to Hero: Ecommerce Beginner's Guide to SMS Marketing

    Are you feeling like a zero when it comes to SMS marketing? Don't worry, you're not alone. 

    According to recent statistics, only 29% of businesses use SMS marketing to reach their customers, despite the fact that SMS messages have a 98% open rate. That means there's a huge opportunity for businesses to become heroes with successful SMS Campaigns

    But don't worry, you don't need to be a genius to be a SMS guru. With a little bit of know-how and a sense of humor, you can go from zero to SMS hero in no time. 

    In this post, we'll cover a beginner's guide for SMS with some protips to help you become a marketing superhero. So, put on your cape and let's get started!

    1. TCPA compliant for SMS Marketing

    You might wonder what TCPA is. Let me wrap all in this story for you. 

    "You - a man trying to sell aroma oil and candles for ladies - those who are ready to pay $60 (even more) for a candle. Karen - who just fills in your checkout form to check shipping fee and then dip (aka. abandoned cart). So now you send her a message to tell her to checkout now with a discount code. 

    So if things go well, Karen rushes to checkout with your discount. Easier huh? But (yeah things often don’t flow the way we want) if Karen is not in the mood right now and feels like such an invasion of her privacy. She sues you - owner of the aroma store, with proof of TCPA Violations and you might pay up to $1500 per violation. Ouch!"

    TCPA compliance requires businesses to obtain prior express written consent before making telemarketing calls or sending text messages to consumers. 

    It also mandates certain disclosures and opt-out mechanisms and imposes penalties for violations.

    So what you should do now:

    1. Get permission: Don't be a spammer. Make sure you have explicit consent from customers before sending SMS Marketing messages. You must regularly review and update their policies to align with TCPA regulations. You can try this template for your policy.
    2. Be upfront: Don't be a liar. Be transparent about what type of messages customers will receive, how often, and how they can opt out. It's like dating. You wouldn't want to lead someone on or hide your intentions, would you?
    3. Identify yourself: Don't be a mystery. Every SMS message you send must include the identity of the sender, such as your business name or phone number. It's like introducing yourself to someone. You wouldn't want to have a conversation with someone without knowing who they are, right?
    4. Don't be robotic: Don't be a robot. Don't use auto-dialing or pre-recorded messages without explicit consent. It's like trying to have a conversation with a robot. No one likes that. So, make sure you're sending personalized messages manually or with the customer's consent.
    5. Honor opt-outs: Don't be a stalker. If a customer opts out, immediately stop sending messages to them. 

    To ensure proper consent under TCPA regulations over time, businesses should take more of these steps.

    2. Choose an SMS marketing platform

    You can not just send every single SMS from your mobile. Like email marketing, you also need a tool that helps you send SMS. 

    There are several SMS marketing platforms available, such as SMSGem, SMSBump, EZ Texting, and SimpleTexting

    What should you think of when choosing a platform:

    1. SMS pricing: Sending an email is free (theoretically), but with SMS, you have to pay for each SMS. So let’s take a look at SMS Pricing and see what fits your budget.
    2. SMS template: With a proven template, you can save lots of time writing your own text or sending tests. 
    3. SMS features: Personalized text or segmentation which helps your text win more.
    4. SMS analytics: Tracking of SMS and its performance is a must for you to analyze what’s going right and wrong and optimize your campaigns 

    3. Keep your text SHORT, SWEET and DIRECT

    SHORT: SMS texts have a character limit of 160, so important to keep your messages short and to the point. Avoid using jargon or complicated language, and focus on delivering a clear message that is easy to understand. 

    SWEET: Remember that we're talking to real people here! So, let's keep it human, shall we? Injecting a little bit of humor is a great way to make your message stand out and create a memorable experience for the recipient. 

    Whether it's a playful emoji, a funny GIF, or a witty one-liner, adding a touch of humor can help create a more engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone. So, let's keep it fun - after all, who doesn't love a good laugh with their morning coffee?

    DIRECT: Keeping it real and personal. No need for fancy marketing jargon or formalities - let's just call their names like we're chatting with a friend! And remember to tell you who you are.

    4. Time to send SMS appropriately

    Timing is everything when it comes to SMS Marketing. Avoid sending messages outside of business hours or during times when your customers are likely to be busy or distracted. Even to normal users, time is a so sensitive factor that Android helps users schedule messages to send later.

    These are some tips for you to set the time perfectly:

    • Think about when your target audience is most likely to be available to receive and respond to your message. 
    • If you have a national or international audience, be mindful of time zones when scheduling your messages.
    • The purpose of your message can also influence the best time to send it. For example, if you're sending a promotional offer, it may be best to send it during a time when people are more likely to be making purchasing decisions.
    • Test and track: It's important to test different send times and track engagement metrics such as open rates and click-through rates to determine the best time to send SMS messages for your specific audience and purpose.

    Overall, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the best time to send SMS messages. By considering your own target audience and with the help from SMS Marketing Platform to help you track for the best result. 

    5. Analyze and optimize

    Finally, you’d better understand what works and what doesn't with your campaign. When it comes to tracking and analyzing SMS Marketing messages, we know it can feel a little bit like stalking - but trust us, it's for a good cause!

    By tracking engagement metrics such as open rates and click-through rates, we can better understand how our audience is interacting with our messages and make data-driven decisions on future campaigns. Plus, it's always satisfying to see those engagement numbers climb higher and higher! 

    However, you’re sometimes overwhelmed by numbers and charts. So a platform that works hard for you is a need. SMSGem is so user-friendly, even your grandma could use it! So, no need to stress about tracking and analyzing your SMS messages - we've got you covered. Just sit back, relax, and let our SMS app do the heavy lifting.

    Well, well, well - we made it to the end! Congratulations, you are officially an SMS Hero! We hope that this beginner's guide has been helpful in demystifying the world of SMS marketing for e-commerce. 

    sms gem marketing

    And if you ever need a little extra help, just remember - we're here for you, with our user-friendly SMS platform and our trusty detective hats (or magnifying glasses, if that's more your style). So, go forth and conquer the world of SMS marketing, and remember to always keep it human, keep it fun, and keep on texting!

  • The power of text messaging for your business

    Text messaging has become a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with their customers quickly and effectively. With an open rate of 98%, SMS provides a unique opportunity for businesses to reach their audience directly, and see a significant return on investment (ROI).

    Let's look closer at the secret of the incredibly high return on investment of SMS texting.

    What is the power of SMS Marketing?

    One of the key advantages of SMS is its ability to deliver high-quality leads. SMS campaigns are targeted, allowing businesses to reach specific customers with tailored messages. This results in higher engagement and conversion rates, as customers are more likely to respond to messages that are relevant to their interests and needs.

    SMS also provides a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to reach a large audience. Compared to other forms of marketing, SMS is relatively cheap and easy to implement. Businesses can reach thousands of customers with just a few clicks, making it an attractive option for businesses on a budget.

    SMS can also be used to build customer loyalty and improve customer experience. By sending personalized messages to customers, businesses can create a sense of connection and show that they value their customers. This can lead to increased customer retention, as customers are more likely to continue doing business with a company they feel valued by.

    In terms of ROI, businesses can expect to see a significant return on investment from SMS campaigns. According to studies, SMS campaigns have an average ROI of 45%, making them one of the most profitable forms of marketing available.


    To maximize the ROI of your SMS campaigns, it's essential to follow best practices. This includes using targeted messages, segmenting your audience, and using analytics to track the performance of your campaigns. Additionally, businesses should consider using SMS with other marketing channels, such as email and social media, to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

    In conclusion, SMS provides a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach their customers and see a high ROI. With its ability to deliver high-quality leads, improve customer experience, and generate a significant return on investment, SMS is a must-have for businesses looking to grow and succeed in today's competitive market.

  • Multi Facebook Pixels - #1 App to Resurrect your Pixel after IOS 14 with accurate tracking + reporting

    Platform: Wix

    App Overview

    With Two Owls (Omega - Multi Facebook Pixel), you can reach premium data collection by correctly installing Pixels and Conversion APIs. Conversion events are automatically tracked on both sides (browser & server) and shipped with extra attributable info to match the events back to a Facebook profile where applicable. This helps maximize the data Facebook will rely upon to efficiently deliver your campaigns. You'll also have access to accurate reporting that you are struggling to get from Facebook Ads Manager after IOS 14 +

    Feature highlights

    • Install multiple Pixels with server-side tracking that collects smart data
    • Understand how each ad is truly performing with a real-time UTM reporting dash
    • Get insights into which products are converting the paid traffic the most
    • Sync multiple catalogs to Facebook with compatible pixel pairs for DPA
    • Track custom button/link click events or more granular ones as per your requests

    Integrated with

    • Facebook Pixel
    • Facebook Conversion API
    • Facebook Catalog (Commerce Manager)



    *** Don't have a Shopify store already? Start your free 14-day trial here!

  • Facebook Event Match Quality - Everything you need to know to score Great

    Unless you are looking to waste more Ads Spend on junk audiences, Event Match Quality should earn the right amount of your attention. This article shows you how to stay on top of this tech when you set up your Facebook Pixel, even if you don’t have a huge budget for it. The end goal? Maximize conversion, minimize cost.

  • Why you need Aggregated Event Measurement, now.

    If the IOS 14 has been spinning your head around almost to the point of quitting, there is something that you’d hate yourself later because you didn’t pay enough attention to it. It’s Aggregated Event Measurement. Do it right, you’ll stay on top of the tracking game despite the IOS axe in your back. And not to worry, this article will keep the jargon to the minimum. Let’s go!

  • Why Facebook might over report or under report your conversion and the best workaround [2022]

    Have you ever scratched your heads trying to understand why Facebook could be so stingy on reporting your actual sales? Think you got 5 hard-earned sales today but Facebook only reports 2?

    And how about a time when you don’t spend a thing on a day, or campaigns have been turned off, but you see sales reported to it? Was it a ghost doing that?

    This article will investigate it in simple terms, but detailed enough to inform your next action.

    The BFCM’ 22 is coming close, don’t have a shot in the dark on a tight Facebook ad budget.

  • Facebook Conversion API - what you must know

    So you have heard about Conversion API, for like the hundredth time. They say you need it, but it's never crystal clear as to why that is so.

    Is Conversion API the ultimate fix for the IOS 14 world? Does it have the ability to improve your ad performance and optimize cost? Or does it just help with better reporting?

    Read on the find answers to burning questions once and for all.

  • Facebook Pixels for Shopify: Dos and don'ts


    When you're just starting out, everything demands attention. Doing audience research, product research, making killer ad copies, and spying on others' ads, you name it.

    When it comes to tracking, especially the nitty-gritty details of the tech, not everyone has the time to care. But folks can't neglect the quality of the data they share with Facebook either.

    Read on to find out why, despite your jam-packed schedule, you should carve out some time to take care of the data you send to Facebook via the pixel.

  • Facebook Conversion API simplest explanation & how to look for good server-side solution

    It doesn’t take a genius to get the gist of what Facebook Pixel and Conversion API is.

    But that’s just what’s on the surface. Like it or loathe it, it gets a bit technical here and there to confidently pick a Facebook Ads tracking solution and know that it’s worth it.

    If you’re a one-man business owner, there is no time for that. This article keeps everything technical to the 5-year-old level while still offering clarity into what’s best for your business and why.

    Let’s start small.

  • Facebook Ads Reporting Delay post-IOS 14 and here's a perfect fix

    The IOS 14 and Apple's App Tracking Transparency have been around for more than 2 years.

    But marketers are still grappling with it.

    There is no doubt about how horrible data absence is for your business. But did you know there is even a worse mix?

    Absence + delay + changes to attribution = recipe for disaster.

    If these seem new to you, read on to find out the effects and what you can do about them. Because you can't afford to wait any longer.


  • Facebook Ads attribution tool - The good, the bad, and the unknown (Omega UTM solution)

    How could my Facebook Ads Manager report be this bad? If you're scratching your heads about this every day, then read on!

    Juggling Shopify Analytics and Google Analytics to tell which ads got the sale? Stay here, you're the perfect audience for this article.

    Let’s dive right into the most burning questions in your head:


  • Facebook Reporting delay due to IOS 14.5 release

    Since the moment Facebook and Apple competed with each other for privacy enforcement, the tracking tool system has been messed up. Now the Conversion API can support the gap in tracking but not totally is the same as before. Recently, Facebook has updated a lot of documents related to the data reporting section.

  • The most common errors with the Conversion API event

    As Facebook and Apple are combating the user's privacy war, all tracking events related to Pixel have been messed up. Some of the event data is probably missing and blocked from IOS devices, which counts for 26.46% of all mobile devices and 42.24% of all operating systems (1). That is a huge gap in the data analysis if advertisers want to run marketing campaigns and optimize later. So Facebook has developed the Conversion API for tracking conversion more precisely on Apple devices. It enables the servers side of your websites/e-commerce stores to send the data for tracking.

    From time to time, advertisers will see some errors related to CAPI events reported under the Diagnostics tab of your pixels. Sometimes these errors are false positives or can be ignored. Here are the most common errors, which you can encounter when using the Conversion API event.

    1. Event Not Deduplicated

    Hence, every event will be sent twice or duplicated before matching, once using the browser side-event, and once using Conversion API (or server-side event). It processes two same events but your pixel will only receive one. That process is called deduplication.

    In order to keep your events reporting accurate, Facebook is deduplicating server events when a browser event is sent. Deduplication means that when both browser and server events are received, the browser event is processed, and the server event is dropped.
    This can cause by missing key parameters so events from the server side will not be processed smoothly.
    We recommend checking the server side with technical support.

    Better deduplication for your events with Two Owls by Omega!

    2. Missing user parameters

    For Page View, ViewContent, AddtoCart, and InitCheckout events, the pixel is tracking all visitors
    If the customers do not have information (email, phone...) pixel cannot send customer information to Facebook, so there is a warning, it is no problem. If the customer logs in, the app still sends all the information to Facebook.
    This is normal. Only clients who are tracked by CAPI have this warning, so no problem. All Pixel apps including Shopify are doing the same

    So you can safely ignore those warning notifications.

    3. Server Sending Invalid Match Key Parameters for Event

    Your server is sending an invalid fbp, ip_address, and user_agent parameters value for your event. This may be because there was an error in the parameter value you set up. This may cause issues with the attribution and delivery optimization of ad campaigns that are using those events.


    The root cause is your server sending missing or invalid data. It’s probably caused by bots triggering the pixel, where the script can’t correctly identify fbp, ip_address, and user_agent values.
    Moreover, before customers add their information, it is hard to detect and get their data, so some fields will be missing.
    It’s marginal with beginning events such as page view, view content, and add to cart, and you can ignore them.

    But be careful if it has a warning at the purchase event because that will affect your ads report later.

     4. Same Event ID Received for Many Event Instances

    When deduplicating events, Facebook uses two important signals: the event name and the Event ID. When a pair of server and browser events have identical names and IDs, the browser-side event is kept.  Every event ID is unique that is used to identify deduplicated events received from your pixel and the Conversions API so they’re not counted twice. To ensure Facebook is accurately counting your events, each unique event instance needs its own unique event ID.

    However, if you’re experiencing the same event ID for many instances of your events, it means your event ID is duplicated with other buyers.
    This error may cause issues with the measurement of your events and the attribution of your ad campaigns. When the buyers click your ads link and make two purchases simultaneously, Facebook will automatically create identical ID events. Or even two buyers click the add to cart a product or checkout at the same moment.

    This can be indeed related to the cache issue of buyers’ browsers. Test your events and make sure each browser/server event has a unique Event ID. Then you must restrict the pixel to your verified domain only, not from other traffic sources. Once you do these, you can ignore the warning.

    Another solution is our Facebook Multi Pixel, we can configure the unique ID for each event thanks to generating algorithms. So no more same-event IDs can be created for the same action.

    5. New Domains Sending Data

    Your pixel recently started sending events from these domains.
    It might not be an error, just a warning about the source of your events.

    As you can see, some domains are used by Shopify to preview your product, and that also triggers the view content or pageview event.

    The solution is to create an Allow List with domains that can use the pixel.

    • Go to Events Manager, and choose your pixel which has the warning.
    • Choose Settings tab
    • Find the Traffic Permissions
    • Click Edit button

    • Enter your domain into the pop-up window

    • Click Next

    •  Finally, confirm your domain have added

    •  As you can see, you have set up successfully the domain into allow list.

    Conclusion: In a short time, advertisers who use CAPI can experience a lot of errors and warnings at the diagnosis from Pixel. So you don't need to panic. Just sort out the error type and try to contact technical support. 

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  • Apple IOS 14.5 update vs Facebook conversion API - what the fuss?

    Unless you’ve been living on a rock, you probably heard of the feud. With the new update, Apple stood its ground, demanding apps to “ask permission first” before tracking users. Facebook shook its head, saying “personalized ads and user privacy can coexist''. At the heart of all this, advertisers have divided opinions, too. Some believe this IOS 14.5 update will kill Facebook ads. Others say don’t freak out, with the Facebook conversion API. What’s really going on?

  • Standard Events vs Custom Conversions: Which one is better for Facebook tracking

    Nowadays, every visitors' action can be tracked easily on your website by Facebook pixels. This is called conversion tracking. Because all the data from these pixels is collected and calculated following the customer purchase journey. Surprisingly, you can see the effectiveness of ads within a day. It is more updated than traditional ad campaigns.
    But how can these “little” pixels track so precisely? It has some magic behind this mechanism.

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