The Ultimate Guide to Shipping on Holidays

The first and foremost step in handling your busy-season shipping is to understand your process as it stands today.

  1. Map out your shipping process

Pay close attention to the next few orders you ship, or check in with your team they handle fulfillment. Create a list of each step, and write down how long it takes. For example, the list may look like this:

  • Open order in Shopify to review (30 seconds)
  • Get all of the ordered items in one place (1 minute)
  • Get out appropriately-sized eCommerce packaging (20 seconds)
  • Package items and out them in the shipping parcel (2 minutes)
  • Include any “extras” in the package, like coupons or free gifts (30 seconds)
  • Secure package with tape and a branded sticker (30seconds)
  • Print shipping labels from Shopify (1 minute)
  • Attach shipping label to package (30 seconds)

While you are outlining the status of your package, focus on any congestion in a production system, and note how long each step takes to finish. Is there anything you can do to streamline those steps and make them more efficient? Saving 30 seconds or a minute off each shipment might not seem like much, but if you handle ten shipments a day, that’s already 5 minutes you or your team could spend on something else. 

  1. Stock up on shipping supplies

With a consistent process in place you should have a good idea of what physical products you need to fulfill every order. Now it is time to see how your shipping inventory is doing and to ensure you are capable of handling each shipment of your sales. The last thing you need to do is grinding your shipping process to a halt because you realize halfway through your pending orders that you are out of sticky labels. 

If you are using a desktop printer, prep beforehand by replenishing your supply of printing labels. If you are looking to upgrade to a thermal printer for your shipping, do it as soon as possible, not a few days before the big shopping occasions or else you are going to have a headache by getting to know the tools you need to rely on during the rush. 

With Estimated Shipping Dates app, Shopify sellers can also ensure to meet your customer’s requirements for shipments by providing them the most details of their order shipping. 

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