holiday shopping 2024

6 things you need to know about holiday shopping to get ready for 2024

Get ready to revolutionize your holiday shopping game because 2023 is not just another year; it's a tech-infused retail extravaganza with almost $10 billion in sales. In this article, we'll dive into the six crucial aspects that define this year's holiday shopping experience.

Black friday ecommerce break sale record

Black Friday 2023 breaks record in sales again: What you can learn

Have you made any purchases on this Black Friday? Yes, I have. Even I had yet to make a plan to buy anything, but look around for any good deal. So congrats, we made a contribution to the $10 billion online shopping of this year's Black Friday sales.

The dust has settled, the receipts have been tallied, and the verdict is in – Black Friday 2023 once again breaks the record. Hold on to your shopping carts, folks! Let's unwrap the highlights of this retail rollercoaster – the good, the great, and the downright.

The power of transactional emails during Request for quote (RFQ) process

Transactional emails in RFQ: Don't just send boring emails!

Transactional emails are those messages sent after the customer takes action. Did you know that transaction emails can have a mind-blowing open rate of 80-85%? Surprising, right? These are the emails customers never ignore. But here's the catch: they often feel robotic and devoid of emotion, simply because we automate them for efficiency.

But what if we told you that transactional emails have untapped potential? This blog post will show you how to transform these seemingly cold messages into conversion machines that forge strong customer relationships.  

add popup for shopify store black friday

How to Add Popup app for Shopify stores (Black Friday 2023 updated)

Are you searching for a tutorial demonstrating how to add a pop-up app for Shopify stores to grab your visitors' attention? 

This guide will take you through the detailed procedure of adding a popup on Shopify from craft engaging messages, showcasing exclusive promotions, collecting valuable customer information, and improving the shopping experience.

2 steps to create a succesful Request for Quote (RFQ)

Get success in Request for Quote (RFQ) in just 2 easy steps

Businesses that have complicated pricing models or offer customized products and services greatly benefit from using Request for Quotation (RFQ). It is a document asking the store owners to tell you how much they would charge for something you want to buy, so you can decide where to get the best deal. Whether you're an established online retailer, a budding startup, or an ambitious entrepreneur, mastering the art of creating a successful RFQ is crucial to your success.

How to create a successful Request for Quote? Let's find out the 2 easy steps to success through this blog.

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