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Click here to see How to add a tracking page to the Shopify store

1. Customize theme

There are 2 available display layouts of the tracking page that you can customize. You can click "Change theme" to switch the theme you want to apply for your tracking page.


  • Basic theme


  • Advanced theme





2. Footer links

Customize the social media profiles and policy URL footer links of the tracking page: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and other Terms, Privacy links. Customers click the words/icon to navigate to the desired info.

3. General Displays:

Customize the display layout, color, contain content, date-time format of the tracking page


  •  Show content: There are 5 available options to show content on tracking page




Main Color: Customize the main color of the progress bar, content title text of your tracking page. You can put exactly the color code to match your store's current theme.


Once you make changes and save, the display will change correspondingly. 


 4. Tracking Form

You can allow customers to track their orders with both Order ID and Tracking Number or with either only Order ID or only Tracking number

Require email when tracking is optional.

5. Product Recommendation – Cross-selling for growing big

This section allows you to add other products with their price on the tracking page.

=> Customers will click the picture and get redirect to the product’s page 

You can freely choose to enable/disable this function by checking "Enable" or "None"




6. Ask Review Setting 

Allow the merchant to set up max 3 questions asking about your service with star-rating scales, discovering reasons and qualitative comments:



7. Display Review Setting 

Allow you to display the reviews your customers submitted on the tracking page, showing the quality and credibility of their service.




 *** Review Table *** 

Manage Received Feedback

  1. Merchants could see details about a review submitted to them, including: 
  • The order is coming from
  • Corresponding names of customers and couriers
  • Average and detailed ratings
  • Reasons 
  • Comment

These data could be easily filtered by flexible commands.

  1. Choose to display a specific review



8. Tracking Status Display

You can edit the text matched with each tracking status. However, It's not allowed to hide or remove none of the tracking statuses. 


9. Translation strings: 

Display text on the tracking page in your desire language


  • Translation string settings

Allow the customer to translate your tracking page automatically by themselves

=> Click the extension to change the language


10. Progress bar

In this section, you can add your custom tracking status between Ordered and Information Received by clicking "Enable custom status". You can uncheck the button if you don't need

- Tracking status is where you edit the tracking status name 

- Active after (days): The new status will be activated after the number of days you customize.

- Select icon: You can select the icon for the new tracking status here 



11. Additional Content

Customize your tracking page by adding custom content, using HTML and CSS markup fragments



 12. Location Blacklist

With this feature, you can hide or replace unwanted words/locations with your custom message on the tracking page. 

13. Courier Mapping

With this feature, we allow you to display the Shopify Courier’s name on package fulfillment and the tracking page instead of your Actual Carriers.

For example:

Match AliExpress with Shopify’s Auspost

On the tracking page, the carrier name would change from AliExpress -> Auspost

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