Google Ads or Facebook Ads: Which is better for Ecommerce?


Getting your website published doesn’t mean that the customers will definitely come to your site to buy your products or services. Facebook Ads and Google Ads are effective and most popular pay-per-clicks platforms to increase your brand awareness and grow sales. So what is the difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads?

The core differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads

  • Search intent is the core difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. 

Once your customers start searching on Google, it means that they are looking for something specifically, ready for a purchase and your ads will help them find exactly what they want. 

Facebook Ads, on the other hand, does not based on the intention to buy a product, your ads present when your customers browse on Facebook, it might make your customers interested and possibly become your buyers or not. 


  • Pay per click (PPC) marks a big difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads


“Paid search” provides a positive return on investment (ROI) and higher conversion rate, PPC on Google is more expensive than on Facebook. In really competitive and difficult industries, PPC on Google Ads can be $100, but on Facebook Ads, it can be as little as $0.25 depending on the CTR (Click Through Rate)

After clearly understanding the differences between two, can you decide which one is better? 

Actually it depends on your purpose of using advertising platforms: 

Sellers should use Facebook ads if: 

  • Your purpose is to increase the brand awareness and also make sales. 
  • You define clearly who your target customers are.  
  • Your products have an unique advantage 
  • Your budget is relatively low
  • You have an ability to create creative and attractive ads to engage your users. 
  • Your customers are more likely B2C customers

Sellers should use Google Ads if: 

  • Your products fulfill customers needs and demands, in other words, customers are looking for the products you are offering. 
  • Your target market are B2B customers
  • Your customers already have buying intent 
  • You want to get higher immediate purchases 

No matter which ad platform you will use, make sure that you find a niche market or a strong value of products that distinguish you from other competitors. No one will buy a product from you if they already found the same in other places, with a more reliable brand name unless your products are much less expensive. If your business is getting mature, using Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the best for you, it complements each other, you find your customers and let customers find you. 

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