Retargeting Shopping Cart Abandonment with Facebook


There are two main reasons why shoppers leave their carts, firstly because the extra costs (shipping fees/taxes) are high or the product itself is expensive (56% and 36% respectively). Secondly is because of the device, if forms are too small and shoppers need to do a lot of pinching or zooming, they are more likely to abandon their carts. Besides these reasons, there are various more and you can click here to know how to solve them 

However, some customers will still leave your site while checking out despite your efforts to reduce the cart abandonment. This is when to use cart recovery methods, which are abandoned cart emails and abandoned cart retargeting, to capture the customer even if they leave.

  1. Abandoned Cart Emails 

If the user entered their email address during the checkout process , send them an abandonment email with an offer or coupon code to encourage them to return to your site and purchase. 

  1. Abandoned Cart Retargeting 

Place an ad pixel on your checkout page and remarket to those users on ad platforms such as Facebook and Google. The advantage of retargeting is that it works even if the user did not enter their email address, and you can remain top of mind for the customer as they are browsing the web.

30% of non-converting visitors return to a site through ad retargeting and 76% of retargeting ads are more likely to be clicked than non-retargeting ads. In this post, we will discuss two types of Facebook retargeting

  1. Behavior-based retargeting 

Behavior-based retargeting can be triggered by multiple actions that visitors might have taken on the website – and not only in the event of abandoned carts. For instance, you can retarget visitors who came to your website but didn’t add products to cart, or people who added an item to their cart but didn’t checkout. However it can be annoying and less effective after a certain ads frequency, or once it has reached the ad fatigue stage due to your message is repeated to the audience multiple times. And depending on the retargeting window you set, your audience might keep seeing your ads for weeks/months after they visited your website.

      2. Sequential retargeting

 Sequential based retargeting is a type of retargeting that takes place in sequences. Your visitors see the sequence of ads after they have left the website, or have abandoned their cart. Ultimately, sequential retargeting ads are not boring and repetitive like behavior-based retargeting ads can be. Using sequential-based retargeting ads, you will be able to nurture your visitors by showing them different education-based messages. For instance, you can show users how your website works by way of videos or blog posts that discuss tips, and how-to’s etc.

Benefits of Facebook Sequential Retargeting over Behaviour-based Retargeting

  1. Increase conversion rate and engagement: This is down to the fact that your audience/visitors go through different ad content every time they see your ad on the web. As a result, the engagement is boosted and the conversion rate is increased. Ultimately, it helps you recover the abandoned cart.
  2. Nurture your visitors: as a marketer or eCommerce store founder, and while carrying out Facebook sequential retargeting, you have the opportunity to nurture and educate your visitors about your brand, product or cause if you are behind one. This will help emphasise your message and make it easier to acquire a customer at a cheaper cost.
  3. Help you fight ads fatigue: your audience goes through a sequence of ads with each sequence or ad shown from 1 to 5 days depending on audience size and retargeting strategy. This reduces repetition and keeps the content alive.

Read more about how to step-by-step set up a Facebook Sequential Retargeting 

Retargeting with Facebook Pixel is one of the most hassle-free strategies to resolve the cart abandonment or gain shoppers back to your website. If you carry out facebook sequential retargeting in the right way, you’ll see an increase in conversion rate and a decrease in abandoned cart rates. With the help of the Facebook Pixel app, you can manage everything better with your store.  

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