• Top 5 marketing ideas for Easter Eggs to boost your sales

    During the Easter holiday season, the eCommerce industry earns a significant profit as 81% of Americans celebrate the occasion and spend a total of $24 billion in 2023, and spend an average of $192.01, the highest figure on record. By applying Easter marketing strategies, you can reach your target audience and boost your sales. To enhance customer engagement and improve conversion rates, we have put all marketing tips together into a collection of our top ideas and best practices to assist you with your Easter marketing campaigns.

    Plan virtual eggs hunt

    You can engage your customers and encourage them to spend while they have fun by holding an online Easter egg hunt.

    You can plan an egg hunt within your store, placing exclusive codes so customers can discover them in your storefront and access your online campaign. Another idea would be to hide the codes on your website. When customers find the eggs by clicking on them, the cookies can recognize them and offer them a discount.

    Hold a photo contest

    People love photo contests with fantastic spring colors. Use the opportunity to launch a photo contest as your marketing campaign strategy.

    Invite users to submit their best Easter photos, including prizes or free bundles for the winners. Some of the Easter photo challenges may include:

    • Easter egg photos
    • Easter bunny photos
    • Easter basket photos
    • Outdoor photos

    Create an occasional email/SMS

    You can create an Easter countdown or gamified pop-ups to help increase conversions through the Easter promotions. Design your pop-up in decorative spring colors to draw attention to the Easter season. You can also use Easter email pop-ups to update your customers on your company’s progress and new products.
    It is best to start your campaigns on time and we also have summer marketing ideas for you, along with some suggestions for your next Father’s Day campaign.

    Convert your customer with the highest ROI text

    Launch interactive games

    88% of global business leaders view customer engagement as significantly impacting their company’s bottom line. And what better way to engage your customers than creating interactive games that reward the winners? Apart from that, gamified marketing also:

    • Connects marketing and fun to create a brand image that stands out
    • Creates brand awareness
    • Assists in data collection
    • You can create a successful Easter marketing campaign with the right gamification platform on Shopify

    Prize wheels

    A wheel of fortune is an effective gamification option to engage a target audience on your website. By spinning the wheel, you can offer customers a chance to win a discount, gift, or a unique code.

    Memory game

    For the Easter campaign, you used the Memory Game to educate and test the audience’s knowledge. Visitors entered their contact information and matched cards with the best option. The Memory Game is a fun and challenging game format that gives you an interactive opportunity to highlight your brand, educate your audience, and gather permissions.

    Egg battles

    You can design a mini-game, so your customers can share challenge Easter eggs with their friends. It also can be a viral campaign for your brand.

    Create a limited easter bundle

    Create limited edition Easter bundles and encourage your customers to start a new season with a brand-new collection of your products.


    Whether you run an established business or are just starting out, Easter is an excellent opportunity to boost sales and engage with customers. The above Easter marketing ideas will increase creativity and boost your Easter marketing strategy. Identify the best channels to incorporate your Easter promotion ideas and use interactive games to make your brand stand out and attract more customers.

    Try a traditional method to reach your customers like SMS

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