How you make best broadcasts with Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger allows you to send videos, images, product suggestions, and much other attractive content that can drive your customers to the product and order, in addition, broadcasting, it’s a good way to reach plenty of target audiences quickly and efficiently. 


Facebook messenger broadcast rules

Facebook messenger has the broadcast rules to manage the experience of messenger users. Facebook has made some changes that need you to comply with. 

First, instead of “24+1 window”, “24 windows” is applied. This means that within 24 hours from the last interaction between you and your customers, you can send any message to them. After the customer interacts, the 24-hour window will start over again until your buyers do not interact with you anymore, and the 24-hour window is over. 


The second change is the message tags. After the 24-hour window has expired, you can send one last message to your customers anytime but it needs to be tagged one of 4 tags below: 


What happens if your message does not match the tag? Your message cannot be sent to the customers. However, Facebook has its solution for this, you can use One-Time Notification API to send other types of messages to the customer but you need permission from your clients first. To set up this, simply go to your business page/Click settings/Choose Advanced Messaging and ask permission to use One-Time Notification. On the other hand, you have an option to pay to use sponsored messages to send promotional content. 


How to implement broadcast flow in the right way


Before sending the broadcast messages, you need to design your templates first. There are some best practices to capture your audience’s attention: 

Be short yet attractive: your ultimate goal is to get your buyer’s interest and engagement, make it simple for them to understand, use stickers, emojis, and so on to look persuasive and personal. 

Give decisions: let your customers have the power to choose, such as accept, decline, unsubscribe, visit your site, buy, cancel… 

Be conversational: customers never want to talk to a machine, instead of selling, ask your customers their opinions, their preferences to create a 2-way conversation. 


After getting the template, segment your audience based on different characteristics (country, gender, behavior….) to send the broadcast. Next, send your message at the right time, according to statistics, the best time to send a message is between 2-3 PM. 


To start with the first-time customers, you can broadcast the subscription message with non-promotional purpose, the content should fall into 3 different categories including News, Productivity, or Personal Tracking, this type of message cannot promote anything but will engage the audience and help you build relationships with them. 

Promotional messages can only be sent to the customers who interact with you in the past 24 hours. 

Take advantage of your last follow-up message by engaging them with your offer, helping them to find the relevant products can be a good way to keep in touch with your potential buyers. 


Facebook messenger broadcasts can have a big influence on your marketing and sales programs. Through different customized broadcasts, you can reach all the audiences in your funnel, to keep your relationship with your loyal customers and expand your brand to new buyers. 

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