Conversion Tracking will be under-reported  

The key point here is to maximize the accuracy of data tracking. There are some technical things you can do: 

  • Verify your website’s domain
  • Install pixel and test event with the Event manager 
  • Add events for pixels: because now you can only add up to 8 events, the tactic is to use 2 pixels and add the 4 most important events, the priority order is Purchase → Initiate CheckOut → Add to Cart →  Page View. It will be 72 hours until the update is complete
  • Install conversions API to get data from servers which gives you a hand to gain additional insights into people who take actions on your website

            Check out the Facebook Multi Pixels app to install without coding 

  • Install Google Analytics to your landing page and create UTM tracking for each ad in your campaign 

Check out the Google Tag app to install GA and GTM codes on your website 

  • Test your campaign to see if the events work properly.

Ads distribution or ad personalization will be impacted and experience some limitations.

You only can see the problem if most of your customers are iOS users. However, there is some advice for you when running ads: 

  • It is strongly recommended to use CBO instead of ABO 
  • Don’t target too deeply into the buyer behaviors or hobbies because it does not necessary at this stage 
  • Don’t separate groups based on ages like 18-22, 23-27… 
  • Do not create too many ad sets, 3 - 5 ad sets are enough for a campaign 
  • Run a variety of display positions and content formats such as creating Carousel, Canvas, and Video formats with chatbox ...rather than running 1 ads id with 1 image/ 1 video and 1 text 
  • When you run on multiple locations, remember to resize the displayed image/thumbnail to suit the size of each position, don’t use 1 image for all, so that the ad can show its best performance


The race between giants is hitting small businesses the hardest, the best thing advertisers can do during this period is to make the pixel tracking more accurate, the ads distribute more with the same amount of money, and bring the best experience to the users. 

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