TikTok Instant Page - Everything you need to know in 10 mins

Put aside all the bad raps about instant gratification this world’s revolving around, with this new TikTok ad product, we might never have to wait for anything after all.


What do you think the metaverse is? Is this the world in fiction movies, where Iron man - Tony Starks can be able to create in AR and VR while saving the world with his all-in-one personal assistant JARVIS? People who actually follow the space would say it’s about richer experiences by letting us add new layers to the world that we can interact with. It’s the tools that we can use to place digital objects into the physical world and let people interact with them rather than just simple effects, new creator capabilities will support 3D objects that can respond and react realistically.  

Do you think that one day you can control the whole of your store with a snap of fingers on the metaverse marketplace? Let’s check it out!

Location blacklist - A must-have tracking page tool for Dropshipping businesses

Your dropshipping orders are most likely fulfilled from Chinese factories, which we know most customers worry about when products come from Asia. We have you covered! In this blog, let us show you our improved blacklisting functionality of Omega Order Tracking app, which effectively erases your concern of unpublishing the actual product origin.


Strategies for ensuring E-commerce post-purchases experience during Holiday Surge 2021

It’s never too early to prepare for the holiday season as an E-commerce business and this 2021 holiday surge especially is primed to be one of the busiest seasons ever. Shoppers are on the go, they are more discerning. They have longer wishlists and they have more places to shop. So it makes it even more competitive for online merchants. Getting customers to shop would not be a problem for retailers during the holiday time but how to nurture one-time buyers from this period, increase their lifetime values and get them to be advocates for stores should be focused on. 

Here are a few tips to help you proactively manage your store’s post-purchase flow over the holiday season to build stronger bonds with your existing and new customers.

How our new "Store pickup" feature will benefit your shop

The Store pickup feature of Delivery date by Omega will combine the ease of shopping online with the promptness of purchasing from a local retailer. Research by PricewaterhouseCoopers and AT Kearney shows that 80 percent of customers research their purchases online, but 75 percent of consumers still prefer to buy products in a physical store. So what's the deal? Why is this trend growing?

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