Undeniable Benefits of Workflow Automation for Shopify Retailers


1. Decrease error rates

Since multiple processes can be batched and automated into one continuous action, errors are minimized. It is definitely easier to check for quality and errors after all of the processes have been completed, instead of checking the quality every step of the way.

Moreover, automated processes can be tested with multiple variables at very high speed and consistency. So you can test out the processes first and implement the version that worked best with less time and fewer errors during operations.

2. Faster Processes

The automated process can do repetitive tasks with precision and speed.

We mentioned earlier that you can group multiple processes into one automated process which makes processes even faster. Handling returns involves multiple steps:

  • Reading the reason why the customer wants to return the product
  • Getting the order details
  • Getting the contact details of the customer
  • Processing and paying the return shipping
  • Receiving the returned product
  • Managing the inventory

Then processing the replacement is another bunch of tasks. It’s incredibly time-consuming if done manually. Of course, if you’re a giant store and have dozens of employees, it could be faster manually, but small businesses don’t have that luxury.

Grouping multiple, easy and repeatable processes together can reduce the processing time by at least 50% while not sacrificing the quality (and without you having to pay for more employees).

3. Better Customer Support

Support for customers can vary depending on their concerns and their stage on the marketing flywheel. That’s why personalization is the name of the game when dealing with customer support. Humans have the amazing ability to adapt to whoever they are speaking to. However, it might take some time for your customer service team to adapt to the most appropriate approach to the customer, simply because they don’t yet know anything about the customer.  But if the customer went through an automated response system first, such as chatbots, customer support will already know what the customer wants and how to approach the customer. So, they will be able to provide the solution faster.

4. In-depth Analysis

One of the best ways to capitalize on automation is to use machine learning/artificial intelligence. One of the biggest benefits of an online store is having a treasure trove of data from customers. These are all valuable pieces of data that can be analyzed to further improve your store.

Automation software specializes in specific, repetitive tasks. Finding trends, having detailed reports, tracking variables, and many more can be automated and further improved through machine learning/artificial intelligence.

5. You can focus more on growth

Managing your store hands-on is time-consuming. And there may be some aspects of your store that need your focus, but you never get the time because your hands are full of less important but more urgent tasks. Automating tasks and processes frees up a big chunk of your time so you can focus on plans and strategies instead of the day-to-day operations.

6. Better team morale

Having freed a chunk of your team’s time as well, they will have time to further improve existing processes or solve complex problems that they didn’t have the time to attend to before. This makes them more satisfied and feels less pressure.

It will also be easier to spot the errors on the process chain if there are any. Automated notifications and messages can make coordination easier. The team will immediately know what the problem is and provide solutions on the spot.

You could still live in your home without a dishwasher or refrigerator. But would you want to? That’s automation. It’s not just for leisure, it’s a necessary upgrade and investment for your online store. With the help of Omega Auto Tags Order Customer, you are going to live a comfortable and sufficient life fills with the most advanced machines. 

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