The importance of local delivery service to generate more sales

How local delivery can help your business?

1. Build a connection with the local community

Making it easier for customers to shop locally is a great way to differentiate your brand, attract new customers and drive sales. It is a powerful way to continue to connect with your existing loyal local customers. Not to mention, adding local delivery service can help you attract new customers to your community. It’s been long said that building a loyal customer following is the best way to foster sustained growth. And we’re living in a time where people are feeling the effects of physical distancing during the pandemic and want community more than ever.  

2. Improve the customer experience

Shipping delays are a natural part of the gig, especially during a pandemic. Shipping costs can also be unpredictable and are a common reason why many customers abandon their shopping carts. Delivering orders directly to local customers is a way around delays and shipping costs. By delivering the product themselves, merchants can better control the process without relying on shipping carriers—especially with delivery times impacted by the pandemic. And while there are still associated costs to consider, merchants can manage those costs instead of being tied to carriers, who often have peak surcharges during the holiday period.

3. Increase sales

Data from Shopify shows that online shoppers spend 23% more and have a 25% higher cart size when convenient ordering options like local pickup and local delivery are offered by independent retailers. Furthermore, online shoppers that chose local pickup or local delivery during checkout had a 13% and 19% higher conversion rate than shoppers who selected shipping at checkout.

On a local scale, not only are customers actively looking to support their local businesses to help sustain their communities and economy. They’re also interested in local shipping options because it offers enticing advantages.

First, for online retailers the unfortunate reality caused by the pandemic is shipping delays—and customers want to avoid it. Local delivery can offer price and delivery speed advantages over shipping. Second, local delivery offers a way to create a personalized brand experience. Customers who shop locally are looking for that personal experience and because you can't provide that in-store, local delivery is a way to provide it. You can leverage this to connect with existing customers and attract new customers. For example, you can include a personalized packaging insert and thank them for their purchase or a personalized message in the delivery notification.

4. Future-proof your business

While local delivery adoption may have been expedited due to COVID-19, the effects on consumer behavior will last well beyond the pandemic. The trend for supporting local business is not slowing down and consumers will continue to expect simple, convenient, and low-cost ways to get their online purchases. Consumer behavior has always evolved, and it will continue to do so. Merchants who step up to the plate, anticipate shopper needs, and offer innovative ways to shop will set themselves up for future opportunities. 

With the help of the Delivery Date app, you can easily set up the delivery time and date for your local delivery, further increase your sales especially during this pandemic crisis 


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