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6 things to know about holiday shopping to be ready for 2024

Get ready to revolutionize your holiday shopping game because 2023 is not just another year; it's a tech-infused retail extravaganza with almost $10 billion in sales. In this article, we'll dive into the six crucial aspects that define this year's holiday shopping experience.

1. AI Takes the Lead: Your Shopping Sidekick (Who Never Forgets Your Size)

In the era of AI, shopping has transformed into a personalized adventure. Imagine having a shopping sidekick that understands you better than your favorite barista knows your coffee order. 
If you’re an entrepreneur, AI might be your best friend while it helps you save tons of time. Also now, shoppers are getting used to the help of AI. AI doesn't just recommend products; it practically reads your mind. 

As introduced early this year, Shop by Shopify brought the shopping experience to a new level. Shop AI will bring all your favored ones to the table just by asking some friendly and quite human questions.

shop ai helps consumers shopping

AI algorithms analyze your past purchases, understand your style, and predict your desires. It's not just about suggesting products; it's about curating an entire shopping journey tailored just for you. Whether it's finding the perfect gift or discovering items you didn't know you needed, AI is the magic wand that adds a touch of personalization to your shopping escapades.And near half of consumers agree that AI improves online shopping experience. (according to Adobe)

But here's the kicker: AI isn't just about delighting customers; it's a sales wizard. Happy customers become repeat customers and repeat customers boost your sales. So, dear retailer, embrace your store's future – where AI meets retail brilliance, and your success story begins.

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2. TikTok - the rise of short-form shopping

Move over, traditional influencers; there's a new sheriff in town, and its name is TikTok.

Picture this: You're scrolling through your TikTok feed, and suddenly, you stumble upon a viral video showcasing the trendiest holiday gifts, with a good discount. The next thing you know, you're adding those must-have items to your cart.

TikTok's influence goes beyond lip-syncing and dance challenges; it's become the go-to platform for discovering and sharing shopping trends.

tiktok shopping

TikTok’s share of traffic to retail sites is expected to increase 85-90% year over year in November and December. 

While Facebook’s share is expected to see a 4% decline year over year during the holiday season. Instagram’s share of traffic is expected to decrease 10% year over year in November and December.


TikTok has emerged as the ultimate trendsetter and deal-spotter, revolutionizing how we discover and purchase products. So this gonna be a good choice for you if you want to expand your sales funnel next year.

If you’re running Tiktok Ads, this is a tool that helps you tracking your ad well.

3. Mobile-first: your phone, your shopping commander

This year is set to be the first-ever mobile-dominant holiday shopping season with about $5.3 billion in sales, stated Adobe Digital Insights.

Your phone is no longer just a communication device; it's your shopping commander. In 2023, it's all about embracing the ease and convenience of mobile shopping – quick, efficient, and always at your fingertips.

Influencers and social media advertising have made it easier for mobile devices to jump to the first rank, said Vivek Pandya, Adobe Digital Insights.

Whether you're standing in line for your morning coffee or lounging on the couch, your phone is the gateway to a world of endless shopping possibilities. Swipe, click, and conquer your holiday gift list on the go. While the conversion rate on mobile devices is still lower than on desktops. Improvement in mobile experience might be the first one on the bucket list for your eCommerce website.

mobile conversion

4. Tech-enabled shopping: beyond transactions to experiences

Welcome to the era of tech-enabled shopping bliss, where the act of buying transcends mere transactions to become a full-fledged experience. Augmented reality try-ons, virtual storefronts, and interactive shopping interfaces redefine the way we engage with products.

Imagine trying on clothes virtually before making a purchase or stepping into a virtual store where you can explore products in a 3D environment. Tech enhancements go beyond the screen, turning shopping into a sensory and immersive journey. In 2023, it's not just about acquiring goods; it's about experiencing the future of retail.

5. Start early, like October early

71% said it’s important for a brand to communicate with them about their offers ahead of BFCM. And 30% said it’s very important.

In the world of holiday shopping, procrastination is so last year. The mantra for 2023 is to start early – like October early. The early bird not only catches the worm but also secures the best deals and avoids last-minute chaos.

Due to last year's record inflation and interest rate, consumers are much more sensitive to price. And searching for good deals is the first thing they do to manage their tighter budget. 

72% of consumers said they’re more likely to shop during BFCM to get more for their money. (source Shopify). 

Starting your holiday shopping in October offers a plethora of benefits. You get a head start on the most sought-after items, avoid the mad rush of panicked shoppers, and enjoy the luxury of thoughtful decision-making. While others scramble in December, you can sip cocoa by the fireplace, knowing that your holiday shopping is already wrapped up.

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6. Discount via Marketing channels: The digital key to savings

In 2023, the path to discounts is paved with digital strategies. Marketing channels have become the secret keys to unlocking exclusive deals and promotions. Whether it's following your favorite brands on social media, subscribing to newsletters, or participating in interactive campaigns, the digital realm is your ticket to holiday savings.

According to Adobe, paid search has been trending upward this year and is expected to see 7-10% growth year over year this holiday season. The email and newsletter category has been holding steady and is expected to remain steady throughout the holiday season. In contrast, share of revenue for natural search is trending down. 

marketing channels for black friday sales

So don’t feel worried if your email is left unopened in the mailbox. Shoppers are eager to dive in their inbox for any email with title “sale” or “discount”. (or “crazy deal” will literally make them crazy)

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In conclusion, holiday shopping in 2023 is not just a transactional affair; it's a tech-savvy retail revolution. From the guidance of AI to the influence of TikTok, the mobile-first mantra, tech-enabled shopping experiences, early-bird strategies, and the digital key to savings – these six elements define the landscape of this year's holiday shopping extravaganza. So, buckle up, tech enthusiasts; the future of shopping is now, and it's filled with endless possibilities and unbeatable deals. 

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