• How To Optimize Your Google Shopping Feed With Unit Price Measurement

    The product price and currency are required attributes for all products. Most of our customers said that they were impressed by the products that have clear information about unit price on the shopping tab. From Shopify’s statement, the unit prices are available only to stores located in Germany or France. Does that mean only stores from Germany and France can feed the unit price field to their Google Merchant account? Not actually. But, how? Let’s dive into this!

  • Best practices to optimize your smart shopping campaigns


    With smart shopping campaigns, Google has put a lot of automated solutions into it to require the least maintenance. However, to find the balance between your E-commerce strategy and your campaign management, still needs your job of optimization to be done. In this article, you will know all the best practices. 

  • Scale up your online business with Google Smart Shopping campaign in 2021


    Google is a place that billions of people search for their needs every day and Google shopping ads can present your products in a visual and engaging way to them. It displays products not only with description, price or review, but also with images which make you stand out in the crowd and more appealing through all Google platforms including Google search, Google websites, Youtube or even Gmail. Smart shopping finds your new customers but it also remarkets the shoppers who have visited your website.   


    In this article you will know Google’s requirements and step by step of how to set up a successful smart shopping campaign to scale up your online business.

  • Google Ads or Facebook Ads: Which is better for Ecommerce?


    Google Ads and Facebook Ads are still among the top advertising platforms in online advertising. Getting attention from the right customers to your store is one of the greatest challenges, it is always a big question to choose between Facebook Ads and Google Ads, especially for beginners. Which one better? Let's look at the core differences between them to clarify its functions and decide between the two. 

  • Recap of Google shopping policies and get over account suspended


    Violating Google shopping policies and data quality are the main reasons for some products or a Google Merchant Center account are subject to disapproval. However, for a majority of cases, breaking Google shopping policies is more severe and results directly in your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account being suspended. Understanding clearly Google’s policies will only give you benefits in any cases doing business on Google. 

  • Google feed management best practices


    After getting your Google Merchant Center account active, it’s the right time for you to start your Google ad campaigns. In addition to the previous forms of ads, Ecommerce stores now can use Google shopping ads which can show the image and price of products. In order to do that, your Google Merchant Center account must have enough information of your products, that’s the job of product feed. And your job is to optimize this product feed and make your ads closer to your target customers. Check out what the best practices are and apply to your store.

  • Powerful tips for your Merchant Center account survive in sales season


    Apparently, it is undeniable to say that Google is a powerful tool to make your products visible to your target customers in order to maximize your revenue. However, many sellers are facing difficulties because their accounts are suspended. So what are the tips to make your Google Merchant Center account survive in sales season? Reach out our blog for some minor but useful information to strengthen your Merchant Center account. 

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