The recent launch of TikTok and its impressive increase has exploded the Internet market. Then, when the TikTok ads platform appears, it raises a question: are TikTok ads better than Facebook ads? Or are TikTok ads a worthy competitor to Facebook Ads? Let’s go through a comparison between the two and give yourself an answer. 



Tiktok has updated its pixel to the newest version 2.0 to optimize uses and help merchants to track the most common events. After having a pixel installed on your website, it is crucial for pixel to start learning by creating events and defining the tracking rules. The more your pixel can learn, the better results you can get to optimize your ads afterwards. 



Tiktok Pixel acts as a site event management tool that can help sellers measure the effectiveness of the ad campaigns by tracking users' actions on websites. If you have a Shopify website and would like to create an ad campaign on Tiktok, you need to have a TikTok pixel, install it in your Shopify store to track events, conversions and optimize your ads. In this blog, you can check step by step how to do it. 

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