It’s not always a right approach to leave the product prices showing on your E-commerce store. Your customers might like the transparency, however, price is not the only element to decide. By hiding the price, retailers are getting a bigger gain in sales. Let’s explore the psychology behind in the next part of the article. 



The truth is, product tags alone don’t really affect SEO because they are simply meant for organizing products on your store, and some Shopify themes don’t show on the page which makes them invisible to customers and Google. However, it would impact SEO if you use tags on your product page or link to your tagged catalogs/collections.



The idea of getting a Request a Quote button is to deliver the most pleasant experience to the customers who have different requests and preferences on specific products of an online store. The customers can place an order without having to check out or get a call with the sales department to negotiate the price before they complete the purchase. 



When ordering products on an online store,  one of the biggest concerns of the customers is to know when they can receive their orders. For most online retailers, any delays or mistakes in delivery dates could have a big influence on their customer service. In order to avoid this, an effective solution is to let the customer choose the date that they want to deliver which satisfies both the customer’s experience and seller’s ability.

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Have you ever worried about putting all your payments in one Paypal account and wished to use multiple Paypal accounts in one Shopify store? Shopify does not allow you to use multiple Paypal accounts in one store, however, you still can be able to switch to different Paypal accounts, and our app has updated new features adapting to this.

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