Why you choose request a quote plugin as the main button for your Shopify store

Why you use request a quote as a main button on Shopify store


How can a request a quote button benefit your store

Instead of providing a pricing table that include the price for each group of product which might not cover all product features for customers or ask the customer to send an email, using a request a quote button can help you more. 

Lower abandoned cart and price leakage 

Once the customers see that in your store, the product either can buy or negotiate, the customers will not rush to leave their cart right away if the price is not affordable, by sending a request, customers can have more chances to get their items with a good price while sellers are not afraid of letting other customers know what price that they offered. 

Personalize conversation with customers

By understanding the customer's preferences and additional requests, sellers can create a personalized experience that matches the customers’ needs. A request a quote button is also ideal for sellers who just want to promote their product online and need direct communication with customers such as Lawyers service, Graphic Designer… 

Drive more B2B sales 

What can be better if a store can attract big wholesalers to buy their products if it matches their requirements? Providing a request a quote option creates an easy way for wholesalers to ask and negotiate an affordable price and you need a qualified salesman to discuss with them. If you have a salesman team, that would be easier to assign different quotes to different team members. Learn more how the feature in this plugin can Drive more B2B sales by empowering in quote requests

Develop your marketing channel

Even if you could not close sales with customers after negotiating price, sellers still have the customers' information to use for their marketing activities. A proper way of delivery information to them increases potential sales. 

What you can do with a quote plugin? 

  • Offer a variety of request forms

Sellers can use it to request information from customers. There will be an option to auto fill the information if it’s not the first time customers access your store. 

  • Easier to contact customers

Sellers can contact the customers via email right from the application and make adjustments with the quote requests.  

  • Make A/B test 

To attract more customers, sellers can try different options inside the app setting: to change the button display and button text, for example, instead of using “add to quote”, you can use “request pricing”. Furthermore, if you are afraid of losing customers who do not prefer asking for a price, you can hide price and show add to quote button on specific products to optimize maximum revenue for your store. 


Setting up a request a quote plugin is easy since it is available on Shopify app store. There are various options for you to try, find out 5 best ranking request a quote apps here.

To explore the full features, login to your Shopify store now and install it.

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