Boost your order and inventory management with workflow automation

1. Streamlined Shipping Labels

Ensuring the prompt and successful delivery of orders is a key aspect of any eCommerce operation. Delivery failures can lead to costly mistakes in the long run and often result from small errors along the way such as incorrect addresses or misrecorded orders. Automated workflow processes can improve the efficiency and speed of your business by allowing you to perform multiple tasks with just one click, including printing shipping labels and accurately marking orders as dispatched, as well as generating tracking numbers for deliveries.

2. Customer Reorder Reminders

Maintaining a relationship with your customers doesn't end after the initial purchase. Post-sale support and ongoing marketing are essential. If you sell specific products, it's important to consider how to encourage customers to reorder once they've run out. By automating a workflow to send reminder emails at the right time, you can encourage customers to buy from you again, even offering a discount code or special offer to entice them. AVADA Email Marketing makes it easy to connect with customers, create captivating emails, and track performance with key metrics.

3. Abandoned Cart Emails

Many online shoppers add products to their cart but don't complete the purchase. According to the Baymard Institute, nearly 70% of shopping carts are abandoned, leaving you with a lot of lost customers. Abandoned cart emails are an effective solution to win them back. Automated tools can register when a shopper abandons their cart on your site and send a personalized email after a set period of time to try to bring them back. The email can reference the products they added and explain why they shouldn't miss the deals.

4. Inventory Management with Tagging

Effective inventory management is critical to the success of any online store. Automating inventory management can make warehousing and fulfillment a breeze. Inventory automation tools can simplify the following process:


  • The sales system receives new orders.
  • The inventory management software allocates the stock to the order, taking into account rules for selecting the most suitable warehouse or store.
  • A "ready for dispatch" tag is attached to the order in the system.
  • Details of the order, shipping labels, and all relevant information are sent to the warehouse management team.
  • Warehouse team members can pick the stock, pack it, and send it out.
  • The stock removal is logged and accurate inventory volume is recorded.
  • If stock levels reach a pre-determined low, a notification is triggered, which can even automatically raise a purchase order with your supplier in some cases.


In conclusion, automation in ecommerce can push your efficiency in managing your inventory and converting more sales with less work.

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