OT Client Logo Scroller is available for Joomla 3

OT Client Logo Scroller is available for Joomla 3

OT Client Logo Scroller is a free module for Joomla 3 that allows to display more logos on your website in a grid way and carousel slider. Like module of Joomla Testimonials Slider, it is built on the responsive bootstrap carousel. Number of logos (of Clients, Partners, Sponsor etc) can be added is unlimited and viewed as a scroller or grid layout. 

 This module is compatible to:

+ Set all of logo images as a grid layout, or in a carousel slider.
+ Create a grid of logos with internal and external links.
+ Create a grid of logos with tooltip.

OT Client Logo Scroller is set up with 2 layouts of carousel scroller and grid layout.

+ Carousel slider layout allows logos to be shown in the customized scroller. In the module setting you can select and customize factors such as  image size (width, height), number of images presented in a scrolled line, timeout duration, enabling or disabling pager, previous or next icon, also opacity to be suitable for your site.
+ Grid layout: Logo images will be displayed in a responsive grid with. In the module setting you can set number of columns, enable or disable tooltip and opacity. Specially, it is easy to add more logos to the module with some simple actions.

To start using, you should create a folder of images first, upload edited logo one-size-images, and then select any image that you want, do addition of url and tooltip.

Now, you have got a perfect option for displaying a list of client logos on Joomla 3 websites templates.

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