The power of simplicity in RFQ - Request for quote

The secret to higher sales: Make the RFQ process simple

There is a big problem in the e-commerce landscape: many businesses make the buying process needlessly complicated. Especially for those business structures that need to hide their prices from customers and let their customers request quotes, this can become an even bigger problem. Lack of transparency, hard to know the pricing, and tricky to request for quote, etc. All end up in low sales, limited customers, and many worse scenarios you can imagine.

People keep seeking solutions on “Big” things: Maybe my marketing strategy is not good enough, maybe my price is not cheap enough, etc. But the solution is simple: Make everything … SIMPLE. Because of one reason: Shoppers don’t like complex things. By everything, it means every little detail during your customer buying process, especially during the request for quote process between you and your customers.

Shoppers don't like complex things

If you think “Why would I need to simplify everything? All the things I am doing now make my business look “professional”.” Well, I suggest you to change your approach. Because the power of simplicity is clear. By simplifying each step, especially when it comes to requesting a quote, businesses can significantly improve customer satisfaction and engagement, and of course… Sales!

The power of simplicity

How to solve these complicated RFQ problems? It’s “simple”

Problem 1: Umm… I want to buy, but I don’t know what are you selling

Imagine this: Your customer is finding a mascara product, and luckily, you have it. But this is how you talk about it on your product page:

Bad product page example

Somehow, your customer still decides to buy your product. She submitted a quote request. That’s great, she might have a Ph.D. certificate that can understand your “academic description”. But no, now you keep “attacking” her with a quotation full of hard-to-understand languages. Seems like she is asking for a research paper, not a quotation.

One common stumbling block is using complex language and technical jargon in product descriptions and quotations. Customers should be able to understand the product's features and benefits without feeling lost in a sea of unfamiliar terms. By adopting clear and accessible language, businesses can bridge the gap and foster effective communication and understanding.


  1. Use easy-to-understand language:

Instead of using…


Request for quote

Request for pricing











2. Clearly convey your message in a simple and straightforward manner. Avoid using complex jargon or overwhelming them with excessive information.

Problem 2: I want to request for quote - HOWWW *Growl* 

Can you hear that? It’s your customer’s painful cry to you. Since you don’t show your price, now they have to find a way to know it. But they cannot find your contact information anywhere. Or you include your email address inside a lengthy product description. It feels as though you're challenging your customers to find a rare four-leaf clover.  And even after the struggle of locating your contact details, they must manually type and send their email. It's an excessive amount of effort. Adding to the frustration, there's no response after submitting the quote request, leaving customers confused and unsure if their inquiry was received.

Make customers easy to request for quote


    1. Add a "Request for Quote" button to simplify the process, allowing customers to submit a form after a single click instead of composing an email from scratch.
    2. Auto-populate fields: If a shopper is registered or logged in on your e-commerce platform, consider auto-populating their contact information in the quote request form.
    3. Simplify the form by only asking for essential details, avoiding overwhelming customers with unnecessary fields.
    4. Provide prompt confirmation messages or emails to reassure customers that their quote requests have been successfully received.
    5. Mobile-friendly design: Optimize the quote request form for mobile devices, catering to the growing number of shoppers who prefer browsing and purchasing on smartphones and tablets.
    6. Use a third-party application: With no coding experience needed, the application can help you to easily hide prices, add “request for quote” button, send auto emails, quote forms, and more.

Problem 3: How long I will have to wait for my quote request?

The Request for Quote (RFQ) process can be a real headache! Customers often get stuck in a never-ending cycle of decision-making, wondering how many more hoops they have to jump through before finally getting their hands on the products they want. It's a complicated dance that can leave them feeling frustrated and ready to give up. After all, who wants to deal with all the waiting and extra steps? Customers are more likely to give up and walk away.


Make your customers' lives easier with a progress indicator in your quotation email. They'll always know exactly where they are in the purchasing process. It’s a clear visual guide that keeps them engaged and excited to move forward.

Add a progress bar to make customers easy tracking

Still doubt the power of being simple? Read this!

By implementing these solutions, your business will hold the power of simplicity. Take a look at the World’s Simplest Brands research here, 55% of customers will pay more for simpler experiences, while 64% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences and communications. This means just by making things “simple”, you can gain more loyal customers, bigger orders, and benefit from Worth-of-mouth marketing!

More surprisingly, the report reveals that brands miss out on a staggering $98 billion when they fail to simplify customer experiences. It's crucial to maintain simplicity at every step, rather than just simplifying a few aspects while leaving others complicated, and vice versa. T

The research about the power of simplicity

Don’t just RFQ simpler for your customers, make it simpler for YOU - the business owner

Remember, the whole main point of the blog is KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). In a world where customers yearn for simplicity and engaging experiences, businesses must adapt to meet their expectations.  

There is a simple way to simplify the painstaking process of Request-for-quote for business owners, which is to use user-friendly tools like Quote Snap. It is a Shopify application designed to AUTOMATE everything from A to Z: from hiding prices and collecting quote requests to processing the final order. By integrating this powerful tool into their operations, you can effortlessly streamline processes and create memorable experiences for both customers and yourself - the business owners.

Install Quote Snap to manage quote easily

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