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Why do you need Messenger chat on your store?

You apparently know that live chat on your website makes it easier for your customers and for your business to connect with each other. You are owning an online store and are paying a big amount of money each month for a live chat platform, why don’t you think about a live chat free on your website with Facebook Messenger? All you need is just a Facebook business page account. 


Are Facebook Messenger Chatbots really effective?

That Facebook Messenger has 1,3 billion active users each month as well as the tendency of more than 80% open rate allows massive opportunities to market for online sellers in the E-commerce industry such as Shopify. Standing between the edge of using chatbots and the fear of a machine cannot reach the human’s touch, a seller can be in doubt to use chatbots. However, chatbots can be an effective tool for your online business as soon as you understand the burden of repetitive questions from customers.


How you make best broadcasts with Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger not only helps online retailers increase revenue with abandoned cart reminders or with remarketing, but also with broadcast messages. Facebook messenger broadcast is a powerful tool to send your updates, news, or promotions not one by one but multiple subscribers. 


How to boost sales by Facebook Messenger remarketing

While there are many messenger apps on social media, Facebook Messenger is still in the dominant position. Facebook Messenger remarketing is becoming more popular and is the best tool to drive sales for your Ecommerce stores. By creating the conversation with the customers right on their Facebook message, the online sellers can create a better result than the traditional method of email marketing. 


Accelerate revenue by abandoned cart reminders with Facebook messenger

Abandoned cart is the biggest headache for online sellers in the e-commerce industry, about 70% of buyers normally leave their shopping cart. The customers often do not stick with their commitment, they prefer to shop around and check through different stores before making a decision. However, online retailers can increase the abandoned cart revenue by sending abandoned cart reminders via Facebook messenger.



The number shows that more than 2 billion users are on Facebook, using Facebook messenger can reach about 80% open rate, and 35% click-through rates. As a good result, it can increase the revenue of your lost sales. 

How does an abandoned cart reminder work? 

After integrating Facebook to your add to cart function on your online store, every time buyers abandon their cart without finishing their purchase, you can send a message via Facebook Messenger to remind them of the products they’re interested in. 

By creating your notification, you can send the customers a promotion code to push sales and link them to the checkout page to finish their order. 

Benefits of sending abandoned cart reminders via Facebook messenger

  • Generate and boost sales 
  • Maximizing the conversion of the shopping cart 
  • Higher open rate, click-through rate, and response rate 
  • Connect you with more potential buyers 
  • Let your customers find their product again in the case they forgot or change their browsing device 

Knowing your customer’s behaviors is key to success in your business. Facebook messenger is a perfect tool for abandoned cart recovery. Start sending your cart abandon message to gain more engagement from your customer and drive more sales!

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