Should not rotate your Paypal accounts because: 

  • It’s easily to check whether transactions from different accounts come from the same website 
  • Paypal is smart enough to scan all the accounts
  • It violates Paypal’s policies 
  • Process to resolve this issue is an exhausted work

If you still believe that Paypal does not have enough resources to control all sub accounts, and think that you found the loophole in their system and try to exploit by getting an app or manage to use multiple Paypal accounts on your store with different information, different user accounts, different IP addresses in order to rotate, you might go around in the wrong way. 

Paypal’s system is smarter than you can think of to scan, then a series of your accounts either need to be verified and provide business also account documents to Paypal or will be locked. To avoid money occupied, Paypal always updates their policy, scans a bulk of Paypal accounts more frequently, more requirements and strict obligations, and also increases reserve level for new accounts to check and stop any fraudulent activity they found. 

Moreover, trying to rotate Paypal accounts violate Paypal’s policy itself, once this action is identified, your account will be limited 180 days and no longer can be used, Paypal has their right to refund 50%, 80% or you can get no refund based on their policy. If you report the issue to Paypal, the process to solve this cannot be done in a single time and affect your business afterwards.  

What is the solution to secure your Paypal account? 

The best way is to be clear (with Paypal and with your customers) and remember that as a rule of thumb in doing your business with Paypal. 

  • Using a third party system to sync or manually upload your tracking numbers to Paypal so that Paypal and customers will know your order status

If you are selling on Shopify or WooCommerce, check out Add Paypal Tracking Auto and see how it works. 

  • Maintain an acceptable disputes or claims rate:  Refund Rate 7% ; Disputes 3% ; Complaints 3% ; Unauthorized claims 1% ; Chargeback and Bank reversal 1%,

 Then your Paypal account will be secured. 


Even though having many rivals in the race for market share along with their strict policies, Paypal still dominates as the first choices of merchants in the E-commerce market. Keep your account reliable and you can grow your business with Paypal. 

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