• Guide to Paypal for Woocommerce - how to expedite your pending payment

    woocommerce paypal tracking

    As a small business, it’s never easy to see your money on hold. All you want is to get the cash flowing just a tiny bit faster so your business can scale up. 21 days seem too long for an investment opportunity lost. Too often, it’s a battle you’re not gonna win. It’s a world where consumers are well protected. Paypal has to be on the buyers’ side in some way. The good news is, just polishing up 2 easily neglected factors can do wonders.

  • Best practices to keep your Paypal account healthy and balanced


    The question of how to get a healthy and balanced PayPal account never gets outdated. Catching up with every change in PayPal’s policy and knowing the best practices to meet PayPal’s requirements will give you a great opportunity to do business successfully with PayPal.

  • Good to know tips to avoid Paypal disputes & claims


    Whether working with Paypal for a long time or being a newbie, sellers know that it’s always better to avoid disputes and claims than to deal with the problems when customers open a case. 

  • How to resolve Paypal disputes & claims


    Along with the increase of Paypal users, the problems of users’ transactions also grow. Rather than reporting the issue to the bank or credit card issuer, Paypal encourages its users to solve the problems via PayPal Resolution Center, and a lot of users do that way. Normally, there can be 2 cases raised: disputes and claims 

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