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How to start a Print on Demand Business to sell Jewelry on Shopify

You might have heard of print-on-demand T-shirts, print-on-demand books, or print-on-demand mugs, but do you know that jewelry can also be a profitable
print-on-demand product? If you want to sell this lucrative niche but don’t know where to start, this article is for you.

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Too many abandoned carts? Try SMS Marketing!

18 billion dollars! It’s the amount of money eCommerce brands lose every year because of Abandoned carts!

That’s right - billions of dollars in potential revenue lost, just simply because customers abandon their carts before completing their purchase. How to turn loss to opportunity? Well, SMS Marketing can do that for you!

Let’s find out how to integrate SMS Marketing into your abandoned cart recovery campaigns in this blog. SIMPLE SETUP, INSTANT BENEFITS.

What is an Abandoned cart?

Once upon an e-commerce realm, there were mischievous “Abandoned carts”. Customers would excitedly fill their online shopping carts but leave them stranded without buying. Abandoned carts can be a challenge for online retailers as they represent lost sales and revenue. However, with the right strategies, retailers can win back those customers and their precious sales.

What is Abandoned cart SMS

Like a friendly nudge, Abandoned cart SMS is a message sent to customers who left items in their online shopping cart without completing the purchase. To recover abandoned carts, SMS Marketing is an effective way for online retailers to remind customers about items they left in their cart and encourage them to complete their purchase. 

While there are many methods to recover your abandoned carts, such as sending reminders through email, WhatsApp, or any other communication channels, SMS marketing has proven its power with these numbers:

SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing

SMS Marketing: Your Abandoned Cart Recovery Hero!

Why can I say that certainly? Let the numbers do the talking.

  • High Open Rate & Response Rate

With 98% open rate and 45% Open Rate, it means that customers are much more likely to see your abandoned cart recovery messages and take the action needed.

  • High Conversion Rate

Studies show that SMS conversion rates can be as high as 45%. That means customers are more likely to complete their purchase when they receive the message. 

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Without breaking the bank, SMS Marketing could be a highly budget-friendly solution. As it typically costs less than other marketing channels like email or paid advertising.


Get Started with Abandoned Cart SMS

In Shopify, the only method offered for recovering abandoned carts is through email. So, to start using SMS with the purpose of recovering abandoned carts, you need a third-party application. 

Step 1: Install an application from Shopify app store

Shopify has an App library where you can find hundreds of applications to connect your Shopify store. To use SMS Marketing for your store, Just head to the Shopify app store and select an SMS Marketing app that fits your needs. Some top contenders include SMSBump, SMSGem, Klaviyo, and Automizely SMS Marketing.

You can learn more about the pricing plans of each platform by checking this blog.

Step 2: Customize your SMS message templates. 

When creating a campaign, you can craft witty and attention-grabbing messages that will encourage customers to complete their purchase. The customer’s name, abandoned items, and the link for them to come back to their cart should be included in the messages. 

Tips: Insert a sense of urgency in your messages: limited stock, time-sensitive deal, etc.

The SMS Marketing platform like SMSGem already has a library of templates for you to choose from, which can save your time and effort.

Step 3: Set up automated SMS reminders.

Think of scheduling automatic SMS reminders like setting a personal alarm clock for your customers. 

You can choose when to send the reminders after cart abandonment, like 10 minutes or 12 hours later. Just like a good wingman, the reminders are there to nudge your customers and remind them about the items they left behind. But be careful not to hit ‘snooze’ too many times! It is important to bear in mind that the messages should not be sent too frequently. You don't want to bombard your customers with too many messages and risk annoying them. Once you've set up your automated SMS campaign, you're ready to go! 

Automated Abandoned Carts Recovery in SMSGem

Step 4: Analyze your SMS campaigns. 

Top students don't stop studying after finishing a test - they carefully review their answers and identify areas for improvement. The same goes for SMS marketing.

After launching an SMS campaign, it's important to analyze your performance data and identify areas for improvement. By tracking metrics, you can gain insights into how your campaigns are performing and where you can make adjustments. Then, you can optimize your messaging and drive better results in future campaigns. So, what are several numbers that you should take into account?

  1. Revenue
  2. Conversion rate
  3. Click-through rate
  4. Unsubscribe rate
  5. Cart remaining today

Analyzing to Optimize SMS Marketing Campaign

The bottom line

In conclusion, abandoned carts can be a significant problem for eCommerce brands, but SMS Marketing can be a powerful solution for recovering lost sales and revenue. With high open and response rates, SMS Marketing allows you to reach customers where they're most likely to see your message - on their phones.

By following the steps outlined in this blog - installing a third-party SMS Marketing app, customizing your message templates, setting up automated SMS reminders, and analyzing your campaign data - you can launch effective abandoned cart recovery campaigns and drive success for your business.

So, don't let abandoned carts be a roadblock to your eCommerce success. Try SMS Marketing and turn those lost sales into opportunities for growth!

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Transforming the Casino Landscape: The Impact of Technology on Jackpots

In recent years, the casino landscape has undergone a significant transformation fueled by advancements in technology. One area where technology has had a profound impact is in the realm of jackpots. This article explores how technology is revolutionizing the casino experience by enhancing jackpot offerings and creating new opportunities for players.

The Role of Technology in Enhancing Jackpot Offerings

Technology plays a crucial role in enhancing jackpot offerings in modern casinos. For instance, all Australian online casinos utilize sophisticated algorithms and random number generators to create exciting and dynamic jackpot experiences for players. Click to try playing. These technologies ensure that jackpots are fair, transparent, and accessible to all players.

Progressive jackpots are one of the most popular features in modern casinos, and technology has played a key role in their advancement. Through networked gaming systems, progressive jackpots can grow rapidly as players from around the world contribute to the prize pool. This technology has led to larger and more lucrative jackpots than ever before.

Maximizing Jackpot Potential Through Technological Innovations

Technological innovations have enabled online casinos to maximize the potential of jackpots in various ways. From advanced analytics to predictive modeling, casinos can analyze player data to tailor jackpot offerings to specific demographics and preferences. This targeted approach ensures that jackpots are more appealing to players and increase engagement.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are revolutionizing the way casinos predict and manage jackpots. These technologies can analyze vast amounts of data in real-time to identify patterns and trends that inform jackpot predictions. AI-powered algorithms can also adjust jackpot offerings dynamically based on player behavior, ensuring a more engaging and rewarding experience. 

Jackpot Security in the Digital Era: Ensuring Fairness and Transparency

Security is paramount in the world of online gambling, especially when it comes to jackpots. Technology plays a crucial role in ensuring the fairness and transparency of jackpot games, with robust encryption and security protocols protecting player data and transactions. Online casinos use blockchain technology to provide transparent and secure jackpot transactions, giving players peace of mind.

Mobile integration has revolutionized the way players access jackpot opportunities, allowing them to play their favorite games anytime, anywhere. Mobile apps and responsive websites provide seamless access to jackpot games on smartphones and tablets, giving players the flexibility to enjoy their favorite games on the go.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world of online gambling, offering transparent and secure jackpot transactions. Blockchain-based systems record every transaction on a decentralized ledger, ensuring that jackpot payouts are fair and transparent. This technology also enhances security by preventing fraud and tampering.

Virtual Reality and Jackpots: Immersive Gaming Experiences

Virtual reality (VR) technology is transforming the casino experience by offering immersive gaming experiences for jackpot players. VR-enabled casinos allow players to enter virtual worlds where they can interact with jackpots in stunning detail. These immersive experiences make jackpots more engaging and memorable for players.

The future of jackpots is bright, thanks to advancements in predictive analytics and big data insights. Casinos are leveraging data analytics to predict jackpot trends and tailor offerings to player preferences. By harnessing the power of big data, casinos can create more engaging and rewarding jackpot experiences for players.

Social media integration has become an essential tool for online casinos looking to engage players and promote jackpot offerings. Casinos use social media platforms to share jackpot promotions, host giveaways, and interact with players in real-time. Social media integration enhances the visibility of jackpot games and fosters a sense of community among players.

Cryptocurrency and Jackpots: Exploring Alternative Payment Methods

Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity as an alternative payment method in the world of online gambling, including jackpot games. Cryptocurrencies offer fast, secure, and anonymous transactions, making them an attractive option for jackpot players. Many casinos now accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum for jackpot deposits and withdrawals.

Personalization is key to creating engaging jackpot experiences for players. Casinos use data analytics to personalize jackpot offerings based on player preferences, behavior, and demographics. By tailoring rewards to individual players, casinos can create more meaningful and rewarding jackpot experiences.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the casino industry, including jackpot gaming. Casinos are adopting green technologies and eco-friendly practices to reduce their environmental footprint and promote sustainability. From energy-efficient lighting to eco-friendly building materials, online casinos are embracing sustainability to create a better future for jackpot gaming.


Technology has had a transformative impact on the casino landscape, particularly in the realm of jackpots. From enhancing user experience to ensuring security and transparency, technology is reshaping the way players interact with and enjoy jackpot games. As technology continues to evolve, the future of jackpots looks brighter than ever, offering players more engaging, immersive, and rewarding experiences than ever before.

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5 Most Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

Your phone beeps, and you're excited to check your new message. But, no personalized, relevant SMS from your favorite brand. Instead, you're greeted by yet another generic, irrelevant, annoying SMS marketing message. Sound familiar? If so, you're not alone. 

SMS Marketing - is an effective tool that any business should try. Yet, you as a business owner might make common SMS Marketing mistakes. Then, all the work ends up being a waste of time and money, bonus damaging reputation! 

      5 most common SMS Marketing Mistakes to avoid

1. Not complying with regulations.

2. Sending irrelevant messages

3. Sending too many messages

4. Failing to personalize messages

5. Not optimizing for mobile

In this blog post, we'll show you the top SMS marketing mistakes to avoid. So you can keep your customers engaged and your brand's reputation intact. Don't let your SMS marketing efforts fall flat - read on to learn how to get it right!

If you want to have a more detailed guidance on the SMS Marketing Mistakes to avoid, follow us on social media to get the exclusive free ebook.

1. Not complying with regulations:

Rules, rules, rules. They can be a real drag, but following the rules is super important when it comes to SMS marketing. Let me tell you about Jiffy Lube. It is a leading provider of automotive preventive maintenance. They ignored the regulations. With a list of phone numbers collected from the invoices, Jiffy Lube might think: “Great! Now just send them all the attractive deals through messages!”. Sadly, without the recipient's consent, Jiffy Lube clearly violated Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). They had to pay $47 million.

SMS Marketing violate the regulation TCPA

Solution: Using a reputable SMS marketing service provider like SMSGem. Everything will be set up automatically. The platform provides you the templates to use whenever needed.

SMSGem helps to avoid the regulation

2. Sending irrelevant messages

Little Mike has a crush on the lovely and beautiful Lily. He wants to impress her. So he decides to find out what Lily likes and sends text messages talking about those things. Even a little boy like Mike knows that to win over the lovely Lily, he needs to pay attention to her interests. He can't talk about his favorite sports team or video game and expect her to swoon. No, he needs to talk about the things she likes - art, music, and fashion. It's the same with SMS marketing. Do not send messages about things that have nothing to do with your customers’ interests and expect them to love it. You need to send them messages that they'll actually care about. 

Sending irrelevant messages when doing SMS Marketing


Segmenting your audience based on the collected data. You can divide them into different groups by their preferences, behaviors, demographics, and more. SMSGem enables a swift setup process for a highly personalized experience.

Segmenting customers to send SMS

3. Sending too many messages

Spamming has never an effective way of doing marketing. It is costly, inefficient and a waste of time! Papa John’s was in big trouble for sending over 500,000 unwanted text messages to customers.  Some customers complained they were getting 15 or 16 texts in a row, even during the middle of the night. Could you imagine how frustrating it is? It’s far more than enough messages to make you lose your appetite! Spanish review Rhino Gold Gel here

SMS Marketing Spamming


The key to avoiding this mistake is to strike a balance between frequency and relevance. You want to send enough messages to keep your customers engaged and interested. But not so many that they feel overwhelmed or annoyed. 

Most effective time to send SMS to customers

4. Failing to personalize messages:

Let’s sit on your customer’s chair, supposing your name is Jack, a big boy who has a huge love for the most stylish shoes collection. Then you suddenly received a message saying “Hello Lisa, check out our latest collection of short skirts that are only for beautiful women like you!”. Let’s face it, if you send a message like that, your message will be ghosted faster than a bad Tinder match. 

No personalization SMS


  • Use a generic greeting
  • Segment your customers

Personalized SMS Marketing

5. Not optimizing for mobile: 

Talking about SMS, we might instantly think of someone holding the phone and looking at it. That means a text message should be responsive for the phone, not your computer screen. Be aware of sending a large image that did not display properly on some mobile devices.

SMS Marketing is not optimized for mobile devices


  • Testing on different screen resolutions before sending out
  •  Avoid using large images

The bottom line

There are more than five mistakes that any marketer might have when doing SMS Marketing. However, as long as you realize these five and correct them, you are more than halfway to success. And don’t forget to check out SMSGem if you are finding an automated solution for your Marketing game. More than just SMS Marketing, it could be the buddy of your business in the long run. So go on, give it a try and watch the sales roll in! Good luck, and happy texting!

sms gem sms marketing shopify

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Unleash the Power of AI for Your SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing has high potential with 98% open rates and 45% response rates. However, crafting the perfect message can be time-consuming and frustrating, taking time away from other business tasks. ChatGPT can help by providing personalized and engaging SMS messages that hit the mark every time. With ChatGPT, you can save time and resources while optimizing your SMS marketing campaign. Stay tuned to learn more.

SMS Marketing, a marketing method that sends the message directly to your customers phone. 98% open rates, 45% response rate, sound potential, right? Looks like it can help your business take up to the next level. 

But let’s be real, crafting the perfect message can be a real pain in the butt. It’s like a never-ending task, just for your text message to end up labeled as spammy.  Ain’t nobody got time for that! Thus, business owners have more stuff in their box than just focusing on marketing. With limited resources and a tight budget, the struggle is real! It’s like trying to win a game of badminton while blindfolded!

That's why ChatGPT is here to save the day. With ChatGPT, you can simply snap your fingers (well, type a few words) and voila! A personalized, engaging SMS message that hits the bullseye every time. If you haven’t utilized ChatGPT in your business, you might be falling behind your competitors. This tool could help you to solve all the mentioned problems.

Wonder how? Stay with us.

Don’t know how to do SMS Marketing? See it here!

Need a Miracle? ChatGPT is your solitary solution

Customers are bombarded with messages every day, and if your message doesn't stand out, it's going straight to the trash bin. So how to change that? Don’t worry, ChatGPT is here to save the day!

What is ChatGPT?

Since it was released in November 2022, ChatGPT has become a topic for every conversation and article we see on the internet. As a user, you can ask questions or give instructions, ChatGPT will respond based on the database of information. This AI can provide suggestions and insights on how to optimize your SMS marketing efforts. Besides, ChatGPT can also assist in segmenting your SMS list based on demographics, interests, or behaviors, so you can send more targeted and personalized messages. Additionally, it can suggest strategies to track your SMS campaign's performance and measure its ROI, such as using call-to-action codes or integrating with analytics tools.

What is Chat GPT?

Drafting the message in a sec

With natural language processing, ChatGPT can help you create personalized messaging that resonates with your customers. Why waste your precious time typing out every single message when you can just sit back, relax, and boss around ChatGPT to do it for you? Let the robot do the hard work while you sip on your favorite coffee.

ChatGPT generates text templates for SMS Marketing

Optimizing Your SMS Marketing with ChatGPT: Adjusting Your Requests for Maximum Results

Process automation

Remember the dilemma of using SMS Marketing Platforms when it comes to technical things? ChatGPT actually can solve all of that as quickly as a flash. The time and resources that we need to manually write the messages can be reduced thanks to the AI. 



ChatGPT Prompts for SMS Marketing

No worry if you are not familiar with using this tool. We will provide several useful prompts to request ChatGPT for your SMS Marketing. 

Prompt 1: Generate templates for text messages

“Can you create 10 text message templates for my SMS marketing campaign that promote my [products/services] in [industry/niche] with the purpose of [goals/objectives]?"

For example: 

CHatGPT Prompt for SMS Marketing

Prompt 2: Craft reminders for customers' left items.

“Can you create 10 text message templates for my abandoned cart reminders SMS marketing campaign? My online store is selling [insert your store’s products industry], and I'm looking to remind customers of their abandoned carts and encourage them to complete their purchase. Please include messaging that is persuasive but not pushy, and in a [tone of voice]. Thank you!"

For example:

CHatGPT Prompt for SMS Marketing

Prompt 3: Gain more customer opt-ins.

“I need 10 SMS templates to increase customer opt-ins for my [INSERT YOUR INDUSTRY] business. Can you provide me with effective templates to encourage more customers to opt-in to my SMS marketing list? Thank you.”

For example:

These are several prompts that might be useful for you in your SMS Marketing journey. But, who can understand your business better than you? Make sure to keep requesting, making adjustments, or even write your own prompts to create the most suitable version.

The bottom line

SMS marketing can be a goldmine for your business. Don’t let yourself behind the technology and start exploring the power of ChatGPT. With ChatGPT, you can create killer messages, automate the drafting process, and optimize your campaign. So, why waste time typing when you can let ChatGPT do the hard work? Try SMSGem with ChatGPT today and watch your business boom!


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