• Facebook Reporting delay due to IOS 14.5 release

    Since the moment Facebook and Apple competed with each other for privacy enforcement, the tracking tool system has been messed up. Now the Conversion API can support the gap in tracking but not totally is the same as before. Recently, Facebook has updated a lot of documents related to the data reporting section.

  • Google Ads or Facebook Ads: Which is better for Ecommerce?


    Google Ads and Facebook Ads are still among the top advertising platforms in online advertising. Getting attention from the right customers to your store is one of the greatest challenges, it is always a big question to choose between Facebook Ads and Google Ads, especially for beginners. Which one better? Let's look at the core differences between them to clarify its functions and decide between the two. 

  • Benefits and Best Practices for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads


    In the previous post, we have discussed Facebook Sequential Retargeting and its advantages, additionally, one of the main ways to retarget people is through Facebook Dynamic Ads (DPA). 

  • Retargeting Shopping Cart Abandonment with Facebook

    The main function of Facebook Pixel is retargeting ads for online shopping since users are more likely to engage with ads from brands they know and trust. However, according to the Baymard Institute, sellers are still losing almost 70% of their potential sales because customers abandon their shopping carts for up to 69% on average. 

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