The Psychology Behind The Hiding Prices Online



Retailers might wonder why or should they need to hide the price tag on their online store because it can cause reverse effects in their business such as customers can abandon their cart, unsatisfied customers, lost sales and so on. However, there are good psychological reasons for hiding product prices from the buyers. 

  • First, keeping the price tag hidden is a beneficial strategy to avoid unfair competitions from rivals and control the tendency of driving prices down from the internet. Brick & mortar retailers now no longer can easily drop prices below the minimum level. 
  • Second, hiding prices can prevent online advertisements of some websites from selling products at a loss to seize their market share. 
  • Last but not least, hiding prices lets retailers collect leads from the buyers who wouldn’t be convinced by the price only, they may need to request the conversation with the salesmen to overcome objections, then sellers can use discounts if necessary to close sales without revealing the information to the public. 

Therefore, if you are selling products that are not feasible to show the price, hiding them and asking the customers to send a request for quote form is not as bad as you are afraid of. There are many options for you to hide prices and build your own form depending on different selling platforms. For example, on Shopify, you can either do it by editing codes on your theme or using an supported app. 

Check out on Request a Quote app to see how you can hide price and design your own quote form. 

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