Yet another thing to convince you to grab TikTok as an inevitable part of your Marketing mix, now.

So you’ve heard you don’t need a DSLR camera to succeed on TikTok? Also been wowed by some amazing stats and the algorithm? Been binge-watching it for quite some time? But still, not motivated enough to try it out for your small business? Then this post is for you. 

It’s nice with the view count, but does it prove ROI?
No single channel is powerful enough to take the ROI into their own hands. That’s what the customer journey is here for. On average, they need to interact with your business in about 6-7 touchpoints before purchase, remember?

And TikTok does seem to win when it comes to keeping your customers engaged and hooked.

Look at this chart:
The Approach stat indicates how likable and impulse triggering the TikTok content is.
The Engagement shows whether the content is able to stick to the audience's minds.

Source: TikTok

TikTok content outweighs many other platforms in this regard.

In plain English, it means TikTok content is more memorable. And being memorable is one step ahead of your competitors. Think about it, if they don’t remember your content, how are they gonna think of your business at some moments in their already hectic life? This is where “out of sight, out of mind” rings true.

So focus on creating content that clicks, get more mindshare and you’ll pave the way for market share later on.

Okay, how do I know that my TikTok content is sticky enough?

I’ve already said elsewhere that part of the TikTok game is that there is no rule. Try to take a deep dive into what your business/brand’s wow factors are, and double down on that.

But you might want to adhere to some of the basics of formatting. And please, please mind the sound library. It’s a huge source, and sometimes the main source of what emotional connection your videos offer. 

Alright, but the basics are never enough. To stand out, you’ll need to go wild. Glue your eyes to the discover page, look at the content that’s already there for your targeted hashtags, and brainstorm!

Sometimes, some days you’ll stumble upon a perfect soundtrack that just clicks in with the ideas you’ve just thought of off the top of your head.

The last rule of thumb? Just post through it. See the metrics. Test it out and improve from experience. 

Just not sure if my content will ever make it to the For you page if my business is small
This is not a 100% guarantee, but fairness on the platform would be the last thing you need to bother with.

TikTok’s goal is to identify itself as a platform to bring joys, creativity, and genuineness across borders. As long as your content keeps the audience hooked, TikTok will reward you with better visibility. You might wanna read this to learn more about the TikTok algorithm.

Still not convinced? Try browsing through the #smallbusiness hashtag and you’ll see a host of brands just killing it organically.

The last weapon of TikTok, and it works in your favor

We’re talking about why every business, no matter the size, will have a room reserved here on the platform.

It has a lot to do with how short the videos are.

Look at this chart:

It says the cycle of engagement is more dense and frequent. If you think about it, your attention span always dies down toward the end of a long video. We all are.

TikTok's short video flips the situation upside down. It keeps the audience fully immersed with the hook, the wow factor, the effect, the sound in just about 10 seconds. Then it lets them free to go (to other videos) or to scroll.

Before they know it, they’ve already been scrolling for hours. It’s TikTok all the way down!
So, learn to be more powerful in a shorter period of time, without being redundant.

Get to know your audience

Whether you plan to run TikTok ads or not, you’ll thank yourself later if you get your pixel prepared, working, and learning.

Here is the slow way to set it up in Shopify yourself, and here is a tool that automates the process for you.

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